Scanner gun fun

Today’s mission?  Finish our damn registries.

We did most of our registering way back between the bar exam and when Tim started working, but we were told to hold off on bedding and towels until after the New Year, so here we are.  Armed and dangerous in Macy’s.

Thankfully, we agreed on bedding quickly.  (Last time we had to pick out bedding together it was a nightmare.  We both had totally opposite tastes.)

Macy’s Hotel Collection, in the Diamonds pattern.  We were kind of shocked/appalled at the price, so we just registered for the duvet and bedskirt, and plain cheaper sheets, but then we got home and saw that everything was MUCH cheaper online for some reason, so we switched back.  Hooray!

We found some nice towels and stuff, too.  Good times.

Then we took a break for lunch.  I remembered I’d seen this out at the mall last time we were there and had wanted to try it.

Dean & DeLuca!  I’d only heard of them on TV and on blogs, but I had to experience it firsthand.

I’m a sucker for a pretty chocolate counter.

I had probably one of the best sandwiches of my life–smoked turkey, brie, and basil pesto on a French baguette…with a big dill pickle.

SO good.  I only ate half and saved the rest for lunch tomorrow.  I couldn’t resist a cookie, though.

Yum.  Tim and I split about 3/4 of it, and the last 1/4 will be in my lunch tomorrow too!

Then we went to Crate & Barrel to poke around, since we were out there anyway.  Tim poses with the space toaster he’s always wanted.

I pose, sadfaced, with the clear glass coffee mugs I love so much (but we haven’t registered for, because some come with our place settings).

And then we laughed at this because we have the sense of humor of fourteen year old boys:

Oh, dear.

The rest of the afternoon will be pretty boring–laundry, ironing, and getting ready for week two of half mary training.  I can do this!

What’s the best sandwich you’ve ever had?


Emergency strategies

Sorry for the late posting today.  I got a summons for jury duty today, and I was expecting to be dismissed pretty quickly since I’m an attorney (albeit unemployed, but still).   I wrote a whole fun blog post from the iPhone WordPress app, and then somehow it didn’t publish and got eaten in the process.  So, here’s me trying to recreate that post.

Since I expected to get dismissed so early today, I didn’t bring a lunch.  Sure enough, lunchtime rolls around, and I’m still there.  Boo.  Unfortunately, I don’t live in sunny and healthy tofu and salad bar California and Florida like a lot of other food bloggers.  I live in the Midwest, in a town widely celebrated for its superb barbecued meat products.  My options for lunch were Panera, Subway, Chick-Fil-A, Arby’s, pizza, Chinese buffet, and Wendy’s.  Not exactly healthy!  I debated between Panera and Subway, the two places where I know I can do relatively okay and still get a decent meal, and chose Panera because soup sounded good.

I ended up getting a You Pick Two with chicken noodle soup (picked this over yummy creamy soup for the healthy factor) and a sandwich of just turkey and gouda on tomato basil bread.  (I don’t like veggies as condiments, I like them on their own, as side dishes or salads!)  I picked an apple for a side dish instead of a white baguette or potato chips.  I didn’t miss the bacon or creamy sauce that was supposed to come on the sandwich at all.  It had a lot of flavor, and wasn’t too bad calorie wise since I opted for half instead of whole and cut the gross stuff.

jury 001

I only finished half the soup, because it was a little saltier than I like it.  (And yes, I do drink diet soda.  Unfortunately.  I’m trying to give it up so that I only drink it when I’m out for lunch or dinner, but it’s tough.  If it’s my only vice, I feel okay about it.  Nobody’s perfect!)

One thing I was also happy I did today was bring a snack.  I almost always throw some sort of bar in my purse before I leave the house in case I get a case of the hungries.  I love to snack, and I hate being without one.  I also keep bars in my car console for emergencies like this.  The key here is picking a kind of bar that travels well.  This means nothing with chocolate coating or icing on it, and nothing soft that will smush too much.  My favorites for this are Kashi chewy granola bars and Larabars.  Clif Kids bars work pretty well, but smush a bit.  Balance bars do not travel very well.  Here was my snack of choice today in my purse, a Kashi Peanut Peanut Butter chewy granola bar.  I ate it on a court recess around 3 p.m. and I was so glad I had it!

jury 003

Please excuse the grainy iPhone pictures.

In the end, I wasn’t picked for the jury (not surprisingly), but I was a little disappointed because it sounded like a really interesting case.  I’m skipping the gym tonight because my body is telling me that it’s tired and I want to see T since I haven’t all day.  I’m not concerned–life happens, and I’ll still get in at least 4 good workouts this week, AND I was pretty active yesterday.  It’s all about balance!

What are your emergency strategies for when things don’t go according to plan?