Hummus on the brain

Happy Monday!  These are iPhone photos—I forgot my camera, sorry.  But, I have to say, the quality has VASTLY improved over my old phone.

Lunch.  Unpictured spinach, canteloupe/pineapple, yogurt:


And some homemade wheat bread with a little homemade PB:


Since the wedding…I confess, I’ve been lacking in the exercise motivation department.  I truly have been busy trying to get our lives back in order, but I decided today I needed to make a triumphant return to the gym.  I KNOW I like working out once I’m there, but getting there is half the battle—especially after work.

So I employed a little external motivation.  I wore two pieces of meaningful workout gear.

photo(6) photo(7)

Silly, maybe, but sometimes you literally need the reason you’re hauling your butt to the gym plastered across your forehead (and boobs).

In other news, I am pretty sure Bondi Bands are the best thing ever.  Mine held my new short hair back perfectly for my entire workout, and it wasn’t ugly!

photo(8)The new ‘do doesn’t cover my neck at all, so no need for any kind of pony/pigtail.  Reason #43253 why I love this haircut.

Anyway.  I went to the gym and decided I wanted to do three miles of run/walk intervals.  (Yes, I can still run three miles.  I wanted to walk in an attempt to break my custom orthotics in gently.)  I did a 5 minutes-5 minutes walk-run split and finished in about 35 minutes.

BUT GUESS WHAT.  My feet are blistering again.  In the arches.  Yup.  Custom orthotics?  Not impressed.  I am going to go to the running store and get a new pair of WIDE running shoes and hope for the best—the only shoes I didn’t blister in were wides (unfortunately they also gave me horrible shin splints because they were a stability shoe).  I am going to buy WIDE, NEUTRAL shoes, preferably New Balances because of the big toe box, and cross my fingers.

The good news is that I had no ankle, shin, hip, or knee pain, so at least the orthotics are keeping things properly aligned.

In other news, I have had hummus on the brain.  I had to make a special trip to Target after work today.


Holy delicious.   I now want to bathe in hummus.  And black beans. 

Another rave?  The Lucy shorts I bought this weekend are fabulous.  Comfy, don’t ride, a big-thighed-girl’s dream.   Well worth the price thus far!

Anyway, I’m off.  Have a fabulous night!


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the shorts tip!! I’ve been searching for something better.

  2. Give your orthotics a lot of time ot break in. I also wear orthotics and they took a long time before I could complete longer runs with them due to the blistering in my arches. First I wore them for just non-running to get used to the standing/walking in them. Then I would wore them running for about 10mins at a time and built up from there. Anything more and I was getting blisters. Mine are fully broken in now and I have run a marathon with them and wear them for all of my training, but I started out exactly like you with blisters. Just give it some time.

  3. I can’t believe you’re getting blisters again! Sorry to hear that, I know you’ve tried every solution out there.

  4. I don’t think I ever said so, but congrats on your marriage, and your wedding photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! Also, I LOVE your new hair. 🙂

    You’ll definitely want a different shoe with the orthotics. I wear a wide shoe to accomodate mine, and the stability shoes I wear, in combination with the orthothics, cause my feet to “torque” outward (my ankles roll inward when I’m barefoot). Fortunately, they don’t cause me any problems, but I’m going after a neutral shoe with lots of cushioning when I buy new ones.

  5. Your feet issues never cease to amaze me. What amazes me even more is that you stick with it and aren’t throwing in the towel… like I have. I have plantar fascitis and haven’t spent the time or energy (or money) to figure out something that works. I just stopped exercising all together. I suck. I need to channel you. Maybe after the wedding. And the honeymoon.

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