Two dinners

I haven’t been sick for awhile, but I think I’ve got some kind of bug.  I’m not really sure what’s going on, but my throat feels phlegmy and scratchy and I’m coughing a lot.  And I’m tired.  No fun.

But, alas, today, after work, I ran five miles.  It was HOT in the gym.  No fans for me today, and the AC was struggling.  I poured sweat the entire time.  All in all, 5 miles in 49:26.  Not great.  It was hard.  I was not a fan of my “hey, let’s run a marathon” decision today.

About halfway home from work, I started feeling really nauseous.  My stomach was churning and I just did not feel good at all.  But, after a quick shower, I made dinner anyway.

Dinner the first—whole grain white pasta, the fantastic local ground beef Tim got from a co-worker’s beef hookup, and some marinara sauce.

photo (1)

Ate two bites, thinking that getting something in my stomach would help with the nausea.

WRONG.  It instantly got worse and I couldn’t stomach any more.

I took a 15 minute hiatus from food and tried again.

Plain, bland carbs, in the form of a whole wheat Bagel Thin.

photo (2)

Bingo.  That did the trick—I ate one and felt much better, so I ate a second, with a little peanut butter.  Stomach?  Settled.

I don’t know what the deal is, but my stomach does not like running sometimes.  The post-run nausea thing doesn’t happen regularly enough to ascertain a pattern, which is frustrating.  I THINK it’s usually on particularly sweaty, longer runs, but I can’t be sure.   Hmmph.

What soothes your tummy when it’s upset?  Any hypotheses on how to fix me?

7 Responses

  1. Hey Brie!

    What happens with the stomach pain is that you are experiencing gastric shunting. Your body is tired, hot and sweaty and shuts down your GI tract on the longer, hot runs to be able to send more blood to your skin to help cool you and keep you from cramping and overheating.

    Your stomach gets upset when you are done running because it has just been sitting there while you are running with whatever fluids/food you ate pre-run and during, so it has to process that and then when it is really up and running again is when you are nauseated with nothing in there.

    Try to drink a small amount of water and eat a light snack on the way home and this may help with the pains.

  2. It seems like I get sick like that whenever I work out too hard for too long. Hope your next run goes better!

  3. I agree with Meghan. Perhaps you need to coax your stomach into eating again. Immediately after a workout, have something small just to get your body used to the idea of eating again. That way, when you get home, your stomach has been primed and hopefully ready for a real meal.

    Also, if you weren’t feeling great to begin with, perhaps your run was just too taxing on your already tired body? Tired + sweaty exercise + heat could very well = a barfy stomach.

  4. I think meghan’s response helped me too!

    I used to get really sick if I didn’t eat something before a longer run. I know I can go for 3-4 miles without something in the tumtum, but 4+ I have to have some sort of fuel in there or I feel vile afterwards. Very light for me – toast with a little pb or a couple graham crackers. That’s what I used during marathon training. My point – maybe look at what you fuel with pre-run.

  5. I like Mrs. Grass’s chicken noodle soup mix. It’s the best.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. I second (or third or fourth…?) Meghan’s recommendation for a bit of water and a small snack, like crackers or something.

    Also, I find that mint tea really works for me in terms of (everyday) nausea, headaches, etc.

  7. It sounds like you might need more electrolytes when you’re pushing yourself (especially in the summer it’s important to make sure you’re replacing some of the salt, etc that you’re sweating out during workouts) – have you tried drinking anything like gatorade (watered down) or coconut water before, during, or after your extra hard or sweaty runs? In my experience, the stomach things have also gotten better as my body has adjusted to longer distances and faster paces too. Often I just try to eat whatever sounds good at times like that as well – bland carbs are typically my go-to foods as well. Good luck finding something that works for you!!

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