Hey, Florida!

Today was spent traveling, traveling, traveling!

This time…for work.  Not  quite as fun as the honeymoon, but still, not bad!

Tim dropped me off at the airport around 8:30 for my 10:30 flight.  Unfortunately, said flight was delayed until noon, so I spent quite a lot of time sitting around doing nothing!

Before I knew the flight was delayed, I bought a carryon lunch—turkey and cheddar from Quizno’s and a bunch of fruit.

0602 013

Unfortunately the fruit was kind of gross.  KCI doesn’t have the best healthy options.  Oh well.

I ate the sandwich about 11:30 before I boarded, and the fruit at about 2 mid-flight.  Got in to Fort Lauderdale around 5, and was happy to see my hotel accommodations were pretty fancy!  See, for example, awesome balcony on my room:

0602 002

0602 003

  Flatscreen TV and plenty of room to spread out…

0602 005

And a beach view in the lobby!

0602 004 

After yesterday, all I wanted to do was run.  Well.

The comments yesterday seemed pretty split on “keep trying the orthotics” and “ditch ‘em.”  After thinking about it—I confess that I probably did not break them in perfectly before running in them.  I’ve been SO busy lately, and they don’t fit in my work shoes, and the weather’s been sucky, that I did a bit of walking in them and then immediately went running.

So, my plan for now: try my new wide, neutral New Balances without orthotics for running.  Once I get back to KC after this trip, I’m going to start from scratch and break these in with WALKING and daily wear.  I may even ask my boss if I can wear sneakers a few hours a day! 

Anyway.  The hotel gym was nicer than my regular gym!0602 014

I am a sucker for individual TVs at each treadmill.  I watched Cash Cab!

0602 015Final result was 5K in 29:20.  Not at all shabby, and I was only a little sore afterwards—definitely no stabby pains.  I felt triumphant!  I can do this.

Also, this gym was awesome because they had ice water with orange and lemon and lime in it, and a FRUIT BOWL!

0602 016You know I decimated an apple.

I ran back to my room, showered and dressed quickly, then went to dinner.  Conference food can be sketchy, but I was happy with the options here!

0602 017

About half my plate was mixed greens with carrots and ‘shrooms and vinaigrette, and the rest was steamed carrots, wild rice, a small slice of beef, and a wheat roll.

And a Sam Adams.  And, okay, when I found out there was no dessert…a glass of Cabernet. 

I’m off to take a sunset beach walk—have a great night!

Do you like to travel?  I love airports, strangely, and seeing new places, but I tire of it quickly and miss home!  I’m a homebody!

10 Responses

  1. I love traveling. Airports are one of my favorite places (other than cruise ships).

  2. I love traveling. I love seeing new places and exploring!

  3. I like visiting new places, but I’m not a fan of hotel rooms, and I hate the transportation process – you know, driving, flying, etc. I used to enjoy traveling a lot more before I had kids.

    Which NB shoes did you get? I wear a stability shoe (769s, or whatever the current number is) but I’m thinking of going with a more cushioned, neutral shoe for my next pair.

    • I have the 758s now. I actually loved the 769s when I had them back in January, but there wasn’t enough cushioning and I got shin splints.

  4. Too bad you aren’t in Orlando! I hope you like Florida! 🙂

  5. I like to travel (except for the flying part–and the expense!), but I hardly go anywhere. Since my husband is in the Army, most of our travel and summer vacations revolve around moving to another duty station.

    I’m glad your run without orthotics went well.
    Enjoy your swanky hotel!

  6. So funny! I just returned from that exact hotel two weeks ago (MHB)! Lovely isn’t it? I adored the gym as well. If you have free time you should try the restaurant Coconuts. Very delicious food. Have fun!

  7. I love traveling — planning vacations, whether long trips or a short weekend getaway, is one of my favorite ways to distract myself. I try to find “hidden” spots in the area that are less tourist-y, and since I’ve been on a really tight budget I also try to make a game out of how inexpensive I can make the trip while still enjoying everything.

    Good luck with the orthodics! I had them when I was a kid because I have an extremely low arch, and I remember that they hurt like hell when I was adjusting to walking in them (my knees were killing me, my feet were sore, etc.). So, definitely walk before run with those! After a while, I did get used to them, and my feet/knees actually began to hurt when I didn’t have them in.

  8. I love Florida!

    Keep up the running! I think you’re doing the right thing by trying to re-break in the orthotics by walking in them.

  9. I LOVE it when gyms have fruit bowls at the desk!! My favourite are clementines – I always grab one and gobble it up on my way out 🙂

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