Custom orthotics

Hey guys!  This will be a quickie—lots to do! 

This morning I went to go get fitted for my custom orthotics.  I was a little alarmed when I went in the room and there was some sort of casted limb on the table.  Also, the only reading material in the whole office was AARP magazine…I’m pretty sure I was the youngest patient there.

0412 001

I was also happy to hear that my insurance pre-approved me for 100% payment.  Whee!

Anyway, the orthotics…guy (do they have a title?) came in and I gave him the whole saga of Blistersquatch and his minions.  He looked at my feet with a somewhat horrified expression.  Then I told him that I was also on my way to possibly losing two toenails, and he looked even more disgusted.  Poor guy.

Anyway, he didn’t immediately have any “oh, duh, of course you need THIS kind of orthotic” moments.  He was more along the lines of, “well, this is really weird, I’m kind of stumped, but, I’ll do some research and see what I can come up with.”  I stepped in these foamy-like blocks that made an impression of my feet.  Shockingly, they look totally normal in foam. 

I think his idea is that I’m going to need a wee bit of arch support AND a wide-width shoe, which, given my blistering pattern, makes sense.  He’s going to do a soft orthotic (made out of cork, and some kind of foam) rather than a hard one because I run, and will adjust it if it’s not working.  I may have to go back to my friends at the shoe store for a new pair to accommodate the orthotic.   I think I am starting to figure out what I want in a shoe—wide toe box, moderate arch support, lots of cushioning, and probably a larger size than I think I need.    It feels good to be trying new things.

I got to work late and immediately did this:

 0412 002

My work corkboard, with new bib and now A MEDAL!   Super duper exciting.  I can’t wait to run my next one.  I’m thinking about a four miler in two weeks…but we’ll see.  I’m a little bit busy these days!

Anyway, Tim has been in St. Louis at the Cardinals home opener today (LUCKY!), but he should be home late tonight.  Tomorrow, I’m going to work in the morning, and in the afternoon, I’m flying out to VEGAS!  I’ve never been and I am really, really excited.  Yeah, yeah, there will be some work involved, but it should be pretty laid-back and I’m excited to get a chance to see it all.

Off to pack!

What do you always forget to pack?  For me, it’s my cell phone charger!


9 Responses

  1. I always forget shampoo and basic bath products- like I don’t take baths!

  2. Razor…And it’s the worst to live without!

    It does always feel good to try new solutions to the problem. I’m surprised that the shoe guys hadn’t tried putting you in all different widths and arch options already! Good luck, hopefully this is the cure.

  3. Trolley Run YAY! It’s another fantastic race.
    I haven’t decided whether I’m running it, either. I’ve run a ridiculous amount of races already this year. But four miles is my favorite road distance!
    Have so much fun in Vegas!

  4. Yay for orthotics! I really hope you’re on your way to solving your foot problems, and I’m glad he’s putting you in a runner-friendly orthotic.

    Have fun in Vegas!

  5. Last week I traveled to Atlanta for work and only brought one bra! I have to wear 2 bras when I work out (regular and sports) – so I ended up having to handwash my regular one every night. Oy vey!

    Usually I just pack way too much! Have a great time in Vegas!!!

  6. I always forget sunscreen.

  7. I always forget pajamas!

    Holycrap, have you done 6 races already?? You’re on fire!

  8. I love your race corkboard. Having that in front of you must make you want to race more and more to fill it up with more bibs and medals.
    I don’t travel a whole lot, so I don’t have the chance to forget to pack things, but I’ve been known to forget q-tips, which means little to me, but annoys my q-tip loving husband to pieces.

    Have a great time in Vegas!

  9. The dude is called an orthotist. Anyways congrats and I always forget to pack my hairbrush because I use it up until the minute I have to run out the door. So I have like 4 since end up buying new ones.

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