Happy Fun Surprise Day

Today was one of those days that started out absolutely ordinary and blah, but turned pretty great with some fun surprises!

Anyway.  Work this morning was rather hectic and I was feeling blah.  For several hours, I kept looking to see if there were knives sticking out of my stomach, but there weren’t.  My day instantly cheered up when I saw a box on my desk!  It contained our rehearsal dinner invitations (which I still have to make a little thingamabob with the information on it to put inside, but oh well) and our invitation envelopes all fancily addressed!  These are the rehearsal invites:

And the envelopes. Unfortunately I had to blur out most of the address.  But as you can see, my aunt’s calligraphy is really pretty.

Today’s orange wasn’t too bad.  But check out that peel!  It’s seriously impenetrable it’s so thick.  I had to stab it with a pencil to get the peeling started, so if I die of lead poisoning, hey, it’s been fun.

I also had an English muffin with Blue Diamond Honey Almond Butter.  I am undecided about this product.  I think the honey makes it a little bit too sweet for me, but it’s a nice change from regular almond or peanut butter from time to time.  I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it.  (Great review, huh?)

As you know, my laptop has been in the hands of the Geek Squad since Monday.  I happened to check the repair status online today about 5 minutes before leaving work and it had changed to something like, “Please contact the store for more information.”  Well, as it so happens, with exactly three weeks left on my service plan, they put my poor old laptop in the junk heap and decided to give me a free, brand new laptop so I’d stop heckling their geeks every two months.  Hooray!  So, that was awesome news.

Because I wanted to get to Best Buy, I decided to listen to the overwhelming response from my fantastic commenters and only ran 4 miles today.  However, I wanted to make it a good, productive, hard 4 miles since I missed a run yesterday.  At about 2 miles in, I decided to push hard on speed and finish the run as fast as I could.  (A free, new computer is a GREAT reason to run fast.)  I ran 4 miles in 38:38, which is pretty fast for me!  The best part was that I did negative splits the whole way–started at a 6.0 speed for half a mile, then just went and up and up and up until I was sprinting an 8 minute mile at the end.  Super fun and exhilarating.

And then, I came home, and oh yeah, I got an invitation to my bridal shower!  (I made my aunt send me one so I could see how cute they were.)

Tim and I ate a quick homemade pizza dinner and then we went to Best Buy.  We were in and out, no hassle, with a brand new computer of my choice in approximately half an hour.  Meet my new blogging buddy/free Sony Vaio!

I set the box on the couch and Southie claimed it immediately.

And now, I am sitting here working my proverbial ass groove into this computer–I have lots of links to save and files to load!  Thankfully, I saved everything on my external hard drive before taking it in, so I haven’t lost any documents or pictures.

What’s been the best surprise you’ve gotten recently?


Christmas break!

Christmas break!   Christmas break!

Preparations for our big Christmas trip are underway.  We fly out of Kansas City tomorrow morning around 9 and will hopefully be in Chicago by 10:30.  Then we’ll be driving to visit family.  I am crossing my fingers super hard that winter weather doesn’t get in the way!

Today work crept by so slowly.  On my lunch break, I picked up two books for reading on my trip, plus one to slip in my mom’s stocking.

But finally, 5 o’clock rolled around and I left.  FINALLY my laptop was ready to be picked up from the Geek Squad at Best Buy.  I was so excited to get her back!  I brought her home, plugged her in…and guess what?  She’s still broken!

I ate dinner quickly and turned around and went straight back to Best Buy, where they informed me that I needed a new AC adapter, which they did not have and I’d have to order.  Oh, and they knew this two weeks ago, but they didn’t tell me them and were extremely rude.  Screw you, Best Buy!  I have the new adapter ordered and I’m using Tim’s computer for the time being.

I went home and had a small meltdown.  Every once in awhile, I need to yell and swear loudly.  Today was that day.  But, it’s out of my system now, laundry is in the washer/dryer, suitcases are mostly packed, and hopefully I’ll have my computer back next week (ugh).

I will not be blogging again until Sunday.  Between broken computers, and families, and limited luggage space I’m going to take a bit of a break.  But, I will take lots of pictures and do a nice long recap when I get home!  I’ll also be tweeting from my phone.

Because today was a giant clusterfuck, here are some cute animal pictures I took last night to save this post.  (This is a pretty cheap trick of blogging, I know.  Sorry, guys.)

Merry Christmas!  I hope you are able to enjoy time with loved ones, reflect on the last year, and have a peaceful, happy, healthy day.

Oink, oink

Well, it is cold today.  People in Kansas City are freaking out because the high today is 11 degrees.  Maybe, again, I am hardcore, but this does not strike me as a huge deal.  We got about two inches of snow last night, and half the city has shut down–schools, and apparently people’s ability to drive.  My commute this morning was quadrupled in length–30 minutes to 2 hours, which was fun.  But anyway.  See?  Snow.

If nothing else, snow gives me an excuse to break out my cute snow boots.  I can’t wear tall boots because my calves are monstro sized.  These boots are by Tretorn and this is my second pair.  They’re fuzzy and warm and leak-proof.  My first pair is perfectly fine, still, but I bought the white and they got all banged up, sadly.  These are brown and shiny and less prone to scuffing.

At lunch today, I got my H1N1 vaccine.  Even though I’m a hair over the age limit (I’m 25 and they’re approving it for 24 and unders), I was able to get one gratis through my employer because of my asthma.  It didn’t hurt at all.  I did, however, laugh, when the nurse touched my upper arm/shoulder and told me to stop flexing my muscle, when, in fact, I was not flexing…that’s just my arm.  Wooo!

I know the H1N1 shot is controversial, but frankly, I am not a doctor and I tend to trust people with medical degrees.  I get annoyed when non-lawyers attempt to give legal advice and I presume doctors feel the same way when non-doctors try to think they know better than the doctors do.  I’m trusting.  I admit it.  If my arm turns purple and falls off, at least I know how to sue.

Anyway, my laptop is dead.  The poor old thing will be 3 years old on March 17, 2010 and is luckily still under warranty through Best Buy.  The last week it’s not been registering that it’s plugged in when it is, which I think means the AC adapter and/or battery are fried.  It’s happened to this laptop before, and if it breaks one more time in the next three months I get a replacement.

Also, my “Control” key has completely fallen off.  I have, very literally, lost control.  Sigh.  Hopefully they can replace it.

I didn’t work out today because my quads and hamstrings are on fire.  No, not on fire–flex your muscle real hard until it gets to the point of hurting real bad.  That’s what it feels like right now, ALL THE TIME.  My body says rest.  I say okay.  I’m hoping to run outside again tomorrow when it’s warmed up a bit.

So, tonight, we are watching the Glee finale and eating macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, which, really, in my mind is the perfect little evening.

Here is a cute picture of Southpaw to finish this post off right:

Do you/did you get a flu shot?