It’s the final countdown

Arrested Development, anyone?


This morning…I got to sleep in an extra hour!

It was to go to the gynecologist, though.  Oddly, this is something I don’t mind, probably because my mom worked for OB/GYNs for 20 years, and I worked there after school in high school.  I’m kind of desensitized.

Fun fact: My old gynecologist is coming to our wedding!  (I switched because of the move, obviously.)  She’s a family friend.

This office was a little odd.  There were lots of teddy bears in the room:

0428 001

And a shelf of old-timey medicine bottles…and more teddy bears.

0428 002

Anyway, take this as your reminder to get annual pap smears.  (finger wag)

Unfortunately, I have a cyst of some kind that’s going to have to be monitored.  But, the doc says it’s nothing to worry about and I trust her.

There was no workout today.  I was late to work because of the appointment, and there was a going away luncheon for someone at work.  BBQ was on the menu—I skipped the sides and just had a sandwich with barbecue beef. 

I also had about half of a small slice of cheesecake. 

0428 003

Around 4 p.m., I snacked on my Greek yogurt that was in my lunch (I forgot about said luncheon and brought a lunch anyway).  I knew I’d be getting home late tonight!

0428 004 

Because of my final dress fitting!

0428 005 0428 006 0428 007I have a wedding dress hanging in my house now.  Whoa.

Unfortunately, I felt kind of dumpy and gross in it tonight.  Apparently, every other time I try on my wedding dress sucks…so, that means when I put it on in ten days, it will be great!  It’s hard not to see the other super-skinny brides in beautiful dresses and say “I wish I looked like that” or “Her dress is prettier than mine.”

I am doing my best to chalk it up to the fact that it was a long day at work, I was tired and didn’t feel like being there, and I didn’t have any of my accessories/veil on. 

I got home, and another wedding gift!

0428 008


Unfortunately, klutzy me actually managed to drop one on the floor and break it while I was unwrapping.  So…now we have 7 ramekins, not 8.  Luckily, they are only $2.50 and easily replaced.

Julia asked in the comments to yesterday’s post how I was feeling, so I thought it’d be a good time to discuss my mental state.

I think the best way I can describe how I’ve felt for the last week is like I have perma-PMS.  I am moody.  Some moments I am over the moon happy and excited, but in a moment I can snap and feel like taking someone’s head off.  Last night I had a full-out breakdown—I deal with stress by crying, and I tend to let small things build up and let them all out at once rather than deal with things one at a time.  Basically, what it amounted to is that I’m overwhelmed.  I keep getting questions from wedding guests and family members, I’m juggling emails with the florist, the photographer, the hotel, the pastor, and the reception venue, and I’m….overwhelmed.  And coming to the realization that even though I’ve heard it over and over, I can’t really make everyone happy.  And I feel guilty for feeling this way, because I feel like I should be giddy and giggling and radiating glitter.

And those four people?  Still haven’t RSVPed.

I am ready to be done and be married.  I’m sure the wedding day is going to be awesome, and ultimately, I am very thankful for my friends and family that care so much about me and Tim.   But…right now the last minute things still have to get done, and they’re stressing me out.

Hopefully I will get a ton of stuff done this weekend.  Until then…I’m breathing.  And putting one foot in front of the other, and keeping my eye on the prize.  It will all be okay.


19 Responses

  1. I bet you look absolutely beautiful in your wedding dress! Congratulations:)

  2. Aww your dress is gorgeous- I can’t wait to see your wedding pictures.

    Honestly, I think most people feel like you before the wedding- overwhelmed and please let this be over haha- hmm I feel like that now and I’m still almost 3 months out. Why does the bride have to handle EVERYTHING…ah! Anyway, I think you are dealing with it as well as possible and all I can say is…its going to be an amazing day and over soon! And you’ll get lots of presents!

  3. Dude, in the week or two prior to my wedding I felt like a crazy person. Stressed, overwhelmed and ready for the HONEYMOON! Don’t worry, it will be fantastic and you will look beautiful! I LOVE your dress, especially the sheer straps. So elegant and chic.

  4. Perma-PMS is a great way to describe it. Hang in there, it’s all going to be fine. I can’t wait to see pics of your gorgeous dress and beautiful wedding.

  5. You will be just fine! Just remember all that matter is you & Tim are married at the end of the day. Stuff never really goes as plans, but such is life. Enjoy your last days as an engaged couple! 🙂

  6. Even if you didn’t feel fabulous in your dress today, you will still look amazing in it on your wedding day 🙂

    I can totally relate on the dealing with stress by crying. I still have 4 months till my wedding and I am already stressing out about it!

  7. Hang in there Brie! I remember the stress during the two weeks before the big day. I think the most sleep I got a night during that time period was 5 hours. But now, almost 2 years later, I look back on everything with such happiness and I’m sure you will too! I can’t wait to see you in your beautiful dress!! Yuu are going to be such a gorgeous bride!

    P.S. See if you can delegate some of the last minute details/questions/requests or just tell the person asking the question to figure it out themselves!

    P.P.S I love your blog!

  8. Your dress is beautiful and you are going to look stunning on your wedding day. I’m sorry you’re dealing with the chaos of last minute wedding details. I’m sure it’s to be expected, but at the same time, it sucks for sure.
    In the end, you’ll have a wonderful time at your wedding and you’ll look back at these freakouts and laugh.

  9. Ahhhh I’ve got perma-PMS now, too! I’m still just over three weeks out, but I know exactly what you’re feeling. I get so overwhelmed because it just feels like there is so much stuff that I just have to do. Some things I can’t delegate. Oh well, I hope that I look back on this time with happiness, and I can’t wait to have a blast at my wedding!

  10. Your wedding dress looks a lot like mine-the detail/beading. The wedding will be over before you know, make sure to slow down and enjoy!

  11. Brie, I love your wedding dress!

    I think I always have perma-PMS…I’m going to blame it on being a redhead.

  12. Everything will turn out fine! I was in my cousin’s wedding over Thanksgiving and trust me there was major freaking out over every little thing beforehand and then once the I Dos were said she was like “why the hell was I so stressed?” lol!

  13. I too am getting married soon. I’m still four months out and wishing we had eloped. I say that only have jokingly. But know this, you’re wedding day will be fun, it will be memorable and you will be gorgeous! Hopefully you’ll forget about all the stress you’ve had, the minute you walk down the aisle and say I Do.

    Not to add more stress, but i hope you will continue your blog after the wedding and you are a fit wife and no longer a bride. i’ve come to really enjoy your blog and relate to everything you write as i work on my journey for healthy living and planning a wedding at the same time.

  14. Umm yes. More Arrested Development please. Dress is awesome!

    I never got a few rsvp’s either. One assumes that means they think no answer = not coming right? Fun times when a family of 3 showed up without telling anyone, from way out of state, then were upset when they didn’t have name cards. Ahh memories.

  15. It boggles my mind how many people don’t send back the RSVP. As if you don’t have a million other things to do besides track these people down. I have promised myself to always be a prompt RSVP-er after having to hound people for responses!

    You will be drop dead gorgeous on the big day – enjoy every second of it, including these last days before it. And congrats on your upcoming marriage 🙂

  16. When the day comes, everything will come together beautifully and you’ll feel and look gorgeous in your dress. Pretty darn sure Tim will think you’re the prettiest girl in the room anyways 😉

  17. I must stress…


    Enjoy every minute!


  18. I absolutely love Arrested Development! What a wacky, hilarious show!!!! 😀

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