Lunchtime Warrior

11 days to go!  We’re almost in 10-day forecast territory, dudes.

I thought about photographing my lunch, but it was the same as yesterdays: pineapple pre-workout, spinach + balsamic, Chobani + strawberries + Kashi GoLean, and a multigrain bagel. 

Once again, over the lunch hour, I hit the gym.  0.4 mile run there, 3.5 mile run on the treadmill, 0.4 mile run back.  Whee! 

My iPod was dead today, so I did some thinking while I ran.  I am certain these shoes (the Brooks Defyance 2s) are not THE shoes for me.  Aside from the blister issues, I’ve had various knee/shin/ankle pain, and today, my hips were complaining too!  Ugh.  My orthotics are in (but I keep forgetting to make an appointment to pick them up—it’s a little hectic right now), and I think I’ll head back to the ol’ running store to get a new pair.

Here’s my dream shoe wishlist:

  • A wide toe box.  I think the blistering on my forefoot is because these shoes are just too narrow thanks to my awesome bunions.
  • I also like the idea of a wide width shoe—I tried one for a few weeks earlier this year, but it was a stability shoe, and didn’t have enough cushioning, so I got shin splints.  I’m curious about what could happen in a wide neutral shoe with plenty of cushioning.
  • A larger size.  I’m pretty sure my feet swell when I run.  A lot.  I’d ideally like to be measured, run on the store treadmill for awhile, and then be re-measured, but they probably don’t want me jeopardizing it all day. 

Anyway.  Moving on.  There was a birthday celebration at work this afternoon, so I was planning on having cake as an afternoon snack.  (Yup.)  Buuut, I went, and it was white cake with white frosting—booooring, and not worth the sugar binge.   I went back to my office and opted for a Luna Bar instead.

0427 001 0427 002

I’m not a white chocolate fan AT ALL, but I really like these.  Huh.

Came home.  We got a wedding gift!  Hello, new salad bowl.  May I fill you with spinach?

0427 003 

I also got a very fancy candle as an early wedding gift from a co-worker today!  Totally sweet.

0427 004

I looove candles (and so does Tim) and this one smells awesome.  It’s orange/vanilla scent, so think grown-up creamsicle.

And for fun, Tim and I get 8904543 mailings a week from the Missouri Bar Association.  We got one today that we both laughed at:

0427 005

We’re down to four RSVP stragglers.  Come on, guys!

What’s something that made you laugh today?


Flying solo

First of all, thanks for all the sweet comments re: Ronda!  I am glad we are besties again.  It’s amazing what little changes can do, although I do need to get some new, slightly stronger Spanx to hopefully eliminate the hip wrinkling that’s going on now.  (The pair I wore yesterday were old and kind of stretched out.)

Anyway.  Day one of my bachelor party widowhood!

Made a fresh green monster at lunch.  Cherries, chocolate whey, milk, and spinach. 

0312 001

For my afternoon snack I sampled a new flavor of Luna Bar I saw at the grocery store the other day.

0312 002 0312 003

I’m not really a big blueberry fan, but I’m a sucker for a label that says “NEW!”  I was pleasantly surprised with this!  It had kind of a blueberry jam-like topping that I really enjoyed.  It’s a hair too sweet, but most Luna Bars are, so nothing new.

Anyway, the afternoon dragged on…and on…and on.  But finally it was time to go home.  This has been a crazy week!  To put things in perspective, I leave for work at 7:15 am.  On Wednesday I got home at 7:30 pm, on Thursday I got home at 7:45 pm, and today, I got home at 5:30…to pick up the dog and walk right out the door again.

Milhouse needed to be groomed; namely, his anal glands needed to be expressed.  (The joys of dog ownership!)  So I picked him up, and dropped him off at the groomer’s.  While he was being groomed I had dinner at Panera, and did a little shopping!0312 004

Paul Mitchell Quick Slip.  Apparently this stuff cuts your blow-drying time in half, which is what my ridiculous moptop needs right now.  (Tim complained about my lengthy blow-drying this week.  I can’t wait to get my wife chop.)

Milhouse was happy to be done at the groomer’s.  He’s exhausted, poor thing, and so am I!

0312 005

I’m finishing up a little B&J FroYo, catching up on Real Housewives, and hopefully hitting the sack nice and early.  (If the dog and cats don’t decide to chase each other around like madmen/women at bedtime again, that is.)0312 006

As for running, I’ve done all my mileage this week except the 3 miles and cross day.  I am going to play it by ear tomorrow—I will either take Milhouse out for a nice, easy wog (walk-jog) or skip it.   It’s cold and rainy and I just have not seen the inside of my house enough this week.  I’ve scheduled a sports massage for myself for 11:15…I still have that knot in my calf from trying out those stupid arch supports.  I’m also going to attempt to find ANOTHER shower dress (I’d puke, but I think I have a good action plan for tomorrow).

What do you do when you have time to yourself?

Home again

Today was a pretty great day as far as work days go!

The hotel I stayed in last night didn’t have a free breakfast…so I just had to order room service.  SIGH.


Now, I know you’ve heard about the Jillian Michaels “pour candle wax on stuff you don’t want to eat at dinner” tactic.  I’m not that drastic, but if I KNOW something’s on my plate and I don’t need/really want it (but I’ll probably ingest it anyway if it’s there), I dump it.  So, I dumped the orange juice.  That was 200 calories-ish right there I didn’t need that wouldn’t fill me up, so down the sink it went.  I had a small bowl of raisin bran, two pieces of sourdough toast, and about half the fruit bowl.  It was delicious!

Then I went to my first and only school for the day and I had a lovely time.  Of course, to complete my tour of Operation Beautiful notes, I left one there, too!

Lunch (again) was eaten in the car.  And it was exactly the same as yesterday.

I swear Subway is not paying me.

Anyway, let me explain my so-called hierarchy of eating.  I basically try to approach eating by prioritizing as follows:

  1. First, I try to find a healthy food in a reasonable calorie range (like if I’m looking for a snack out of anything in the world, I’ll pick some fruit, or yogurt).
  2. If I can’t find anything healthy in a reasonable calorie range, I will eat something high-calorie but healthy (like, for example, I’ll choose trail mix over a candy bar.)
  3. If I can’t find anything healthy, I’ll choose less-healthy food in a reasonable calorie range (this is where I classify Subway).
  4. If I really have no other alternative, I’ll choose unhealthy food that’s high calorie.

This hierarchy is why I’ve eaten Subway for lunch the last two days.  My options on the road have basically been your standard fast-food joints.  I don’t consider any of them particularly healthy or nourishing, but I don’t HAVE to necessarily waste a lot of calories on it.  This lunch was probably about 500 calories, as opposed to a value meal from McDonalds, which could be 900+ calories.  So, it’s not a category 1 or 2 food like I prefer, but at least it’s not going to make me gain weight.

Anyway, moving on.  I also snacked on a Luna Bar (Chocolate Raspberry!) on the road:

I made it home safely and was greeted with three fun packages!  I’m going to wait to tell you about two of them, but one of my lovely bridesmaids sent me a Christmas present!

Yay!  I’ve secretly been wanting some Bride related apparel but didn’t have the motivation to buy it for myself.  I predict I will be wearing this while we get ready the morning of the wedding.  I love her!  Thanks, Lindsey!

Tonight’s plans include washing the beagle hair out of our sheets since Milhouse apparently took over my side of the bed while I was gone, catching up with T, and relaxing.  Tomorrow I’m picking up our wedding bands and will post pictures as soon as I have them!  I’m also either going to run or do a workout DVD tomorrow–hold me to that!

Do you have any food priorities or hierarchies?  Tell me about them!