Three days to go!

Sorry this is a little late.  I think I’m going to be able to post in the morning on Thursday and Friday, so you’ll be a day behind, kinda—Wednesday’s post will go up this morning, Thursday’s will go up Friday morning…and then you’ll just have to wait until I’m all married to get the rest of the weekend update!  🙂

This morning I went to pick up my custom orthotics.  Hooray!  The podiatrist wrote the prescription for them back in mid-April, and I’ve been waiting ever since. 

They are a soft foam insert with a cork bottom.  Top view:

0505 001 

And bottom.

0505 002

Cool, huh?  I do think I will need to go to a wider shoe (I’m thinking a New Balance, since I lurrrrved their wide toe boxes), but they feel pretty squishy and good.  He listened to me (yay) and didn’t build up the arch too much so I won’t blister.   They are nice and squishy under my forefoot, which felt good.

I’m supposed to break them in by just walking around in them for a few hours for 3-4 days before I start running in them.  I’ll deal with that…after the wedding.

As soon as I got back, we packed up the car and got on the road!  (Tim dropped the animals off to be boarded while I was at the doctor.  I get too sad and emotional when I take them.  Lame, I know.)

We had perfect driving weather the whole way.  I drove three hours, Tim drove three hours, I drove three more hours.  Not quite fair, but we had lots of lovely conversation about politics and marriage and how Buckley, Southpaw, and Milhouse would behave at a sleepover.

Tim drives:

  0505 003

While I napped.   I sleep so soundly in moving cars!  I love it.

0505 004

We took a pit stop for lunch at a Panera in Des Moines, and stopped for gas at…

 0505 005

The World’s Largest Truckstop.  I love it so.  Only in rural Iowa can you find things like this: 0505 006

Hmm.  Questionable.

Anyway, we drove and drove and drove and finally stopped at my sister’s house (about half an hour from my mom’s) and went out for real Chicago pizza with her.  It was delightful. 

Then, we Redboxed the Blind Side (which we both Hated, capital H) and chilled at my mom’s house all night. 

The plan for today?  Well, I’m blogging this from breakfast at Panera..  Then we’re going to drive up to where the wedding is (about an hour and a half from where my mom’s house is, but close to where my mom lives during the school year—it’s a long story), get our marriage license (OMG!), pick up some last minute gifts (oops), meet with the pastor, have dinner, and head back down to my mom’s house for the night.

See you tomorrow!


10 Responses

  1. yay!! So excited for you!! Have lots of fun!!

  2. I’m so excited!

  3. have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. We have family in KC and the World’s Largest Truck Stop is a must-stop on our trek from KC to Milwaukee. Love the cheesiness.

  5. Exciting!!!

    And so glad to know I’m not the only one who hated the Blind Side. It was so cheesy and predictable.

  6. Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Good luck with the inserts!! I meant to comment this a while ago – when I was fit at a running store for shoes they told me to buy my running shoes 1 size larger to account for swelling as I run.

  7. Exciting! The day is almost here!!

  8. I’ve been in no real hurry to watch the Blind Side…seems like there are no new ideas for movies lately. 😦

    You should check out WV truck stops! Scary, scary places! lol!

  9. Yay for the wedding and yay for orthotics. Hope everything goes great for you.

  10. I have a very wide foot also and I also have serious issues with my feet. I have bunions (only mild) and I have had a few cortisone injections in the ball of my foot during the past year for a “torn plantar plate” under the ball of my foot. Have you tried Asics 21XX series runners (I think they are up to 2150 now)?? Personally I find they are perfect for me (in a D size width) and have a wide toe box. I also get them a size bigger to compensate for swelling during long runs. I wear these with my custom orthotics in them. Good luck with your feet (I totally feel your pain!) and especially GOOD LUCK for the wedding day!!! How exciting!!!!

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