Dreaming of summer

Lately I’ve been thinking about the things I’ve been missing in all the wedding hullabaloo lately.  Our weekends have been consumed with addressing hundreds of pieces of mail (wedding invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, thank you notes…you get the idea), registering, going to showers/bachelor/bachelorette parties, holidays, and all sorts of wonderful, special events. 

But I miss the ordinary things.  Tim and I have been fantasizing about what we’ll do when the wedding mania dies down.  Here’s my list of things I’m looking forward to this summer:

  • The farmer’s market near us starts up on Saturday, May 1st.  I can’t wait to go and explore—we’ve never been to the one here, but when we were living in Iowa we loved to go and buy fresh bread and meat and fruits and veggies. 
  • All last summer we longingly looked at the amusement/waterpark just 10 minutes from our house as we drove to our bar review course.  We never made it.  I want to go on roller coasters and down water slides like a five year old.
  • Finding new spots to run.  I’m willing to drive up to half an hour for a nice, safe trail.  I WILL find one and use it.  I also can’t wait to hopefully meet other runners as I start training with KC’s Team in Training group.
  • I hope to be throwing a baby shower or two (or at least attending).  Too early for details…but I can’t wait to shower someone else with gifts!
  • Taking a Boulevard Brewery tour.  We’ve both been wanting to do this since we moved to KC!
  • Decorating and really making our little house a home.  We’re currently sporting mismatched law school secondhand items.  I have no sense of design or style, but I’d like to try!
  • Taking Milhouse on long walks.
  • Reading more.
  • Baseball!

royalssox 003

(I’m a White Sox fan; Tim’s a Cardinals fan.  We both get to see our teams play at Kaufmann Stadium—thankfully, Royals tickets are a) cheap and b) easy to come by.)

  • Speedwork.
  • Going to the zoo, and museums, and new restaurants in different parts of town.
  • I foresee a blog transformation post-wedding—I can’t be the Fit Bride forever.  I might be dropping the “d” and just becoming Fit Brie….we’ll see!
  • Focusing more on meal planning and cooking rather than scrambling to eat.
  • Sleeping late.
  • Making waffles.
  • Going to church regularly.
  • I want to own a plant.  We have no plants.  I’d like one.

And sooo much more.  As much fun as I’ve had with all the wedding hoopla, I can’t wait to settle into married life and just…chill.  You know?

What’s one thing you’ve been neglecting that you want to pick up again?


9 Responses

  1. Hey Brie

    I loved this post – I know exactly how you feel!! I was expecting to love every single moment of being a bride – but I guess it turns out I love (and miss!) my normal life too.

    I read your blog a lot (even before I was engaged) and you – plus others such as Caitlin at healthy tipping point and Meghann at Graduate Meghann have inspired me to start my own blog – its in its infancy – but once I get hooked up with broadband I am hoping to really take flight!

    Luck and love,


    aka British Bride

  2. These all sound like lovely plans! We also dreamed of post-wedding free time. I’m not sure how many farmer’s markets there are in Kansas City, but I went to a fairly large one last year (I think downtownish) and loved it! I purchased a painting from a local artist there and it’s hanging on our living room wall. Yeah, we’re dorks that travel and attend farmer’s markets.

  3. I have the last of 3 teaching-certification exams coming up on Saturday. Provided I pass, I’m looking forward to decluttering my house and planting my garden. Mostly, I’m looking forward to not devoting every spare minute to stuffing chemistry/physics/education information into my brain and having time to breathe!

  4. I’ve been seriously neglecting my craft projects. I can’t wait for July – it should be our first “normal” month back into a regular routine. Oh wait. No it isn’t. @&$&!( I start back at Nordstrom that month! GR!

  5. I’m really looking forward to hiking and camping this summer! I just want to explore the nearby wilderness. 🙂

  6. My BF and I totally go to the Boulevard Brewery tour like….way too much. We love the free beer. It’s a realy fun time! 🙂 We like to stop by La Bodega or El Patron to eat after the tour – it makes for a fun afternoon.

    There are tons of trails in Overland Park….but I always feel kinda scared running on them along – but there are usually tons of people on them.

    I love summer, too! WOO!!!

  7. Ugh – edit:

    really not realy
    alone not along.


  8. Great plans!

    What I need to do is refinish 3 pieces of furniture, I hate to confess but one of them has been half done for years, like before my husband and I were engaged and that’s been nearly 5 years.

  9. Reading books! I’ve been out of university for almost a year now, and I’ve only re-read the Twilight series *rolls eyes* My life isn’t going to low down until at least July though when I hopefully get settled in Toronto!

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