Big primpin’

It is SO NICE to be home for a day just so I can get things done!  I’ve been so incredibly productive.  It’s wonderful.

I went to the salon for a manicure, brow wax, and hair color.  My normal hair color is a plain jane dirty brown, and I’ve been putting some kind of reddish tint in it since…2002, I think? 

The manicure color is much prettier in person.  I love it!  I’ll obviously be getting another one before the wedding, but hopefully this will keep my nails nice in the meantime.  The nails…

0424 002

And the hair/brows.

 0424 003

I took a portrait of Tim making his angry face after he took mine.

 0424 004

We went out to dinner using a Groupon we’d gotten a few weeks ago!  If you have Groupon in your area, I highly recommend signing up for it—we ended up getting $15 off our meal, and it was very good! 

In other news…I finished our programs!  They are super duper cute.  But what a pain in the ass!

0424 005

Wedding room has reached epic stages of messiness.

 0424 006

Sorry so short, I’m off to figure out upgrade stuff.  Bah!

Happy Saturday!


3 Responses

  1. Glad you enjoyed some pampering! P.s. love Groupon! 🙂

  2. I love Groupon too. Glad you were productive today- the manicure looks so cute!

  3. Looove the hair!!! Red suits you really well. I’m a natural mousy-brown too and always put some form of red in there to make it more exciting. Love the nail colour too!

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