Back from the dead

Apologies for my lack of blog last night.

My cold got AWFUL yesterday.  I barely slept at all Thursday night, but I still had to go to work on Friday for various reasons.  I was congested, coughing up a storm, my nose was running, my eyes were swollen, and I was just achy and tired all over.

My boss let me leave work early, so I got home at about 2 o’clock yesterday and promptly passed out in bed.  It was incredible.

I feel bad because I’ve already broken Rule #1 of marathon training—don’t skip your long runs.  I was supposed to do 8 miles yesterday, but I could barely walk without getting dizzy.  It didn’t happen.  I’m not a skippy person (I only bailed on one run in 12 weeks of half marathon training), so I’m not too concerned—I have plenty of time.

I did manage to make a double batch of homemade pizza dough yesterday, though.

0612 002

I spent the evening hanging with my boys…

 0612 003

…under the influence of heavy drugs.

0612 006

We went to Target and the cashier was all, “Gosh, you really need this cold medicine, don’t you?”  Grr.

Thankfully, I’m feeling quite a bit better today, despite burning the skin off my knuckles taking the pizza out of the oven last night.  I managed to get out for a few errands.

I picked up one of my new favorite running tops at TJ Maxx.  They’re just called Adidas “training tops” and I really like them.  They don’t ride up, they have a nice deep v-neck, and are modest without being frumpy.  This one is a fun electric blue color.

0612 005

Why a new running top, you ask? 

0612 007

Tomorrow, Tim, Milhouse and I are racing!   It is Tim and Milhouse’s first race—the one mile Dog N’ Jog benefiting the Humane Society of Greater KC.  Tim has been training for this since the honeymoon and I’m really proud of him!  It’s a pretty casual race—no chips—but I’m sure it will be fun to see lots of cute dogs.  I just hope the weather holds out!  It’s been storming like crazy here lately.  We’re planning on running together and I’m excited!

What advice do you have for a first-time racer?  Ever raced with a dog before?

Mental Health Day

Today I woke up feeling much better (thankfully).  I’m so glad I took today off (and Tim had the day off) as a mental health day!  I needed it.

I had been planning a short 2 mile run and cross training today, but I figured I wait to see how food sat in my stomach before I went out.  I had a small bowl of cereal for breakfast and I was okay, but after lunch…bleh.  The nausea returned–not as bad as yesterday, but I don’t think running would have been advisable.  I hate skipping out–I feel like I’m making excuses, ESPECIALLY since I’ve been off for about a week now, but sometimes it’s just necessary.  I’m hoping everything is back to normal tomorrow.

Anyhow.  Unrelated, but I caught all three of our animals in one frame today, which is unusual.

Buckley was unlucky enough to get a bath today due to a mysterious poop odor surrounding him wherever he went.  Southpaw helped him dry off.

I post too many animal pictures, don’t I?  I should stop that.  Sorry.  We’re obsessed.

Anyway.  This afternoon I decided to finish menus for the tables at the reception.  I like knowing what I’m eating at plated dinners!   I’m just planning on putting one or two on a table.  Unfortunately, Michael’s only had seven sheets of vellum left, and I messed up a few, so I only ended up getting about ten done.  I’ll have to stop and get more next time I’m there, but I think they turned out well!

That menu makes me drool just looking at it.  Too bad I’ll split my wedding dress if I eat any of it!  (Our venue coordinator will be under strict instructions to pack us a full doggie bag for the honeymoon suite after the reception.  Yup.  Sexy.)

Oh, and also?  My poor laptop is broken again.  I’m using Tim’s.  The screen started flickering and going totally white, and the mouse button stopped clicking.  I have one month left on my Best Buy service plan, so it’s back in the shop, hoping they’ll fix it.  I could really use a new laptop!

For dinner, I thought I’d try this soup that Leah sent in her care package.

It smelled and looked so good!

Cheese tortellini and Italian chicken sausage in a tomato-y broth with lots of spices!  Yum.  Unfortunately, due to my tummy issues, I had a few bites and stopped because I knew it would be too spicy for me to handle tonight.  I had a few pieces of French bread instead.  Tim, however, gave it two thumbs up and plans on eating the rest of it for lunch this week!  He REALLY liked it.  Thanks, Leah!

I also made some peanut butter brownies for Tim to take to work.  Unfortunately, I underbaked them, so they’re almost raw in the center.  Grr.

Anyway, hopefully my stomach and shins will cooperate and I’ll be able to run tomorrow!  I felt great on Friday…so here’s hoping I can get back on track.  I’m starting to get a wee bit nervous after missing almost a week of half training!

Animal pictures: more, less, or just enough?

Good morning!

Surprise!  I don’t usually blog in the morning, but I was up bright and early with Milhouse.  T’s alarm went off at 6, and I woke up feeling hot, nauseous, and wheezy.  Not fun.  So, I decided to get up with him and see how the pup was.

Happily, he was quiet in his crate all night and accident-free.  He got excited when T came down and started whining a bit then, but he was fine.  T took him out, we gave him breakfast, and then I took him on a long walk.  (Milhouse is NOT a jogger, sadly.  He has to sniff every tree, garbage bag, and mailbox!)  I’m feeling a little better after some toast with almond butter, but I’ve just felt generally a bit sick and rundown the last few days so I’m going to take it easy today.  I think a few long brisk dog walks will count as exercise today.  My legs cramped really badly after my run yesterday, too, so I think I need to do a little stretching and get some water.

Apparently I tired Milhouse out.  He’s done very little but snooze since we got him!

milhouse2 003

milhouse2 004

Cat-dog relations are still pretty uneventful.  Buckley hissed at him twice this morning, like, “Hey, I thought you were leaving,” but he’ll be fine.

milhouse2 001

Today’s going to be pretty laid-back.  Milhouse is getting a check-up at the vet at 3, and we’re going to go on a few long walks, but beyond that I’m just going to focus on hydrating and feeling better.

In life updates, I start my new job on Monday.  I’m really nervous since this is my first 9-5 adult job and I don’t quite know what I’m doing yet.  I’m also trying to figure out what will be a workable exercise schedule–I’m a bit nervous to run in the dark by myself in the morning, and I’m not sure if I’ll feel motivated after work.  Not to mention my gym is 15 minutes away and in the opposite direction of my job!  Grr.  Any suggestions?

What do you do when you’re just a little bit sick?  Push through or rest and hope it doesn’t get worse?