One Mile Dog n’ Jog Race Reap

This morning Tim and I got up bright and early to race together! 

I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to race today.  I was coughing, hard, all night, to the point where my lungs were tired and I was just pathetically wheezing.  Luckily, I woke up feeling pretty okay—I think my cold is definitely on the way out and I just have to get all the gunk out of my chest once and for all.

Anyway, today we were doing a one mile Dog n’ Jog race for the Humane Society of Kansas City.  Tim and I are HUGE animal lovers and supporters of all kinds of rescue, so we were excited to support the cause.  There was also a great fair going on before and after the race.

The scene:

0613 001

SO MANY DOGS!  Milhouse’s sniffer was in overdrive.

 0613 002

0613 003

He was very well-behaved, but as a beagle, we had to sniff EVERYTHING.  It was funny watching him try to sniff a Great Dane—he was so tall Milhouse couldn’t even reach his butt to give him a good once-over!

Anyway, we walked around and gawked at all kinds of dogs, large and small and costumed and uncostumed.  At 8 o’clock, the 2 mile run started!

0613 006

I’d say that probably 90% of the people running were with dogs!  It was funny to see how all the different breeds ran.  Amongst the canine winners of the two-mile race were a Catahoula, a lab mix, a golden mix, and a boxer.  There were some beautiful greyhounds racing (although they’re sprinters, not distance runners), too!

A portrait of the first-time racers:


0613 004 0613 005

Anyway, around 8:30, the one mile race started.  It wasn’t the most official race—no chip timing—but it was a lot of fun!   I THOUGHT Tim and I were going to run together, but once the starting horn blew, he took off and left me in the dust!  (To be fair, Tim is 8 inches taller than I am.  He should be faster.  But, hmph.)  Milhouse and I ran the whole way together—beagles are really, really fast when they want to be! 

(I think the one mile race was for smaller dogs.  We passed a few dachshunds, a chihuahua, and a Pomeranian that barked happily the ENTIRE race.)

According to my Garmin, the course was a bit short, but I still managed to pull it in around 8:26!  Not too bad.  (If it had been a full mile, I would have been around the 9 minute mark.  Still not bad, for wrestling a beagle and having a head cold.)  Tim finished just ahead of me, probably around 8:20.  I’m so proud of him!  I think he wants to start Couch to 5K to keep the momentum going. 

Milhouse promptly lapped up a whole bunch of water, and then we went home.  He was definitely tired out!

0613 007

When we got home, we both took a nice, long nap.

It was a really fun morning!  I love dogs so much.

Get excited—tomorrow begins a week full of extensive wedding recaps with professional pictures!  One will go up every morning for the next week.

Do you have a dog?  What’s your favorite breed?


14 Responses

  1. The race was fun! I figured something way up with the course when the clock came into view at the end reading 7:55. I crossed at 8:15 or so. I’ve been doing a better mile every time I run, but that would have been a huge jump from where I was yesterday. Regardless, I’m happy with a 9 minute mile, which is about what I ran extrapolating out. Next stop – 5K!

  2. What a fun race! I’m glad you were able to participate despite not feeling your best.
    An extra 8 inches would definitely give Tim the edge in the race. I don’t run with my husband because he’s much faster and I don’t particularly enjoy eating his dust.
    I love dogs; particularly other people’s dogs. I’m partial to dogs with short legs, like basset hounds, but I had a labrador retriever growing up and he was a great dog.

    Congrats to you, Tim and Milhouse on a great race!

  3. Sounds like such a fun race. They have a run/walk for dogs in the winter time around here and I think we might do that this year. It always looks like fun.

  4. I do most of my running with my muttly dog, we did over 8 miles today! I realize I am VERY lucky that he runs so well on a leash. I don’t necessarily have a favorite breed, but I do love the giant or bully breeds. I love tough looking dogs that are just big ol’ babies. Also partial to the mutts, mostly since adopting our doggy. It has been a lot of fun to speculate his breed, people’s opinions always surprise me.

  5. What a cool idea for a race! Glad you guys had fun! Congrats to the hubs and pups on popping their race cherry 🙂

  6. aww Millhouse is a racer! love this. My dog can’t even run around the block without passing out…she needs the dog to 5k plan

  7. We just got a dog (14 month old white german shepherd / corgi mix). She LOVES running. I was so excited to hear about your “dog ‘n jog”, that I’m curious if there are such things in Boston! Can’t believe you had such a great time for a mile with a DOG!

  8. I chuckle when races advertise “for well-behaved dogs” because my dog, a lab mix, is so so sweet, but she wants to jump sooo high to kiss humans faces. She’s almost more interested in the owners!

    She would jump and hop the entire race, but it sure does tucker her out in the end.

  9. This looks like lots of fun! I love cats more than dogs, but then again, you can’t really make a cat run if it doesn’t want to, right? Would be an awesome mess though! 🙂

  10. I absolutely adore the idea of racing with your dog. It looks as though you guys had a lot of fun! I have several dogs as I am a HUGE dog lover. In fact that’s how my fi and I met–We both worked at a dog facility with training/grooming/boarding/veterinary care.

    We have a german shepherd, 3 english bulldogs, and 1 rescue itlaian greyhound. It’s a mad house most of the time but I wouldn’ thave it any other way! And besides…the 3 english bulldogs are so lazy they only equal to about one dog in my mind! I have all of these dogs, none of which are faintly interested in excersize! Oh well!

  11. What an awesome idea! I’ll have to check out our area for a similar race… I love the Humane Society & the work they do. Plus, my spazoid pup could use the energy drain…

    We have a yellow lab (who prefers to nap than run), and a black lab/pitt bull mix who LOVES life! Like someone mentioned above, I’m partial to the “aggressive” breeds who are big babies. Pitts (& others) are often misunderstood due to all the negative media coverage… but I digress! Congrats to everyone on a successful Dog n Jog!

  12. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and this is the one post I MUST reply to! I love running with my German Shepherd/ Greyhound Mix. She can’t generally go more than 3 miles but she loves every step of it. We’re doing a 5k race and 1 mile dog walk in July (My mom will be holding her while I run)

    I also have a little hound dog mix who is the absolute worst for running with. He has to smell everything and runs back and forth in front of me and barks at every dog he sees.

    Since I this is my first reply in general, I also have to say, I love your blog and your wedding looks so beautiful. I’m definitely stealing your table number idea!

  13. Hey!

    I ran Dog-N-Jog too, that’s how I found your blog (googling it).

    Looks like you guys had a great time! We did too: My dog is a boxer/husky mix and loves to run!

    Your blog is awesome, and it looks like we run like all the same races. Keep up the good work!

  14. Cute puppy!! We don’t have a dog–yet. We can’t decide on the breed yet. We want a cat-friendly breed but it would be nice to also have a dog that could run with me.

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