Half marathon STYLE

Chocolate Raspberry Luna Bars are the best.

0408 002

After work, instead of going to the gym, I went to my beloved TJ Maxx to scope out the situation on their workout gear.  I love TJ’s (no, not Trader Joe’s, though I love them too) because they have high quality wicking-type clothes at low prices. 

Backup: I went to TJ Maxx because I freaked out realizing that even though the forecast for Saturday is 75 and sunny…at 7 a.m., it will be in the low 50s.  And it will be that chilly for the entire race (unless I take, like, four hours to finish, in which case I doubt I’ll care what I’m wearing).  And I don’t really have a dri-fit short-sleeved shirt I liked—I like V-necks, and my other two are too big.  I contemplated using my Zensah calf compression sleeves as arm warmers, and then realized I’d look like a total douchebag.

So yes.  My options were light pink, dark pink, and fluorescent green.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t hate pink.  Our wedding flowers are pink.  I think pink is pretty.  But it annoys the bejeezus out of me that all women’s workout gear is pink.  I realize TJ Maxx has a limited selection, but I don’t think it’s just there.  Whenever I want to buy workout clothes, I feel like my options are white, pink, and purple!  I want to wear green and navy and black and red and gray and yellow and orange, too!  (I don’t really look great in pink, either, which also explains my bias.)

Anyway.  Obviously, I am going to be a bright lime green runner on Saturday!  (My decision was actually mostly based on the fact that this fabric was much lighter and is basically the exact same as my favorite adidas tank top that I was planning on wearing, but with light sleeves.)

Tim has NO EXCUSE for missing me running by on Saturday.

0408 003

I also bought the black dri-fit capris with green accents to match because they were cheap.  (They are the exact same as another pair of adidas capris I have, just different colors, so I know I’m not going to burst into flames for wearing new gear on race day.)

So if you are at the Olathe Marathon on Saturday, I will be the asshole in neon green.

Also, I ordered a BondiBand on Monday and it came! 

Cripes, I need to Windex our mirror. 

0408 004I can’t usually wear fabric headbands, even the ones with rubbery grips, because they pop off the back of my oddly-shaped, large head.  But this one is holding strong so far!  I usually wear a hard plastic headband, but this is much more comfortable.  I am reserving judgment for awhile until I take it for a workout, but so far so good!

And again, our little lovers:

0408 001

Oh yeah!  In more exciting news…I got my first donation to Team in Training today!  Super exciting.  If you think I can finish a marathon, throw a few dimes in my tip jar, please! 

What’s your take on the predominance of girly workout gear?   Would you rather workout clothing be more unisex? 


13 Responses

  1. Off topic…but can I ask where you got your glasses/ what brand they are? I am on the hunt ….

    I agree on the pink workout gear..I have nothing against pink, but it does not look great on me.

    • They are Calvin Klein–I got them at my optometrist! Sorry if that’s not helpful–I think it’s a pretty common style, I’ve run into a few people with the same pair.

  2. Your dog and cat are adorable! And I’m debating buying a Bondi band of my own with each review I hear about it… my hair is a pain and needs some super-holding device…the Bondi sounds about right!

  3. Guilty of LURVING pink ANYTHING over here! In fact I was soooo excited when I finally found pink running sunglasses (IronGirl!) this week at Sports Authority. I feel like Target usually has more colors for tops. I like their bottoms. I found the BEST Nike dri-fit v neck tanks at Costco while I was in Hawaii for work. They were $9.99 and I bought two (pink of course and grey) – but I love them so much I wish I had bought 20!

  4. I would have picked the green over pink any day!!!

    And I have to say, Chocolate Raspberry Luna bars are quite good, but in my book the title of “best” belongs to White Chocolate Macadamia all the way! 😉

  5. I try not to discriminate. I usually base my running clothing purchases on what color I haven’t bought in awhile. My most recent purchase is in teal – still feminine I guess, but I don’t feel super girly in it. Which is good, because I am a total tomboy-jock-girl.

  6. Cute shirt – I love the color!

    I have a zillion pink/purple running shirts and I like them okay. I agree that it would be nice to have some more color options!

  7. Looking forward to your future BondiBand review! I have the same issue with headbands popping off my head, no matter what shape or material. Now that I’m trying to grow out my bangs, workouts have become tortuous in that respect.

    I don’t mind pink, but that being said…. it isn’t a color that would dominate my wardrobe ever, certainly not in the way that it seems to dominate women’s workout wear selections. Maybe 1 in 12.

    Always love to see pictures of your animal babies. 🙂

  8. Eeeee! I’m so excited for your half mary!!!

    1. Chocolate raspberry Lunas are indeed the best. I wish my country would smarten up and start selling them already.

    2. I don’t mind pink shirts or shoes – but other pink workout gear is a no-no. Absolutely no pink is allowed to touch my road bike. It would take away from its badass-ness.

  9. Agreed on the pink workout gear. It drives me nuts that everything is pink. Just because I am a women and workout does not mean I want to wear pink!!!

    I am always the girl in lime green too!

  10. Hi, I just discovered your blog through Carrots ‘n Cake! I will be running the 5k of the Olathe Marathon – wanted to do 1/2 but didn’t start training soon enough – good luck!!

  11. I like cute outfits, pink shirts, or purple. Just cause I’m working out, doesn’t mean I can’t look cute! I haven’t tried the running skirts yet but I’d love to!

  12. Hi
    sorry to hear about your dad – I have the same story here, just i was 18.

    happy other question:
    how did you make that your doggie loves your cat? they are just adorable together…

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