Costco Trip

I am SO glad it’s Friday!  Working last Saturday just wore me down and put me behind on all kinds of nitpicky little errands, so I’m glad to have two full days off.

My legs are also glad to have some time off running.  Four days in a row of running is pushing it!  My Zensah sleeves have been making my legs feel so great lately, though—I really love them so far.

After not eating much at all post-run last night…I more than made up for it today.  Eep.  My body was craving food, any food, all day long.  I was hangry, constantly.  But, this is the perfect example of everything balancing out in the long run.  Yesterday, I didn’t eat much at all and ran a ton…and today, I ate a lot and didn’t run!   See?  Balance.  Kinda.

Work was really busy, so I don’t have any pictures of what I ate.  Frankly, it was not fantastic.  Instead of eating the can of soup I brought for lunch, I had some chips because they could be eaten while working.  Whoops.  I also had a yogurt mess, a cookie, a Western bagel, and two clementines.  And homemade pizza for dinner.  And I’m not sorry! 

I got out of work a little early and headed to Costco.  The haul?  New grain-free salmon and sweet potato dog food for Milhouse…

0226 002

Another giant box of oatmeal, goat cheese, and a book for me…

0226 003
And a massive package of chicken for everyone!

0226 001

I also got my passport photos taken.  I hope they work, because Tim saw something somewhere about how you’re not supposed to smile in them?  But we looked it up and didn’t see anything official about it, and they didn’t say anything about it at Costco, so….I hope we’re okay.  Because passport hoopla nonsense makes me cranky.

0226 004

Tomorrow’s plans: running store to be a difficult customer, shower dress shopping (AGAIN OMFGMAKEITSTOP), and dinner out with Tim.   Oh, and MAILING OUR WEDDING INVITATIONS!  Holy crap.

What do you buy in bulk?


Hi, guys.  Sorry no post last night–we just needed some unplugged couple time together.  (And red wine, and dark chocolate.)

Anyway, early yesterday I decreed it pajama day–all pajamas, all day long.  We played a lot of video games (Super Mario Galaxy on Wii for me, Assassin’s Creed on XBox for Tim), watched TV (the Soup, West Wing on DVD, Tivoed Gilmore Girls reruns), and I spent a particularly glorious hour reading in bed with a mug of hot chocolate with Milhouse and Buckley.  We made homemade pizza and a salad for dinner and it was yummy.

Today started out in perhaps the best possible way–Tim woke me up with homemade waffles!  He is really the expert on non-egg breakfasts around here, as his pancakes and waffles are really, really good, and mine always wind up awkward and half raw.  I had two, with a little maple syrup (way more than I intended because the spout was fast!) and almond butter.  And coffee.

I was planning on a run today, buuut my iPhone indicated that the temperature was a frosty -1 degree outside today.   I am hardcore, but negative digits are not my friend.  I’m taking the weekend off so I can be fresh for half mary training, which starts officially on Monday!  Whee.

Today’s plan involved a few random errands.  I had some checks to deposit, and we decided to get the wedding tuxes all squared away.  We ended up going to Men’s Wearhouse and picking out a simple, classic, two-button black tux with a white tuxedo shirt.  They only rent out clip-on bowties, which make me gag, so we are going to buy black silk bowties for the guys to wear.

We also got some groceries and had a late lunch at Panera.  We didn’t get much–oranges, bananas, pears, an onion, some potatoes, whole wheat flour, red wine (we’re cabernet junkies now), and soup (I’ve been on the I love soup train lately).

Plus, a few random protein bars I found on sale.

They were $.88 each, and at 280 calories and 20 grams of protein each, will be split in two, so $.44/serving.  For a protein bar, that’s practically unheard of!  Unfortunately I let my bargain hunter side take over and forgot to check for HFCS, and they do contain it.  Boo, hiss.  I’ll eat them, but I won’t re-buy.

Also, on New Year’s Eve, I went to Costco and stocked up on a few basics.  Tons of Chobani, a massive bag of dried cherries, 40 slices of cheese (oh yeah), shampoo, chicken breasts, and lean beef.  I also purchased the world’s largest box of oats.  (Are you in shock?  Me too.  I’m definitely a breakfast cookie junkie now, but you still won’t catch me eating hot oats in the morning!)

