Blush and Bashful

I figure I’ll post one fitness/food related post and one wedding-related post every day, at least until I get you all caught up on wedding stuff we’ve already planned.  Any objections, put ’em in the comments.

(above photos from Style Me Pretty blog)

So.  You met Ronda.  Now…our “colors,” although that word used in conjunction always makes me want to drawl, “Mah cullahs are buh-lush and baaashful.”   I don’t exactly want to call it a theme, either, because theme parties make me get a little hivey in anticipation of maybe having to wear a strange costume.  (T and I decided that if a wedding vendor asked what our ‘theme’ was one more time, we were going to answer, straight-faced, either “squirrels” or “dinosaurs.”  But I digress.)  Inspiration works for me.  So, here’s our inspiration, as it were.

Our color scheme is aqua blue, shades of pink, and champagne gold, and we’re going for a very light, springy, slightly vintage feel.  Flowers-wise, we’re using lots of tulips, peonies, and ranunculus.  Most of our paper stuff (invites, menus, escort cards) will be aqua with gold accents and embossing, and we’re bringing the pink in with flowers.  Hopefully it won’t look too dumb.  I put a bunch of pictures of stuff I have/like in a PowerPoint slide once and it didn’t look too bad:

Inspiration board

So, that’s our theme/colors/inspiration.  Hopefully it will all come together somehow.

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