Napa Valley Bachelorette Weekend Extravaganza!

I’m back from a lovely weekend in Napa Valley!  In attendance?  Me, my mom, my sister Erin, my best buddy from way back Teresa and her mom (who is like my second mom) Lynn.

We all flew in Friday night and started Saturday off thusly.

napa 001 Bouchon Bakery.  I insisted. 

We got bread and scones.  Heaven.

napa 002

Then we went to the actual Bouchon for lunch!

 napa 003

There was a Milhouse look-alike at the table next to us!

 napa 004

I got French Onion soup and it was heavenly…

 napa 005

Along with a most excellent salad. napa 006

Then we went to Domaine Chandon, which is a sparkling winery!  The scenery is gorgeous there.

  napa 008 napa 009 napa 010 napa 011

We did a tasting of four sparkling wines.  Over the course of the trip, I learned that I DEFINITELY prefer dry to sweet when it comes to wine.  The Brut was my favorite!

 napa 012 napa 013 napa 014 napa 015 napa 016 napa 017

My sister is known for her insistence on constantly texting.  Including in Napa!

napa 018

This was probably one of three occasions in my whole life where I’ve seen my mom drink, but she tried everything on the trip along with me!

napa 019 napa 020 napa 021

Then we hit up my absolute favorite of the trip, V. Sattui Winery (and most excellent deli/bakery).  I ended up getting my souvenir here—a four pack of wine!  I got a bottle of Cabernet, a Semillon (kind of like a riesling), a Gamay Rouge, and a Moscato.  All wonderful!  They’re in Chicago for now, because my mom could check for free since they flew Southwest, so I get them after the wedding.

 napa 022

Their  cheese selection was incredible!

napa 023


napa 024

They had beautiful picnic grounds.

 napa 025

And we brought along some brownie bites from Bouchon Bakery.

napa 026 

Which we enjoyed with some delicious Moscato.

napa 027 

Everything was so green and in bloom!

napa 029 napa 030 napa 031

There was a wedding reception set up.  I got all atwitter and bridal-feeling in my heart bone when I saw this.

 napa 032

Vines.  I forget where.

 napa 033

My mom and I are both Alpha Chi Omegas, so we had to take a picture of this!

 napa 034

We went to this tasting place, but it kind of sucked.  It was really small and expensive.

 napa 035  

And we had a delicious dinner here!

napa 038

On Sunday morning, my sister and I went for a three mile trail run along the Napa River.  It was gorgeous and I love having someone to run with!

Then, we all went back to V. Sattui for lunch and ate picnic style!  Best lunch ever.  EVER.

napa 039

Of course I had to get a mondo pickle to eat.

 napa 040

Then we posed for family pictures!

 napa 042

And us: napa 043

After V. Sattui, we went to Castello di Amorosa.  It was historical.  Then my memory card ran out of room, so this is all I’ve got as far as pictures go!

  napa 045 napa 046

On Sunday afternoon, we drove to Sonoma to the Coppola winery, which would be cool…but it was 95% closed for renovations.  Lame.  We had a nice casual dinner in downtown Napa, and a fun breakfast in Napa this morning!  We did a little shopping then headed to the airport.

All in all…totally heavenly.  I can’t wait to go back to Napa!

Also, it’s finally hitting me—two weeks and change until the wedding! 

I’m off to cuddle my groom-to-be.  Good night! 


12 Responses

  1. Very fun! I absolutely love wine tasting. It’s one of my favorite things to do– and Oregon has some fantastic vineyards. In fact, Oregon has some of the best Pinor Noirs. Napa Valley is at the top of my “To Do” list. 🙂

  2. You went to all of the same places that I loved in Napa! We also enjoyed lunch outside at V. Sattui, and that was the place that I ordered my wine from as well. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

    Two weeks to go!

  3. Wow that sounds like an amazing trip to Napa. I’m going to San Fran the first two days of my honeymoon and I’m really hoping I can get up to Napa again to taste some wines. Last time I was there they were having lots of wildfires and the views were not as amazing as they should be- and are in your pictures!

  4. Wow it does look truly heavenly – such a cool batchelorette! Bread, FO soup, brownies, wine tasting…. AMAZING STUFF!

  5. Good food. Fabulous women. Amazing!

    Now, try not to get too stressed in the home stretch. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!

  6. What a beautiful trip! Sounds like a great time! I think that castle was on the Bacehlor this season 🙂

  7. Sounds like a fabulous trip! The food, the wine, the scenery… wow!

  8. My fiancé sent me your site since we went to Napa last Nov. I love Napa and it was great, I wish we would have made the castle but unfortunately we did not but next time we definitely will. I would also recommend seeing Sterling Vineyards right across the street great wine at reasonable prices. Domaine Chandon looks great too; I will have to look that one up next time. I would also suggest Domaine Carneros & Robert Mondavi, the 2007 Pino Noirs were awesome, definitely worth the money.

    My only surprise from your trip was everyone loving V Sattui, honestly I thought the wine there was terrible, the place is nice with the outside eating area but I think you can do the same with Dean and Deluca across the street, the place is also a tourist trap… I am sure it is beautiful for a wedding but if they served their wine I would run…they are a vineyard that buys excess grapes from other vineyards to make their wine…a definite skip in my opinion.

    Also a few other recommendations for dog lovers Mutt Lynch Winery & Madonna Estate (nice family run winery across from Domaine Carneros…)

    Ironically we also went to Uva and definitely a nice little Italian place to check out in the “city” of Napa. Other restaurant suggestions CIA, Rutherford Grill and of course Mustard’s Grille which I would suggest going to on your first night in Napa to try any wine in Napa before you go to the winery, their list of wines is sick…

    enough of my 10 cents…enjoy your wedding planning and honeymoon planning…

    • V. Sattui was hands down my favorite. I enjoyed their wines the most, and I loved their grounds, picnic area, deli and barbecue. As for it being a tourist trap…well, I’m a tourist, and I didn’t find it obnoxiously overrun with people, so I’d dispute that.

      I’d love to try Mustard’s Grill–I’ve heard great things about it!

  9. Amazing pics!

    Re: Your twitter question about having a first glance in private without parents – This is absolutely okay and a great idea. I wanted the same thing, luckily our parents were understanding. Do it!

  10. That sounds like a wonderful girls weekend! Napa is definitely on my list of places to visit.

  11. What a fun weekend. Napa looks gorgeous. Good luck with the final wedding prep. Eeep!!

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