For scale, I needed a volunteer:

Oats > cat.

Anyway, after shopping, we went to a second mall so Tim could get one of his favorite dress shirts, then we went home.  Now we are planning on another chill night at home with the animals–I’m making a simple whole wheat pasta with chicken, olive oil, garlic, and parmesan for dinner, along with a green salad.  I’m attempting to master my mom’s perfect non-salad dressing vinegar and oil combo!  It’s heavenly and so good for you–it’s just olive oil, apple cider vinegar, oregano, fresh garlic, salt, and garlic powder, but it’s so hard to do it just like my mom does.  I’ll report back if I get it right tonight!

Have a great Saturday.  Don’t forget to enter my RoadID Giveaway!

Good morning!

Don’t usually post this early but I have a few extra minutes today.  Today’s brekkie cookie was seriously fabulous.  Contents?

  • oats
  • coconut
  • dried cherries
  • chocolate protein powder
  • Ghirardelli chocolate chips
  • TJ Natural Creamy PB

With a healthy dose of coffee on the side.  I’m strictly a one cup a day girl–anything else makes my stomach ache.  It can’t handle the acid.  However, I do have a nasty Diet Coke habit I should TRY to kick or at least reduce…but I’ve tried and failed several times before.  I know the artificial sweeteners are terrible for me, but at least it’s diet, right?  I drink 1-2 cans a day.  (Which is down from my 3-4 cans a day in law school, so, hey, progress!)  I also usually drink a mug of herbal tea in the afternoon!  However, I drink lots and lots of water–at least 2 of my giant 24 ounce Camelbaks, and much more if I work out.

Today will be kind of play it by ear.  Tim’s not sure when he’s getting back from his trip and it’s still COLD here!  If he gets back in the afternoon (I hope), he’ll be able to take the dog out and I can go to the gym.  I’m feeling like some serious weightlifting!  But if he’s back later, I’ll come home and attempt to brave the freezing weather again. 

And finally, cute animals to get the day going in the right direction:

What’s your caffeine intake like?  Are you happy with it or trying to reduce it?

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C is for Cookie

Breakfast cookie, that is.

You all know about my deep-seated hatred of oatmeal, as I’ve discussed here.  However, I’ve read about the breakfast cookie on several blogs and the idea has always seemed interesting.  My issues with oatmeal aren’t about the flavor of oats, but that I don’t like eating a steaming hot bowl of goo first thing in the morning.  Cold, mostly dry oats mixed with yummy stuff sounded good to me.   When Leah at Leftovers for Lunch tweeted to Susan at The Great Balancing Act about wanting to try, we decided to do a dual blogger challenge–mission: Breakfast Cookie.

I made it last night and let it set in the fridge overnight.  I used (roughly):

  • 2/3 c. oats
  • 2/3 scoop Optimum 100% Whey Chocolate protein powder
  • 1 T. almond butter
  • 2 T. milk
  • A sprinkle of dark chocolate chips

However, I wasn’t paying attention at one point and splashed in too much milk, so I knew my cookie wouldn’t be perfect.  Apparently you have to be verrrry careful not to get it too wet.

This is what it looked like in the morning:

But when I tried to flip it over it turned into this:

I ate it anyway, and put a little Marshmallow Fluff on top in Susan’s honor.  It was GOOD.  Thumbs up to breakfast cookies!  I’m going to try again tomorrow and be a little more cognizant of what I’m doing.  It was also incredibly filling–I eat breakfast around 6:45, and usually by my noon lunch hour I’m nibbling on my arm to tide me over, but not today.  I felt stuffed after this, which isn’t usually a good thing but when you need a breakfast with staying power, it totally is.  I will report back with tomorrow’s findings!  (Note to self: buy more protein powder.  And coconut and chocolate chips!)

Today at work I tried two new things.

