Happy Memorial Day!

Hi friends!  Sorry I didn’t post yesterday—I was actually VERY busy with blog stuff, just not writing.  I have taken the plunge to self-hosted, registered me a fancy domain and such, and am in the process of getting the new site up, running, and pretty.  I’m hoping it’ll be live within the next week or so.  Whee!

Here is what I did yesterday.

I attempted to make “chocolate chip bread” in my bread maker.  Epic fail.  It burned and the yeast never activated.  Into the trash it went.

0531 001

I took a quick break from bread baking for a run.  And holy hell, it was a hot, hilly, and awful one.


The good news is my shoes feel good (but don’t they always, the first few runs?).  The bad news is that I chalked this one, also, up in the fail category.  I ran a mile and a half (in 88 degree heat) and then started to feel my chest constricting/asthma acting up, and walked home.  Tim snapped the photo above upon my return home.  I am NOT a creature of heat.  But, I suppose they all can’t be good runs, you know?

I then baked a more successful loaf of bread—challah this time.

0531 004

Buttery and eggy and yum.

This afternoon, I decided to avenge yesterday’s bad run, and ran 2 miles in 19:20ish.  It was still hot, so I didn’t want to stay out too long, and I’m kind of getting back in the swing of things still.  I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  It was a good time for being a hilly run!  Unfortunately, once I took my shoes off, my right leg just seized up on the inside from my foot to my ankle and up my shin.  I suspect it’s because of the orthotics—I didn’t wear them yesterday, just to get a feel for my new shoes, and put them in today.  Anything with a lot of arch support tends to do that to me.  Luckily, I iced and it’s feeling much better.  But…gah.  Why can’t this be easy?

Today, Tim and I bought a grill!

0531 005

We prepared delicious burgers and grilled mushroom skewers. 

0531 002

YUM.  The beef we’ve been eating lately is local and delicious.  I also had a little fruit salad on the side!  Since getting back from vacation, Tim and I have consumed almost an entire pound of strawberries, a whole pineapple and a whole cantaloupe.

0531 006

Oh, and Fat Tire.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE beer?  All summer long I crave beer.  I can’t drink a LOT of it in one sitting, but…beer is good.

I also wanted to give my new KitchenAid a whirl, so I made Bakerella’s Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

0531 003   

They are packed and ready to be sent in to work with Tim tomorrow!

Verdict on the KitchenAid?  I predict many, many happy hours spent together.  But is it just me, or is making red velvet cake 10,000 times messier than making other kinds of cake?  It looked like a massacre in the kitchen when I was done!  And my iPhone is coated in powdered sugar from the icing.  Whoops.

Anyway, this week will yet again be a little crazy—tomorrow is a normal workday, but Wednesday I fly out to Fort Lauderdale until Sunday.  Onward and upward!

What’s your favorite kitchen appliance?


11 Responses

  1. I LOVE my kitchen aid mixer; I named her Ebony. Ebony and I made fast friends and I adore her like no other. Together we’ve made many, many tasty baked treats. I always joke that while I don’t regret not having a real wedding, I do regret not being able to register for a Kitchen Aid mixer. I bought mine after we had been married 11 years or so. It was worth the wait.
    Cake + homemade frosting is always a messy experience. But, totally worth it, all the same.

    I’m glad you’re having fun with all your new wedding toys. Also, I hope your feet/shoes/orthotics/breathing all come to a happy agreement very soon.

  2. I have a hard time running in the heat, too. My Hood to Coast Relay race is in August. I’m nervous about the temperatures!

  3. I love my Kitchenaid! It’s been so helpful with baking.

  4. Oh man, I adore Fat Tire but I can’t find it here! Have one for me, please!

  5. Just wondering where you buy your local meat. We live in the area and I would love to know!

    • I would tell you if I knew! It comes from one of Tim’s co-workers, who gets it from somewhere nearby.

  6. Loving that picture of you after the run – you remind me of myself!


  7. Waffle maker!! Obviously 😉

    I hate running in the heat. And on hills. And in the cold, wind or rain. Short runs are always torturous anyways. For some reason, I find the longer slower ones to be easier.

  8. Hi Brie, how long did you bake the cupcakes for? I am trying them this weekend, and Bakerella’s directions are for cakes…let me know. Thank you!

    • Hmm, I don’t remember. I think it wound up being somewhere about 25 minutes? I think I set the timer for 17, then put them in for an extra few minutes 2 or 3 times because they weren’t done.

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