2 weeks to go!

Fourteen days.  Shitballs.

What’s been accomplished this week (brought to you largely by my mom):

  • We have a cake serving set.  Thanks, mom.

macys_katespade_darlingpoint_50These are Darling Point by Kate Spade, and they say Mr. and Mrs. on the handles.  Simple, and cute.  Me likey.  (Source!)

  • We also have toasting flutes.  Thanks, mom!

716430_fpx.tif  These are Vera Wang Duchesse pattern from Macy’s.  Just like our sad formal china pattern that we took off the registry.  Sniff, sniff.  At least we’ll have these two.

  • I wrapped gifts for the wedding party.

0423 013

  • I found some great cheap flip-flops at Michael’s and am making them pretty.  They’ll go in a basket labeled “Dancing Shoes” at the reception.

0423 014

  • Programs have been printed…they just need to be cut and assembled (the hard and annoying part)


  • Investigated possible upgrading options with our venue.
  • Getting my final hair color/brow wax.

And the things I need to do in the next week or so:

  • Get our final count.  This week is going to be the week of heckling people to RSVP.  We’re still missing about 30 people’s RSVPs!  So annoying.  I don’t think I’m personally going to make any calls, because my mom and Tim’s mom know the people better, have more time on their hands, and have offered to help.  (I will never, ever, ever be a bad RSVP-er.  EVER.)
  • Relating back to the previous point….make and finalize the seating chart, so I can make…
  • Escort cards!
  • We need to decide how we’re upgrading our package when the final numbers are in and let the venue know.
  • Still need to do the timeline.  Part of the problem is that I don’t know how long crap takes.  Hmm.
  • Get my engagement ring cleaned and dipped.
  • Continue my no-Tooth Stainy Things Crusade.  So far, so good—three days without any coffee or red wine or Diet Coke. 
  • Pick up my wedding dress on Wednesday!
  • Write thank you notes to the wedding party and our parents.
  • Make a packing list.
  • Start the Crest Whitestrips on Wednesday.
  • Keep my nails nice!  I’m moisturizing constantly—if I don’t, I get hangnails.  I may get another manicure next weekend just to keep them looking good.
  • And a million other things I’m probably forgetting!

It’s crunch time, folks!

6 Responses

  1. Oh man, I’m in major wedding planning mode right now too (though I’m 2 1/2 months out, not 2 weeks) and I can’t even imagine getting to your point, yikes!

    I am so with you on people who do not RSVP. I will NEVER be one of those people- it’s so ridiculously rude! I literally get mine and send it back immediately. I had one of my lovely fiance’s friends never RSVP to our engagement party (and his cell phone was turned off at the time because he didn’t want people from work calling him- awesome)- and he showed up, we definitely did not pay for him…HELLO, you need to RSVP.

  2. Ack, just looking at the list makes me tense. I’m sure it’ll all get done and I certainly hope you maintain your sanity while it’s all getting done. Having never planned a wedding myself, I can only imagine the stress you’re feeling, but I do hope that the next two weeks go as smoothly as possible. Good luck!

    Oh, and I think shitballs is my new favorite word.

  3. You’re in the home stretch, and looks like you’ve got it all accounted for. Try to enjoy it! As hectic as my last two weeks were, they were really fun because the excitement was constantly building. And don’t forget to try to get some sleep.

  4. My goodness! It’s coming up!

  5. Exciting!!!! Sounds like you have a handle on things. Enjoy it!

  6. Good luck getting everything done!

    The programs are gorgeous!

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