Adjusting to married life

Phew.  The last few days have been nuts.  Not only did we drive 9 hours on Monday, but we had to pick up our animals from being boarded, unpack our suitcases and gifts and carload of wedding paraphernalia.  Last night was spent grocery shopping—we literally had nothing in the house.

Generally…our relationship doesn’t feel any different.  We’ve been living together for over a year already, and had joint finances and stuff, so nothing has really changed, except my name and calling each other “wife” and “husband.”  The name change is REALLY throwing me for a loop—I keep introducing myself as Brie Oldlastname at work, and my secretary keeps yelling “BRIE NEWLASTNAME!” at me every time I do it.  It will take time, but my new name is a definite upgrade.  I love it! 

I’ve also been busy with these.

0513 004

Thank you notes.  I’m determined to get them all out before our one-week anniversary hits!  I hate having them hang over my head, and I think people appreciate getting them quickly.

In other news, we’ve been enjoying all our new stuff.    

Matching plates, bowls, and glasses that didn’t come from a Red Lobster that was going out of business!

0513 006 

Pretty new bedding (that does not hide cat hair at all, unfortunately):

0513 007

The first gadget I used?  The food processor.  To make homemade peanut butter.  Heaven.

0513 001

(I bought macadamias, pecans, almonds and cashews last night and I’m dying to make a mixed-nut butter.  Mmmm.)

Our new Keurig that actually brews a full cup of coffee…

0513 008

Oh, and all the wine I bought back in Napa finally made it back to Kansas City!

0513 009

I think we are planning on bringing two bottles on our cruise with us—Carnival allows one bottle a person, so why not splurge a little?  (We got a Gamay Rouge, a Cabernet, a Semillon and a Moscato.)

But of course, I forgot to thaw anything for dinner.  Wife fail.  (Kidding.)

0513 005

Chipotle to the rescue!  I’ve recently discovered my love for black beans.

On the exercise front: I’ve been really tired and frankly, de-motivated since the wedding.  I want to get the house and my life back in some kind of order before we leave for the honeymoon next Friday.  And lunch break workouts are not a possibility anymore, because my office goes down to a 4-days-a-week schedule so I’m working over lunch to try to make up some hours.

So, I’ve decided that I’m giving myself permission to take it easy until we get back from the honeymoon.  What I’m planning on doing?  Breaking in my orthotics very carefully.  I plan to take Milhouse out walking for a long time every night, and not running in them until I’ve done that at least 4 or 5 times, per the orthotist.  I don’t want to do too much too soon.

Frankly, I’m a person who thrives on goals and schedules, and not training for something is making me a little lazy.  And that’s okay!  Because come June 5th, I’ll be in hardcore marathon training mode, and it will be nice to start that coming off a bit of a break.  I’m not going to wither away and die, and I may still exercise here and there aside from walking.  Balance, friends.  Sometimes I will be training really hard, like I was in March and I will be in June-October.  But for now, it’s time to relax a little bit, and be married.  (Don’t worry, I’ll still be blogging!)

In more exciting news, our fantastic photographer will be posting some more teasers on her blog tomorrow from our first look, along with my strong recommendation to do one.  Hooray!  I can’t wait to see them.

And now, I’m off to cuddle my husband.  WHOA.

12 Responses

  1. I suppose one of the benefits of living together before marriage is that you don’t have to deal with a major post wedding co-habitation adjustment. Definitely makes things less awkward, since you’re already used to each other.

    I hope you have lots of fun playing with all your new toys. I didn’t have a wedding and the only thing I regret about not having one is that I had to buy my own Kitchen Aid mixer.


  2. When you figure out what kind of bed linens hide pet hair–please let us all know! 🙂

  3. I love that you got a Keurig! I’ve been waiting for it to invade blog land. Heather (HEAB) has one too and wrote about it the other day. I am obsessed! I hope you come to love it like I do.

  4. Aren’t you glad that you had some down time between the wedding and the honeymoon? We’re going on a Mediterranean cruise and at first, I was a little bummed we wouldn’t be leaving right from the wedding. But seeing as we live in AZ and the wedding is in WA, it truly is a blessing in disguise. Yes, we have to work for a WHOLE week following the wedding, but the decompression between wedding and honeymoon will be nice. Have FUN on yours!! 🙂

  5. Honestly the last name thing scared the crap out of me! I really want to change mine but its just making me feel weird, like I’m losing part of my identity. I’m going to change it anyway but it makes me a little crazy. Did it make you nervous?

  6. As far as hiding cat hair, the best solution I’ve come up with is to use a matching flat sheet (I generally match to the comforter/bed spread/duvet cover) and put that on top of the other bedding. My cat mainly lays in one corner at the bottom of the bed, so you can still see all the other bedding, but it’s a LOT easier to wash a flat sheet than it is to wash a comforter!

  7. Um, you are a thank-you-note-rockstar. Two thumbs up!

    I did the same thing right around my wedding and honeymoon… I stopped all “planned” training and workouts and just did what I was comfortable with! My husband decided to go run with me on the first day of our honeymoon – and I think he totally regretted it because he was SO SORE for like three days…

    I hope you have a BLAST on your honeymoon!! Enjoy every second!!!

  8. I think the three days between when we get home and when we turn around and go on our honeymoon are going to be crazy and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be spastic until I’m on the beach with a margarita in my hand.

  9. Taking the wine on the cruise ship is an awesome idea. Buying drinks on the ship is where they get you!

  10. The adjustment to being married actually came over time for me. Like you, we lived together before, so there wasn’t an immediate change for us after we got married. It happened slowly– I slowly felt more like a “wife” and thought more about “us” than “me.” I love it!

  11. Wow, you are a SUPERSTAR with the thank-you notes! You put me to shame, haha!

  12. Great stuff – you SHOULD take time to relax after a wedding. x


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