Home again!

There’s nothing like the feeling of coming home after being away for awhile…especially when you were away by yourself.

Yesterday wasn’t particularly thrilling.  More meetings.  But I did get to spend a little time on the beach afterwards…in the process of which I think I ruined my camera.  I had a water bottle in my beach bag and it leaked and water got on the screen.  I’m letting it dry out and hoping for the best.  So…say hello to iPhone pictures.  They’re actually not bad!

0606 001

Have I mentioned that aside from running and blogging and following my animals around with a camera, I love to read?  I polished off three books on this trip.  I finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (love this trilogy), Let the Great World Spin (I don’t know why, but I never got into this one), and Sarah’s Key (liked it).


0606 003


I started this morning off with a strawberry banana Vivanno smoothie from Starbucks.  I slept a little later than usual (8:30 or so) and knew I’d have to eat lunch before my flight, which left at 12:20, so I wanted something light and refreshing.  I love these!  (The chocolate flavor is kind of ass-tasting, though.)0606 004

Anyway.  Shuttle to the airport, then bopped around the Fort Lauderdale airport looking for lunch.  I have to commend them—their healthy options are much better than those at the Kansas City airport! 

0606 005

Hummus and wheat pitas, a fruit cup, and iced coffee. 

Question: does anyone REALLY like honeydew melon?  I feel like it is just kind of a generic filler for fruit cups, but it has absolutely no flavor and nobody I know LOVES honeydew.  I skipped it.  It just tastes like saliva to me and is a waste of chewing effort.

I also only ate maybe 1/4 of the hummus cup, which was massive.  It was good though!  Very peppery.  My two cravings after being away from home were hummus and peanut butter. 

I also picked up a Special K bar for the plane ride.  Gross ingredient list, but easily portable, good macros, and it was actually pretty tasty.

0606 006

It kind of scares me that this was billed as a “meal bar” though.  It only had 180 calories!  That is NOT a meal.  Unless you are a toddler.  And then, well, I know fuckall about children, so, maybe even they eat more than that.  Who knows.

I arrived at KCI a few hours later to a surprise visitor!

0606 007

Tim said Milhouse missed me and wanted to come.  

0606 008

I think he was happy to see me.

The afternoon was spent lazily unpacking.  Poor Tim had a migraine and was in bed, but happily he’s feeling better now.  We grilled steaks, and I made a fruit salad and Alton Brown’s Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese for dinner.  (The mac and cheese was good, but WAY rich, even after halving the butter and cheese.  We also thought it was a little salty!)

In other news…this week officially marks the start of marathon training!  I have a kick off meeting with Team in Training on Saturday, and my official marathon training schedule (which will be on my new blog, which I’ll announce soon I PROMISE) starts tomorrow.

In other other news, please send good vibes in the direction of my ovaries tomorrow morning.  I have a follow-up ultrasound after my gynecologist discovered what she thinks are cysts at my annual last month.  Hopefully it’s nothing!

Tomorrow I will also begin the official name change process!  Good times.

What is your stance on honeydew and other melons?  Does anyone actually LOVE it?


15 Responses

  1. Oh boy the name changing process! Why have they not figured out a computer program that would easily just change our names everywhere?!

    Anyway, I also love the “girl who” trilogy- but I haven’t read the last one yet, waiting for my parents to finish the copy they bought haha.

    Honeydew is not my favorite, but I like it- I prefer cantaloupe though if I had to pick- I would say that I actually LOVE cantaloupe haha

  2. Home always feels good after being away. I also completely agree on your honeydew theory. I can’t stand it & think poorly of places who put it in a fruit salad because like you said it’s a ‘filler’.

    Good luck at your appt. tomorrow, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries almost two years ago now, if you have any questions based on what they tell you I’d be happy to share anything I’ve learned or experienced.

  3. I love melons but I prefer cantaloupe honestly. Sweeter the better!

  4. I LOVE a good ripe honeydew melon, even more than cantaloupe. Generally, it’s not good anywhere but prepared at home. It’s often not ripe and thus, tasteless in most commercial fruit salads.

    Sending very positive vibes to your ovaries. Went through the whole ordeal last year and was diagnosed with a dermoid cyst on one ovary. Thankfully it’s merely annoying and not more serious at this point. Best of luck to you!

  5. I LOVE honeydew, way more than cantaloupe!! But I agree that in fruit cups any melon is just a filler and not very tasty.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  6. My dad honest to goodness LOVES honeydew. I do too… but I find they taste kinda like cucumbers??

    Good vibes coming atcha!!

  7. helpful hint – take the battery out of your camera, and place both the battery and the camera into a container of rice overnight – maybe even longer. it should dry it out. this has worked for me with water on a cellphone and an ipod. good luck!

    and i love honeydew…i’m weird.

  8. I hate honeydew. It never has any flavor.
    My favorite is cantaloupe. I actually have some in the fridge and it tastes like candy…it is that sweet!
    When hubby and I go away on our road trip to Tahoe next weekend, we will be taking that along with us.

  9. I hate all kinds of melon. I don’t think any of them have flavor. The husband loves them tough.

  10. That’s so cute your dog came to pick you up! He must have really missed his mama with all of that boy time 🙂 I’m with you on the honeydew, I don’t think it has a taste either but takes up a lot of room in a fruit cup. Filler fruit lol Enjoy your relaxing night at home! Love reading this blog.

  11. It’s not my favorite fruit, by far, I really like honeydew! Honeydew has to be ripe to have any flavor though. Otherwise it is just hard and tasteless.

    Good luck to you this AM! Will be thinking of you & wishing you well.

  12. I like honeydew melon, IF it’s ripe. Unripe honeydew is pretty tasteless.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for your ovaries today!

  13. I don’t get into melon – just not a favorite. I have GORG bowl of berries in my lunch today – that’s more my style! 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about your TNT experience! GO TEAM!

  14. Hate melon – why would I waste calories/time/chewing effort on yucky textured water?

  15. Oops commented on wrong post, if you get both, sorry for double-commenting!

    So glad you posted that you like Hornet’s Nest- just yesterday I was trying to decide on purchasing the triology on audio book for my long daily commute, but was worried if I bought it and didn’t like it.

    The jacket cover descriptions looked really intriguing,all I needed was a reader’s endorsement. Now I will buy without hesitation! Thanks!

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