Spring is here!

It’s in the air, officially, for sure.  High today in Kansas City was in the high 50s, and it was sunny and cloudless and we flung our windows open.  We got up early and went to church.  It was lovely.  We are approximately 70% more productive when we get up, get our butts moving, and go to church than on mornings we sleep in and lounge around making pancakes.

I slept horribly last night, thanks to wearing those stupid arch supports yesterday.  I swear I’m going to fling those things out the window soon.  Again, a huge, throbbing, swollen knot/bruise just above my right arch that ached all night long.  Confidence in a solution=waning severely.

I also think I am on my way to my first black toenail.  Glorious!  My right big toe has been tingly/sore and sensitive to pressure since Friday’s long run.  Ugly toes are pretty low on my list of foot complaints right now, so, whatever.

Last night I broke down and bought the dress for the shower:


From Nordstrom’s online.  I sincerely hope it fits.   What do you guys think of these shoes with it?


(Picture from my friend/bridesmaid Lindsey’s wedding—the photographer complimented my shoes!)  I love, love, love these, and really, I’m cool with any excuse to wear them again.  I’m thinking yellow shoes and perhaps either a yellow headband or bracelet to finish the look?

Anyway, we spent the day cleaning (we did laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, and washed the sheets), doing wedding stuff (going over the budget, working on a brochure for the out-of-town bags, mailing payments to our musicians, finishing the menus), and generally lounging. 

I’m off to take a shower before the Oscars start!  I’m REALLY pulling for A Serious Man to win, but I doubt it will.  I’d be happy with Inglorious Basterds winning as well.

Oscars: who are you pulling for?  If you’re not watching, what was your favorite movie of 2009?


The Bottomless Pit

Ahh, weekends.  I was awakened around 8:30 by a wriggling beagle.  Nothing like it!

Tim and I ate a quick breakfast and headed downtown to get our passports at the ONE post office that takes passport applications on Saturday.  While we were prepared with all our paperwork and such, there were several people in line who didn’t understand that you could fill out the paperwork first.  My legs were sore from my run yesterday, and I was wearing my old Pumas+arch supports in the spirit of breaking them in.  I was a crankysquatch, but we got it done.

Yesterday’s long run made me a bottomless pit today.  I just cannot get full!  I’ve been getting down on myself a little, like “oh, 8 miles, that’s a SHORT run for a lot of people” buuut then I remember that my body isn’t used to such distances and calorie burns, and it’s all relative.

As soon as we walked in the door, I prepared a huge, awesome lunch.  Two scrambled eggs with a touch of salt and pepper—so simple and perfect:

0306 001

A chocolate-cherry green monster (SO GOOD when they’re fresh):

0306 002

And a bagel thin with goat cheese:

0306 003

So, so, so good.  But it barely made a dent in my hunger, so I immediately finished the half Builder’s bar left over from yesterday’s pre-run snack:

0306 005

Much better.  I then spent a very productive Saturday afternoon napping from 12:30-2:30 with Buckley.  Deeelightful.

Anyway, I woke up and Tim and I hit the outlet mall for one last shower dress shopping try.   I kinda liked this, but not as much as the stuff I’ve seen online.  I’m going to order the blue and white strapless dress after I post this!

0306 006

I feel like it made me look a wee bit top-heavy.

I did, however, score some nice workout gear at the Adidas outlet.  I got a super-light wicking tank for $6.97 and a pair of navy wicking capris for $14.97.  I’m officially going to get rid of the last of my cotton workout pants—now that I’m spoiled on wicking fabrics, I just can’t deal with sticky yucky sweaty cotton.

0306 007

Yeah, I need to clean my bathroom mirror.  Cleaning is one of those things that’s slipped by the wayside as my running mileage has increased (along with shaving my legs, weight training, and making dinner).  Whoops!

We also got a bunch of RSVPs today.  The count now?

  • 17 yes
  • 6 no
  • 181 question marks

I also wore my arch supports to the mall…big mistake.  We only walked around for maybe an hour and a half, but I feel like there is a big knot/bruise about halfway between my ankle and knee.  I realize there is a break-in period for these, but I’m incredibly skeptical of anything that makes me feel so awful just walking around the mall.  I don’t think the Defyances were bad yesterday on their own—the chafing/blistering I had I think was due to the taping—and I am tempted to scrap the arch supports altogether.  My gut is telling me these aren’t the solution.  But I’ll keep giving them a chance for the next few weeks.  I am also going to start researching whether my insurance would cover a visit to a podiatrist—I’m hoping to find one who runs, so their advice isn’t “stop running.”

Anyway, we went out to dinner and yes, I ate a giant cheeseburger and fries.  The bottomless pit demanded it (and, less than two hours later, I’m feeling rumbly again).  Hopefully my appetite will be a little more subdued tomorrow!

Have you ever seen a specialist for a sports injury? Did you have a good or bad experience?