Thing one was Oikos blueberry Greek yogurt.  It was good, but I generally don’t get too excited about blueberry stuff.  I’d buy it and eat it again, but I wouldn’t look forward to it as intensely as I would the strawberry.  It was very purple.  I was busy and forgot to take a picture.

Thing two was another Kind bar, this time Sesame Peanut with chocolate.  I wanted to like it because it was pretty and expensive, but it was hard and tasted like Chinese food.

Rather than wasting the calories on something I didn’t enjoy, I busted out a bar I know I love–Balance Peanut Butter.  It looks like cat poo, but tastes great!

Tomorrow I start a three day jaunt for work.  The downside is that I’ll be away from T and the animals until Friday, but the upside is that this time I’m hoping for a more calm trip than last time because I’m driving instead of flying.  I also won’t be doing much traveling overnight after this until the weather gets nicer!  Unfortunately, T is going to be traveling for work a little this month too but hopefully we won’t pine for each other too much.

I did take a pretty picture of the skyline on the way home from work.  (Traffic was stopped and my car was in park!  Don’t worry!)

Tonight I’m taking a little rest from the gym and getting in quality time at home before I leave.  We have a kiddie throwback meal (my favorite) of mac and cheese and hot dogs on the menu and some nice Netflixed West Wing.

Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow–I’m hoping to do some Jillian Michaels on the road, but we’ll see!

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And because everyone else is doing it…here’s a November recap:

What was your biggest moment of November? My 5K PR was pretty great, I gotta say!

Stuff Fitness Bloggers Like (and I don’t) #1: Oatmeal

As you can tell from my blogroll (points), I like reading blogs about people who like eating mostly healthy foods with regular not-so-healthy indulgences.  I check them a whole lot, because I like reading about interesting food and fitness stuff, and most of said bloggers are around my age (mid-twenties) and gender (pure lady) so I kinda feel like they’re my friends.  Weird, I know.  (Or is it?)

Here’s the thing.  There is always. so. much. farking. OATMEAL on these blogs.  Yes, I get it.  Oatmeal is awesome.  It lowers your cholesterol and makes you poop regularly and saves kittens from fires.  But it’s GROSS, and I refuse to feel like an inadequate healthy lifestyle blogger because I don’t like it.  You heard me, loud and clear.  I don’t like oatmeal!  I’m proud!  I think it tastes like cardboard!  I would seriously have to put a meal’s worth of calories in toppings on it (are brownies a topping?) to make it palatable.

Readers, I’ve tried.  Just last night I tried to make some of Kath‘s whipped banana oatmeal.  Sorry, Kath, but I spit it out.  I love me some banana, and vanilla, but it still doesn’t hide the oatmeal-y taste under it all.  And there is just something about eating a bowl of steaming hot goo in the morning that makes my stomach churn.

Friends, I’m here to take up the cause of cold cereal.  Poor, neglected, looked-down-upon, “but it’s soo processed” cold cereal.  Every single day, I eat the same breakfast: cold cereal, topped with milk and protein powder.  It’s delightful.  Meet my stash:

cereal 001

Well, technically, the Honey Nut Cheerios are T’s, but I’m going for volume.  Yes, I have four different boxes of Kashi in my cabinet: plain GoLean, GoLean Crunch, and GoLean Crunch Honey Almond Flax.  They are all delicious, and filled with protein and fiber.  The Crunch varieties have a bit more sugar than I’d like, but I usually mix them with the plain GoLean so it’s not too bad.  While they are considered more processed than plain old oatmeal, they make me infinitely happier and keep me fuller longer.  I also use whey protein mixed with the milk to give my cereal an extra protein boost.  Usually I use about half a scoop, which is about 60 calories and 12 g. of protein:

cereal 003

cereal 005

The finished product:

cereal 006

Delicious.  And far more palatable, to me, at least, than oatmeal.  Sorry, guys.  Cold cereal’s got my heart, and I am not ashamed anymore.

Bonus: T and I have somehow conditioned our cat Southpaw to beg for cereal milk every morning…and drink it out of a spoon like the dainty little lady she is.  See?

kittens 001

What are your favorite cold cereals?  I’m open to trying new flavors and brands!