Gym Fashion

With the New Year’s Resolutioners this year came a flood of interesting gym fashion choices.   I see lots and lots of beer-related t-shirts, booty shorts, gigantic oversized converted painting clothes, spandex bike shorts, JEANS, polo shirts…pretty much everything.

Now, generally, I find there are lots and lots of people against the concept of having a dedicated gym wardrobe.  It’s the whole “why bother?  I’m WORKING OUT.”  mentality.  And, well, yes, you are working out.  I’m not going to go Stacy-and-Clinton and say “You need to be dressed perfectly all the time!  Fitted blazers and heels!”  Lord knows I go to Target in sweatpants at least once a week.  But, I will go out on a limb and offer the following observations.

  1. Wearing actual workout clothes leads to better workouts. I could not run as far as I do in a hot cotton t-shirt, or tennis shoes, or jeans.
  2. Wearing actual workout clothes is a confidence booster. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can at least fake it.  Fake it till you make it, the clothes make the man, and all that.
  3. Wearing actual workout clothes keeps you going to the gym. If you’ve got the stuff  specifically designated to working out in your drawer, and you see it every time you open it, you think about it more.  Andplusalso, I would not waste money by purchasing a workout wardrobe and wearing it once.
  4. Wearing actual workout clothes shows you progress better. For the first four or five months of my gym career, I wore old baggy pajama pants and a t-shirt.  It was totally demotivating because gyms have mirrors everywhere and, well, you can’t see your body changing under all that nonsense.  Once I got somewhat fitted clothing, I could SEE changes happening, and I felt better about myself.

Workout clothes don’t have to be expensive OR terribly revealing to get the job done.  My workout wardrobe is 85% from Target.

These sports bras are my favorite.

And I love their running tanks.

Which would work swimmingly well with some capris.

I also find a lot of great high quality workout clothes for cheap at TJ Maxx.

Anyway, the point is, I think wearing whatever you can find on hand is demotivating and not a great strategy for working out consistently.  Invest a little bit in yourself.  You’re worth it!

Do you have a workout wardrobe?  Why or why not?


I was right!

Well, last night I said that today’s goals were church, running, finish invitations, ironing, and a little bit of packing for Christmas…but that probably one of them wouldn’t get done!  I was right–we skipped church this morning.  Oops.

However, everything else on my list got accomplished without a hitch.  Hooray!

I started the morning out with a lighter breakfast and a run.  I did 3 miles around the neighborhood in 32 degree weather…not bad, but it was WINDY!  I also had assorted gear issues throughout the run, which was frustrating.

I was trying out a few new items and some old ones today.  I wore my new Target running tights, my new Zensah compression shirt (which I received from the company in exchange for a review–thanks, Zensah!), and my Spibelt, RoadID (review coming soon) and the usual shoes, socks, and gloves.

I know I posted a glowing review of SPIbelt awhile back, and I stand by that as of that time, but it’s only fair to inform you that in the last week or two I’ve really been having trouble with it riding and flipping around and generally being a pain in the butt.  I’m not sure if the elastic is stretching out, or what, but it’s been a wee bit annoying lately. I’m going to keep trying to adjust it, maybe let the elastic out a bit, and I’ll let you know.  I don’t think it helps that my inhaler is such a weird shape that won’t ever lay flat against my body.

I did very much like my new running tights.  They kept my legs nice and toasty.

I also really, really liked this new Zensah shirt.  I’ve been looking for something that would keep me nice and toasty, but still cool and well-ventilated, on colder runs.  It was odd wearing a compression shirt for the first time–it feels kind of like wearing pantyhose on your upper body? but I LOVED this shirt.  It was a weird sensation–I could feel that it was keeping some heat in to keep my upper body warm, but I simultaneously didn’t feel HOT or overheated, if that makes sense, and I was a little bit cool.  The fabric is super soft and stretchy, too, and it didn’t hold any stink in my post-run sniff.  My only beef with the shirt is that it did seem to ride up a bit and I had to pull it down a few times.  I’m already eyeing some of their other products–definitely give this one a try!

