Heading home

(Note: for some reason this didn’t publish last night.  So…rewind in your head a bit.)

Hi, friends, from the Vegas airport (though the wireless here is wonky so I probably won’t publish this until I’m back in KC for the night).

Anyway.  Today was the same as yesterday.  Breakfast, meetings, lunch, meetings, airport.

Except it’s still pretty cool to spend your lunch break here:


0415 001 

…looking up at this:

0415 002

Who am I to complain?

Again, I avoided the sun.  HOWEVER (tangent alert!) in my quest to buy running shorts last night, I remembered “hey, weren’t you going to try various self-tanners before the wedding?”  So I headed to Victoria’s Secret and bought a bottle of their Instant Self Tanner.  (Beach something or other line, it’s in an offensively fuschia package with some kind of palm tree on it, I think.)  And I used it.  And it was excellent!  I don’t look orange or streaky today, but I do look noticeably…glow-ier.  I like it and plan to continue using it at least until after the honeymoon, at which point I will realize “Hey!  He’s tied down now!” and let myself get pale, fat, and unpleasant.  (Kidding.)

Also, on my lunch break, I picked up a little something-something for Tim (since he was so kind to bring me back chocolate from HIS Vegas excursion a few weeks ago.  I also decided that I have never had a real French macaroon and I should probably try one.

0415 003

I have always been curious about what these tasted like, what with their bright colors and such.

0415 004

I think this one was strawberry-flavored?  Anyway, the experience was interesting.  The texture is kind of cool—very light and melt-in-your-mouthy, but kind of unsatisfying.  I’m glad I tried one, but I think I prefer chocolate.

Speaking of which…Payard’s, the chocolatier in Caesar’s Palace, has this ridiculous looking contraption in the middle of it.  Of course, I Google before I go anywhere, so I realized online that it actually spits out tiny boxes with one little chocolate in them once in awhile.  All week I’d been walking past it to see if I saw one, but alas.

But then, on my way out the door to the airport…I finally hit the Vegas jackpot!

0415 006

One tiny, free chocolate, all for me.

0415 007

(I’m saving it for my three hour flight.)

So, now, I’m in the Vegas airport, hoping to find something halfway decent to take on the plane with me.   (The Vegas airport is kind of trashy.)  I play favorites with airports, and thus far, I very much like Denver, Kansas City, and Midway.   0415 005

I’ll be back in Kansas City late tonight…I have tomorrow off work, in which I will frantically be doing laundry and re-packing all my belongings because I head to Napa Valley for my bachelorette weekend late tomorrow afternoon!  Talk about a whirlwind.   As excited as I am, this whole wedding/travel crazy few months is really making me realize what a homebody I am—I love seeing new places, and traveling, but after a day or two all I want is my own shower (I miss my shower more than my bed, usually), TIM, and the animals.  I thrive on normalcy and routine, and all this hoopla (while wonderful and touching) is making me feel a little out of sorts.

I probably won’t be blogging from Napa—I’m not out of the closet with my family and most of my friends yet, and I intend to keep it that way.  I’ll be back on Monday with a full recap!

See you later!  Have a great weekend!

2 Responses

  1. I love Vegas. It’s such a fun place! Something for everyone!

  2. I didn’t realize that you weren’t “out of the closet” yet. Me neither, but I’m not really sure why.

    Anyway, have a great time in Napa, it’s awesome!

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