Confession: I forgot my camera at home today, so you get a lame iPhone picture.

I am still being ravaged by seasonal allergies, although today I had a stuffy/leaky nose rather than the raw throat/stomach thing of the last few days.  I’m hoping that’s a good sign?  I checked the allergen counts and they’re supposed to decrease this week, so that’s good, hopefully?

Lunch was boring.  This cantaloupe is not as good as the one I ate last week.

I had a few Shot Blocks before my run because my stomach was kind of growly.  I really like these, but they stick to my teeth!  I think they would bug me during a run.



After work I went to the gym.  I decided to play with speed a little bit and ran 3 miles in 28:00.  Not a record or anything, but a good pace mostly pain free.  I will admit my left knee and ankle are twinging a tiny bit.

Apparently there was a hailstorm between the time I left the gym and got home.  Tim put them in a cup so I could take a picture for the blog.  See?  Hail.  April showers, indeed.  It is still pouring here!

0406 001

We officially have over half the RSVPs back!

0406 002

All these nice little notes make me smile.   And totally validate the hours I spent coated in tape goo with blisters from scissors!

I’m starting to get nervous about my half now that I KNOW I can run.  There are so many things that could go wrong—blisters, knee/foot/ankle/whatever issues, pukey-ness, falling on my face, asthma…I find myself just keep going over everything over and over again!  I still haven’t decided if I’m going to run with my Shuffle or iPhone, when/how much Gu I’m going to take, and so on.  It’s going to be a jittery few days around here.

At least I have a solid outfit picked out and tested.  That’s something, right?

Do you get nervous about racing?  What do you do to calm yourself down?


10 Responses

  1. I always get nervous before a race! Usually about the goals I set for myself and doubting my abilities.

    How to calm down? Not sure I’ve mastered that one yet. I’m running a half this weekend (my first in over three years) and I just don’t know what to expect from myself. But instead of focusing on that, I’m going to focus on the things I can control. My outfit. My fuel (I do gu every 4 miles). My attitude. My goals.

    We’ll see how it goes…

  2. okay, first of all i think it is adorable that Tim took pictures for the blog. what a guy!

    i always get a little nervous or races, but i think some nerves are good. however, to calm yourself down, you should just think about how much time you have put into your training. you ARE ready for this race, and i know you’re going to rock it!

  3. I do get nervous before races, but not usually until the morning of. I get really antsy & fidgety and can’t sit still. I just try to channel the extra adrenaline and nervous energy into running the race. Try not to think about all the things that can go wrong, and just try to visualize yourself having a successful, fun, amazing race experience!

    Those shot blocks are my new favorite fuel. They are a little sticky, but dissolve really quickly, so they don’t bug me at all while I run. Washing them down with water helps a lot.

    P.S. I LOVE taper week, too. 🙂

  4. I also always get nervous before a race – I rarely sleep well before one! Also during marathon training, I was nervous for every new distance in long runs. I think the nervousness feeds into adrenaline on race day though and gives me that extra boost! I’m sure you will do great! 🙂

  5. Hang in there and take a deep breath!!!! You will be absolutley fine! You have done the work….now enjoy the ride to your first half!

    Personally I would take 3 Gu’s. 1 to have before…1 about mile 6….and 1 just in case. Better to be overprepared!

    By the way…all of this that you are experiencing (questioning being ready, anxious, etc), it’s all part of the taper! Welcome!

  6. I’m just starting to run longer distances and interested in learning more about the gu, blocks, etc. I’ve never used anything and have a hard time even taking in too much water during runs. I’m a little nervous. Do you have any gu tips/pointers or sites to refer me to? TIA!

    • I don’t consider myself an expert on this by any means!

      I had a problem with drinking too much water on runs, too, and as my runs got longer it made me feel sloshy and gross. What has really helped me is to chew gum while I run, at least for the first few miles of long runs! I get dry mouth, which is why I was drinking so much, and the gum helps keep my mouth moist.

      As far as Gu and such, I think you just have to play around and figure out what works for you and agrees with your stomach! I’m not sure I’ve found my magical combination, yet, but it’s been interesting trying!

  7. I don’t get nervous but I get very excited. Kinda like a kid on Xmas eve excited! 🙂

  8. I cannot use those shot blocs for the same reason re: sticking to my teeth in a weird way. So I just stick to Gu, even though it’s a bit unappetizing.

    I agree w/previous comments that a bit of nerves is totally normal and even maybe a good thing! Don’t psych yourself out, but if you’re feeling a little excited/jittery I think it can help you on race day 🙂

  9. Funny, I just rambled about how racing makes me nervous in my last vlog! Debating if I need the extra stress of races in my life, especially when I don’t need them to get motivated, nor do I find the act of racing to be all that fun.

    The biggest thing I can suggest is to remember you’re there to have FUN. Screw time goals and all the other pros who are there. Run the race and soak up every moment 🙂

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