Salty, sweet, and carbs

I…am not posting pictures of most of what I ate today.  The “must have salt and sweet and carbs” PMS monster took over.  I put a huge dent in a bag of community pita chips at work.  There was a mid-afternoon Tootsie Pop.  It wasn’t pretty.

After work was better.  I decided, in the spirit of “To run faster, you have to run faster” to, well, run fast.  Two miles, fast.  17:36.  Average pace?  8:48!  I felt incredible.  It was hard, but not awful.  I just KNOW I can check off my goal of a 26:59 5K this year sometime.  I can feel it!

Unfortunately, it feels like this.

0519 001

Blisters.  Again.  On Monday, my feet were pristine—I got a pedicure the morning of the wedding, and God bless that Lisa, she took a cheese grater to them and they looked almost normal, save for the black toenail.

On my way home, I was counting the minutes until I could walk in the door and rip my shoes off.  I literally felt like my feet were being squeezed, HARD.  I don’t feel like my shoes are too small lengthwise, per se—but I feel almost like they’re too small from top to bottom, if that makes sense.  I think the orthotics take up a lot of room in the shoe and my foot feels kind of compressed.  Sigh.  As soon as I can, I’m paying a visit to the running store.  Again.  Ugh.

Dinner was my ultimate comfort food. 0519 002

There’s nothing like it when you’re feeling gross.  Obviously, this was totally healthy, because it was Annie’s mac n’ cheese and a whole wheat bun.  Right? 

One more work day until the honeymoon!  I’m dying here.  So. Excited.

Administrative note: Once I get our CD of professional pictures, I’m going to do full recaps of the wedding day!  Our photographer said we’d have them within a month of the wedding.

What foods do you lack self-control around?  For me, it’s chips of any kind—I’ll take a handful here and there until they’re gone, which is why I don’t buy them!  But when they show up at work…watch out.


8 Responses

  1. Ahh…I love those Annie’s shells and cheese. There’s no shame in those!

    You definitely have a big 5K PR in your near future! I know it!

  2. For me, it’s definitely french fries…and cool whip! I can’t even have cool whip in the house because I can literally eat a whole container.

    I can’t wait to read a full recap of the wedding, and have a great time on the honeymoon!!

  3. Maybe you’ve already done this, but did you take out the inserts that come in your shoes or are the orthotics on top of the inserts? You can free up some extra space in the shoe by taking out the regular shoe inserts if you haven’t already…

  4. I lack control around pizza and dips. If there’s chips and dip/chips and salsa/veggies and hummus..doesn’t matter. Can’t resist!

    Your feet look sad! 😦

  5. I like self-control around chips & salsa! Or guacamole.

    Ahh, have so much fun on your honeymoon! We’re going on a cruise in a few weeks and I can’t wait 🙂

  6. Ouch, your feet look painful! Mac n’ cheese is my comfort food too. But the food I lack self-control around is any kind of chocolate (especially in the format of a chocolate chip cookie). Like you with chips, I don’t keep it in the house – but work is a very dangerous place.

    Have a great time on your honeymoon!

  7. chips and salsa and thai food…these are my biggest downfalls!

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