Officially Mrs. H

Today was a good day.

First things first.  I slammed 36 ounces of water and went to my ultrasound.  And my lady parts are all normal!  Hooray.  I was very worried about this for the last few weeks and it’s such a relief to know nothing is wrong.

Then I went to officially change my name!

First stop—Social Security.  I was in and out in 15 minutes.  The employees were pleasant.  All in all, a good experience!  My new card should arrive in the mail in 2 weeks or so.


Then, I went to the DMV.  Again, fairly pleasant, quick experience.  And not a bad picture, either!


Please note that my birthday is in twelve days.  I LOVE birthdays.

On my way back home, I stopped at the bank and changed the name on my accounts.  Then I drove home and called my credit card companies and changed my name THERE.  Then I tried working out my passport, but I’m going to have to get a new passport photo taken before that’s done.  And then I did my frequent flyer miles (v. important!).

I never realized how much is in a name change, but I’m very happy with my decision.  My new name sounds much nicer, and is less confusing than my old name.  Is it weird getting used to?  Well, yeah.  I feel like I’m in kind of an in-betweeny state of limbo now, because I’m not really sure what name to sign on stuff, since I’m still waiting on new debit cards and stuff.  But, that will fade.

I also decided to make a blackberry/strawberry cobbler.  Instead of running.

0607 003 0607 004Yum.

(I’m still going to get my weekly mileage in for marathon (OMG) training, but I just don’t like running in my neighborhood.  It’s boring, and hilly, and I have to tons of loops.  I’ll hit the treadmill tomorrow.)

In other news, I very much liked reading everyone’s thoughts on melons.  It appears honeydew is not very well-liked.  I do very much like cantaloupe and watermelon, but honeydew just doesn’t do it for me.  Meh.

While we’re on the subject of fruit…what’s your favorite berry?



Today…I have been crabby.  My feet are hurty, mostly. This morning I felt like I was cramming size 12 feet into size 9 shoes. I don’t know if the blister is making my feet swell generally, or what the deal is, but it felt so godawful I broke down and finally bought a pair of new comfy work shoes on Zappos.  They are Clarks brand, which several people I know swear by, and hopefully will not have the stench my current pointy-toed ancient Ann Taylor patent leather pumps have.   Happily, they upgraded me to free overnight shipping, so they should be here ASAP!  Hoorah.  I had fun with XL Band-aids for the time being.

(The dirt was from the walk to the gym.  We’re melting two feet of snow here and it gets MESSY!)

Other reasons I felt crabby: a dull headache, general leg pain, and an overwhelming desire to do anything but run today.  Happily, Tim’s friend (and groomsman) James and his wife Sarah (they’re married) are coming to visit from St. Louis this weekend.  They’re super awesome and we haven’t seen them since the fall so I’m excited, BUT since we’re having houseguests I’m juggling my training seshes around a little–“long run” today instead of Saturday, rest day on Saturday, possibly strength and stretching tomorrow if we have the time before they show up.  (This will probably involve a lot of stretching and foam rolling.)  They are super fun so I’m excited to see them!

Anyway.  Also, at lunch, I found a button/pill thing in my yogurt.

I nearly cracked a tooth on that sucker!

Confession: I ate the rest of the yogurt anyway.  It was good and I was hungry.  I’m not dead yet.  I’ll report back if I start foaming at the mouth.

Then I hauled myself (literally) to the gym for four miles.  It wasn’t awful, especially not considering how lackluster I was feeling beforehand.  It wasn’t my best run either.  It was just so-so.  I got a treadmill in front of the fan, which is always a bonus, so that’s something.  I kept at my half goal pace  (9:55ish) the whole way.  Nice and easy and it was over relatively painlessly.

Then I went home and my Christmas gift from Tim had finally arrived!

Long story short, there were shipping issues that related to our holiday travel so I couldn’t get my gift until now.  Isn’t it pretty?

Yes, it has my married monogram on it, and no, I’m not waiting until after the wedding to use it.  In fact, I’ve been using this business card holder with my married monogram on it since October!  There is a special circle of bridal hell reserved just for me, I’m certain.  See?

In other news, I’m looking forward to changing my name.  I am definitely trading up.  My current last name is also a first name, so I’m always getting called “LastName” and it’s really annoying to have to correct people or just smile and deal with it.  Plus, my new last name is short and easy to spell, but not super-duper common.  And it makes me sound like a soap opera character.  I like it.