Lunchtime Warrior

11 days to go!  We’re almost in 10-day forecast territory, dudes.

I thought about photographing my lunch, but it was the same as yesterdays: pineapple pre-workout, spinach + balsamic, Chobani + strawberries + Kashi GoLean, and a multigrain bagel. 

Once again, over the lunch hour, I hit the gym.  0.4 mile run there, 3.5 mile run on the treadmill, 0.4 mile run back.  Whee! 

My iPod was dead today, so I did some thinking while I ran.  I am certain these shoes (the Brooks Defyance 2s) are not THE shoes for me.  Aside from the blister issues, I’ve had various knee/shin/ankle pain, and today, my hips were complaining too!  Ugh.  My orthotics are in (but I keep forgetting to make an appointment to pick them up—it’s a little hectic right now), and I think I’ll head back to the ol’ running store to get a new pair.

Here’s my dream shoe wishlist:

  • A wide toe box.  I think the blistering on my forefoot is because these shoes are just too narrow thanks to my awesome bunions.
  • I also like the idea of a wide width shoe—I tried one for a few weeks earlier this year, but it was a stability shoe, and didn’t have enough cushioning, so I got shin splints.  I’m curious about what could happen in a wide neutral shoe with plenty of cushioning.
  • A larger size.  I’m pretty sure my feet swell when I run.  A lot.  I’d ideally like to be measured, run on the store treadmill for awhile, and then be re-measured, but they probably don’t want me jeopardizing it all day. 

Anyway.  Moving on.  There was a birthday celebration at work this afternoon, so I was planning on having cake as an afternoon snack.  (Yup.)  Buuut, I went, and it was white cake with white frosting—booooring, and not worth the sugar binge.   I went back to my office and opted for a Luna Bar instead.

0427 001 0427 002

I’m not a white chocolate fan AT ALL, but I really like these.  Huh.

Came home.  We got a wedding gift!  Hello, new salad bowl.  May I fill you with spinach?

0427 003 

I also got a very fancy candle as an early wedding gift from a co-worker today!  Totally sweet.

0427 004

I looove candles (and so does Tim) and this one smells awesome.  It’s orange/vanilla scent, so think grown-up creamsicle.

And for fun, Tim and I get 8904543 mailings a week from the Missouri Bar Association.  We got one today that we both laughed at:

0427 005

We’re down to four RSVP stragglers.  Come on, guys!

What’s something that made you laugh today?

12 Responses

  1. I wear stability shoes (Brooks Ariels) but they are one size bigger than my street shoes because my feet totally swell a TON! It’s helped a lot. No blister issues either. I definitely endorse finding the right shoes for you. I went to a running store and got fitted. They even had me running up and down the street to make sure they were right for me. I loved it .

    Wedding gifts are so fun! We had some trickling in for 2 months after we got married in July. It was a blast.

  2. Wide width shoes will also help accomodate the new orthotics. You’ll definitely want to get re-fitted after you get them!

    Something that made me laugh today: my 3-yr-old son, who is currently being potty-trained, telling me “Mommy, there’s a giant in my pants!” First thing this morning, too, so I got to start my day with a smile. 🙂

  3. Something that made me laugh today…I went for an afternoon walk to break up my studying for an accounting test. On my walk I listened to NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, I love the jokes and it’s a fun way to get some news.

    I wish we had the White Chocolate Macadamia Luna bar here in Canada. We have very few flavours here.

  4. Good call on the sugar – I’d rather have a Luna over that plain cake any day!
    I love your new bowl! The wooden dishes always look so modern and eco-friendly at the same time 🙂
    And Estate Planning for Pets? Do you really need legal paperwork to determine who will care for your pets in your absence? Really!?

  5. Hey Brie! Congrats on the 10 day countdown.

    So I thought I’d throw my 2 cents into the ring about shoes, you know since I am obsessed with them and all, ;).

    A wide toe box = awesome idea, let the bunions breathe!

    Wide width shoe = good idea as well, wide width is only 1/3″ larger last than a normal shoe. Neutral shoes is what you should look for when you pick up the orthotics, since they will be controlling your motion and you won’t need the shoe do this.

    A larger size = good idea as well, a 1/2 size in a shoe is 1/6″ larger and a full size larger is only 1/3″ larger so buying running shoes a full size larger is very normal for mid-distance to distance runners, which is what you are now my dear.

    My FI gets all those mailings too and we laughed at the Estate Planning for Pets as well!

  6. I would create a trust for Milhouse and Southpaw, but leave Buckley to fend for himself.

  7. Something that made me laugh today was the student who openly started texting during a meeting with me. I was shocked at the nerve and made it known.

    Other than that, it was a full-on meltdown kind of day for me too. It seems to happen once a month, totally has to be in my DNA. Thanks for putting it out there and making me feel semi-normal on a crap day.

  8. Something that made me laugh – actually yesterday was a crazy day – so much CRAP happend (my wedding coordinator is leaving our venue/my itunes account was hacked for a total of $723) that by the end of the day, I just had to laugh about it all!

    10 days now! WOO HOO!

  9. I’m impressed – all I think about when I run is food 😉

    Also, Tim’s comments never cease to crack me up.

  10. You will have to let us know how that 10 day forecast is looking!! I can’t imagine being just 10 days out yet! Nervous? Happy? Excited? How are you feeling?


  11. oooh I love trapp candles! My favorite scent is mediterranean fig. I hate white chocolate too so I haven’t tried that bar flavor- I’m a fan of Luna’s chocolate caramel! Hooray for ten days to go!

  12. Those Luna bars are like CRACK. So good.

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