Then I went home and showered and finished. the. INVITATIONS.  I started out with the goal of making 100, but there were a few fallen soldiers along the way–pocketfolds didn’t line up correctly, I used one or two as experiments, et cetera.  So, 93 invitations are done, which means we have exactly enough to mail with not one to spare!

Our guest list currently is 206 people, but what with people living together and families and whatnot, we need 93 invites.  And they. are. done!  Time to move on to my next DIY projects: menus, programs, and lord knows what else.  I’m really a glutton for punishment, eh?  The final result:

The colors are much prettier in real life.

The rest of the afternoon/evening was pretty boring.  Ironing, bills, getting stuff together for Christmas, et cetera.  December is “Clean out the Fridge/Freezer/Pantry” month around here–we always try to eat down all our food stores so we can start fresh in the new year with new stuff, so it’s pretty bare!  I cleaned it down to the bare bones today–we’ll be eating some pretty random food on Monday and Tuesday!  I’m planning a big Costco trip when we get back from Christmas.  Fun!

Do you ever intentionally eat through your food stores?  When and why?

Dear Santa…

I’ve been a pretty good girl this year.  I tried my best to keep my body in good shape and to help other people.  I was nice to my mom and sister and Tim, graduated school and studied really hard for the bar exam and passed, and we adopted a poor little doggie with no home!

That said…if you have time…the following things would really be nice!

A Garmin for running.  I’m a terrible pacer, so this is at the top of my list for half marathon training!

A foam roller!  I’m always sore after I work out and I think this would really help!

After my half marathon I want to do P90X.  Working out at home would be perfect with my crazy schedule!

My running socks are getting old and retaining some serious stink.  Balega Women’s Enduros are my favorite (and stocking-sized, too!)

I have to wear dress shoes to work and I’m dying for a pair of these Cole Haans with Nike Air technology in them!  My feets are always exhausted after being crammed into my current cheap old black pumps all day, and I need to keep them in tip-top running shape.  I’d PREFER the black leather to the suede, but I’m not picky!

I hear Milhouse would really like a running leash so my hands are free when I run!

I’d also love a massage gift certificate, some really soft everyday socks (yes, I’m obsessed with footwear), slipper socks (see?), and a necklace from my new Etsy obsession store.

And, last but certainly not least, continued happiness, health, and prosperity for my family and friends, of course!



What do you all want this holiday season?

(Above pictures from

Race prep!

I kind of woke up this morning and thought, “What have I done?”  But, the beauty of registering is that I’m too cheap to back out now!  Money will do that to you.

Since I wanted to go to Step class this morning (I’m going to run outside tomorrow), I decided to work on getting myself in the race mindset by my tried-and-true method: shopping.  If I’m going to run in public, I’m going to do it in style, darn it!  Even if I have to crawl across the finish line, I will look cute.

So, I went to Target, my favorite place for cute but affordable running and other workout gear.  I swear by their C9 by Champion dri-fit tank tops and sports bras, but mine look pretty ratty after being worn at least once a week for the last year or so.  I also wanted a running skirt and a few other accessories.  Here’s what I got:

rungear 001C9 by Champion running skirt-$19.99, C9 by Champion dri-fit tank-$14.99, C9 by Champion green sports bra- $11.88 on clearance

True story: most of my sports bras are odd colors because they’re the ones on sale!  So, I’ll be working a kicky little pop of kelly green under my white tank on race day.

I also picked up a few things.  I’m going to experiment with the moleskin and blister pads tomorrow.  I’ve been fitted for running shoes twice before, but no matter what I’ve tried, the front part of my arches blister terribly.  I have low arches and apparently I run up on my tiptoes.  The only shoes that DIDN’T do this to me were ones that I took a box cutter to the arch support.  Anyone have any tips?  I’m going to be fitted again at a new shop when these wear out, but they’re only 2 months old!

rungear 002

I am fully aware that I don’t need any kind of electrolyte fuel for a four mile run, but in the past, I tend to get nauseous after a run if I don’t get carbs and sugar in my bloodstream quickly.  I’ll probably have a few of these towards the end of the race.  Since we’re spending the afternoon at the zoo, I don’t want to feel sick!

Any other suggestions?