Half Marathon Race Photo Fun Time!

I see you, Mr. Race Photographer.  I’m totally going to smile and get a great race picture this time.


The “yanking up my pants” photo.  Didn’t see that one coming.  Also, note in these pictures how I appear to run without actually lifting my feet more than half an inch off the ground.

imageMile 12.  A feeble, feeble attempt at a smile.

imageWhich becomes a grimace mere seconds later.


Look at how fast I am!  My ponytail blows in the wind!


I lick my lips, thinking of the delicious meal I will consume later.


Oh, balls, this hurts.

imageTim REALLY wanted to high five me at the finish line.  I look happy, though!  (There are about ten photos with my arm outstretched awkwardly.)

image  Oh, hey, a finish line photo!  And I don’t look totally ridiculous!


Look!  I ran a half marathon!




11 Responses

  1. These are actually some of the nicest race pics I’ve seen in a while – you look so pretty and relaxed and happy! Tell me how you do it – I always look a hot mess in mine. 🙂

  2. SOOOO cool! I love “official” race photos. Great job!

  3. Those are some pretty good pictures!

  4. Wow! That’s a TON of pics! I usually only get 1-2.

  5. While looking through your pictures, I said (out loud) “Hey! I’ve run across that bridge before!” It’s nice to see some of the old bike paths I used to run on 🙂 You look stunning! Good work on running a strong race!

  6. Those pictures are GREAT!!! I just ran my first 5K and was so excited to get the finish line picture that I totally smiled for… and there is only one picture, not crossing the finish line, I’m in the background, blurry, and a kid’s arm is covering half of my face.

    These photos seriously are awesome -congrats again!!

  7. Great pictures! I’m so totally unphotogenic and I know any race photos I’ll ever have will be horrible.

  8. Hahahaha, awesome way to post all your half marathon pics!! I’m partial to the awkward high five pic, but I suppose the momentous finish line shot is pretty sweet too 😉

  9. Congratulations on your half!! I love those pictures! Mine have never looked that good. I always look like I’m dying, even when I feel fine.

  10. Haha I like your commentary on the pics. Balls this hurts, is right! Congrats!!

  11. Hahaha I loved your commentary, and the awkward out streched arm!! haha 🙂

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