One month to go

To do:






But really, everyone.  Can you believe it?  I sure can’t.

Let’s talk about how I’m feeling right now.

  • Primarily, I AM, in fact, excited.  I’m not so much excited about the wedding, but the result.  I want to be married to Tim more than anything else right now.  The crazier everyone else seems to get, the clearer my focus on him is. 
  • Over it.  We have been engaged since December 31, 2008, and the squeaky fun shine of being a bride has worn off.  I miss people talking to me about things other than the wedding.  I would really like to talk to people about current events, the weather, ponies, sexual fetishes…anything.  I’m ready to step out of the spotlight and let someone else be the focus of our families for awhile.   I miss being Brie, not Brideface McWeddingpants.
  • Stressed.  The devil is in the details.  And although I realize the details don’t matter, some of them, in fact, do.   Like, what if we leave our proper identification in Kansas City and can’t get our marriage license?  That’s kind of a big deal.  And I think about those things almost constantly.
  • Lucky.  Everyone has been incredibly generous and kind throughout this whole process.  We are so blessed to have family and friends that love us.
  • Ready.  I’m pretty sure if someone said, “you have to get married this weekend,” I could go pick up my wedding dress and be ready to roll.

Here is my real to-do list, primarily for the next week or two.  I might be doing weekly check-ins until the big day, mostly for my own organization.

  • Bridesmaid gifts have been purchased and are awesome.  They are all different and I hope they all like them!  This week, TIM needs to get his groomsmen gifts all squared away.  We also need to figure out gifts for our parents (any ideas?)
  • Check on our hotel room block and confirm arrangements for our shuttle to and from the reception site.
  • Start printing and putting together programs.
  • Go to my second bridal shower on Sunday and write thank you notes.
  • NAPA VALLEY bachelorette weekend next week!  (Also, Vegas for work.)
  • Get some sort of whitening contraption for my teeth.
  • Work on the whole fake tanning thing.
  • I kind of want to get a facial.
  • Figure out logistics—where we’re going and staying when. 

One month from today.  Holy cow.


12 Responses

  1. Woo hoo! So exciting!

    We got our parents really nice wedding albums, but of course then we couldn’t give them to them on the day of the wedding.

  2. Squeee! Have a facial asap, just in case you skin does anything weird (sometimes things have to get good before they get better) and then maybe you can squeeze in another before the BD x

  3. That’s awesome girl! My advice is to get as much done now as you can possibly can. We were scurrying to get stuff done the week before and it burnt me out.

  4. Think of how great it will be when it all comes together on the wedding night!

  5. Good luck! I’m with you on the “over it” thing.

    Does Tim know what he’s getting? T. was a big hit at our venue’s tasting event last night for suggesting that “a box of screws of various kinds and sizes” was the most useful gift you could get a man.

  6. I’m right with you when you say you’re over the whole being a bride thing. We’ve been engaged since November 11, 2008 so I’ve been over it for a while.
    You are going to be a gorgeous bride…can’t wait to see your pictures!!

  7. I remember all the people who would tell me to enjoy being engaged because it was a “magical time” which I decided I disagreed with three days into the process. Wedding planning takes over your life. The day itself is magical, but all the planning is just hard work. It’s worth it.

    Have fun on your trips!

  8. If you get a facial, see if you can find an Aveda spa. Everything is plant based and is very very gentle on your skin – LOVE THEM!

  9. ditto on both facial comments. Find an Aveda salon and schedule it soon so that if your skin reacts, you’ll have time to recover. I have very fair, sensitive skin and the Aveda facial was awesome. The glow lasted for weeks.

  10. We gave our parents gift certificates to nice restaurants so they could have a nice night out together after all they did for the wedding. We also gave them each a frame with our wedding invitation on one side and an engagement picture on the other side, which they all then switched for a wedding picture after the wedding.

    Good luck with the next month! I got married last May 16th and I can remember just feeling so ready to be done with all the wedding stuff but at the same time so excited!

  11. I feel like I need to introduce myself!! 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog & have been a HORRIBLE commenter! But you have made some amazing progress! Good luck in your half marathon this weekend! Very exciting!!

    And I remember getting just like you are feeling with just ready to be married and I only had a 6 month engagement! But your wedding will be SUPER fun as well!! Enjoy! 🙂

  12. Woohoo, you’re almost there!
    We gave our parents albums that we made on Shutterfly. We weren’t able to give them out on the day of, but it was fairly inexpensive at $20 apiece, and it gave E and I a fun project to do on a rainy day.

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