5 days to go!

And it was a doozy.

I don’t want to go into specific details on the blog, but this morning, I had a full blown panic attack by 6:45 am.  Hyperventilating, crying, wanting to puke, the whole nine yards.  Went to work, was fine, began completely panicking again around 10:30.  Control sobs in office.  Boss walks in, catches me crying, is totally awesome and understanding.  I take an early lunch and go to the gym.

Basically, what it boils down to is that weddings are really, really emotionally charged.  My emotions are at DEFCON-5 right about now.  I cried listening to the song “Forever” by Chris Brown last week in the car, for Pete’s sake.  My family’s are as well.  It’s not pretty.  There is some definite tension going on.  I am trying very hard to remember that feelings are just that—feelings—not the truth of the situation.  I just hope to God everyone can calm the fuck down (myself included) by Saturday, because I don’t want our wedding to be brought down by a bunch of drama llamas.

Anyway.  The workout.  Since I’d been bawling my eyes out, it wasn’t exactly the most intense gym session ever.  Jogged slowly to the gym, did some heavy squats and shoulder presses, felt like that was too taxing, chilled on the elliptical for 20 minutes, walked back.  It’s better than nothing.  It was seriously restorative, though, and just going through the motions of the gym felt incredible.  Sometimes I work out for reasons other than burning calories, and today was one of those days.

Tim’s out picking up his new spectacles tonight (hooray!) so I’m flying solo.  I’m decompressing with the following.  A healthy, HEALTHY glass of:

0503 001

And a giant quesadilla with cheese and leftover chicken from last night.

0503 003

We also got some of our flatware as a wedding gift in the mail!

0503 002

Our registries are pretty well pillaged lately. Good times.

And fuckyouverymuch, 10 day forecast.


In happier news, I’ve been coffee/Diet Coke/red wine free for a week and a half-ish now.  Not dead yet!

My eyes are burning.  I’m going to go curl up with a beagle and a disagreeable tabby cat.

Don’t forget to enter to win some totally awesome Cascadian Farms goodies!

What’s your favorite kind of wine?  I’m usually a cabernet girl, but I can appreciate a good Riesling or Moscato too!


14 Responses

  1. 😦 I’m sorry you’re feeling so stressed! That Chateau St. Michelle always cheers me up! They are my favorite winery. And if it makes you feel any better, I cry at the song too. So lame. 😉

    Last summer when I was moving in with my boyfriend, my emotions were definitely on overload. I was so overwhelmed with moving, stressed with the idea of giving up the apartment I LOVED, and also freaked out about giving up my solo-living (I’d lived on my own for almost 9 years). I cried all the time. It should have been a happy time but I was just too stressed out. If I could go back and do it over again, I’d chill.

    Bottom line: your wedding is going to be awesome. I don’t know you but you seem pretty level-headed. Just focus on the fact that you’re marrying the man you love and tell your family to SUCK IT and stop stressing you out. 🙂

  2. I’m a cab sauv girl. Second best is a good zin or pinot noir. I’m totally a red wine girl all the way.

  3. I’m a Chardawhore.

    Well, actually, not really…I don’t discriminate when it comes to wine. I pretty much like it all.

    Sounds like yours was well deserved. Hang in there. In just a few days it will all be over, and when you look back you’ll remember what an awesome day it was, and all of the drama and stress will go poof.

  4. Sorry you had such a rough day. I can only imagine how tense the days leading up to a wedding can be. I hope this evening allows you time to decompress a bit.
    Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

    I don’t drink (gasp!) so I couldn’t say what wine I like. I’ve tried small bits both white and red, but I’m just not a fan.

  5. I love sauvignon blanc or chablis – although really, I’ll drink just about anything!

    I’m still in the early stages of planning my wedding, so haven’t hit your stress levels yet. I’m glad you were able to get rid of some of the extra tension at the gym! As previous posters said, just remember that in just a few more days (yay!), you’ll be married!

  6. I cried at every song on the radio during our wedding planning. We cried so much at our first look on the actual wedding day. It was ridic! I have some wedding photos of my husband bawling. Good times. Weddings bring out so many emotions…I was actually thrilled when it was over and now I just wish I could get married all over again! I miss my wedding all the time. (I got married in July ’09.) Enjoy it!!!

  7. Aw, feel better girl. It’s natural to feel stress, and added unnecessary drama can escalate it significantly. I like your decompression plan! I’m a malbec/pinor noir girl as of late, but I do love that particular bottle of riesling you selected!

  8. When you wanna cry just think about the honeymoon! Seriously, I’m sorry your feeling the stress, I’m just starting planning ours and I’m already freaking but keep bringing myself back to the honeymoon 🙂

  9. I’m sorry you’re so stressed out – my wedding is over a year away and I’m already freaking out over certain family situations/dramas that have the potential to literally fukc everything up.

    There is a particular brand of Riesling that is Ah-MAZING. Unfortunately it is a local wine, and only available in some parts of Pennsylvania. If you’re ever in the state though, and can find Mount Nittany Riesling (or any Mount Nittany wine) you will not be disappointed!

    Stay positive – everything will be fine! 🙂

  10. Sorry you’re overwhelmed and anxious! I get the same way sometimes and it always helps me to go to the gym and decompress, even if it is an easy workout.

  11. Mmm… give me some pinot grigio or pinot noir (I love a good pinot!) & I can make it to my happy place.

    I’m 4 months out from our wedding date, and am already emotional! And I NEVER, EVER cry. So annoying. Every time I hear Canon in D it’s over. I WILL be a mess on my wedding day – but a good mess 🙂

    You’re SO close! Drink your wine, let out a good cry every now & then, but relax on the day of (maybe a mimosa in the a.m. would help?). Everyone & everything will come together, & it will be beautfiul, & you will cry a little more b/c it is perfect, & then you will celebrate! Deep breaths…

  12. Like Liz – I’m wicked emotional and our wedding date is 5 months out! It is totally natural I think. Deep cleansing breaths and glasses of wine will help. I soothed my wedding pain in some Cab last night – but you’re truly a lady after my own heart with the Riesling and Moscato 🙂 Keep your eye on the prize lady!

  13. Not a big wine fan but I do like Moscato. Secretly I like super sickenly sweet blackberry wine from a local vineyard. I’m in WV so you know that’s classy! 🙂

  14. The weather looks about the same for our wedding this Saturday in Canada. 90% chance of showers, and high of 13 celcius.

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