Back in the saddle

Yup.  You heard right.

Rewind.  This morning it POURED on my way to work.  Actually, when I left home, there was a hailstorm going on!  That was interesting.  This is what my commute looked like.  (At a red light, don’t worry.)

0405 002

Of course, things cleared up as soon as I stopped driving.

Spring has definitely sprung in these parts.  The grass is green and the flowers and trees are beautiful.

0405 003 0405 004

Unfortunately, they’re also making me MISERABLE.

I seem to be extra-allergic to Kansas City.  All fall I could barely breathe, and now my sinuses are in mucous overdrive.  I felt better this morning than I did yesterday morning, but all day I was sniffling and sneezing and my eyes were watering.  (And I do take Zyrtec once a day, too!)  I also have a constant mildly queasy feeling from all the sinus muck building up in my stomach.  Blerg.  I hope this is gone by Saturday.

Today’s run was kind of a big deal to me.  Mentally, I NEEDED a good run under my belt to feel prepared for Saturday.  As per my taper plan, I ran four miles.  I kept the pace intentionally slow (10:00/miles) so as not to hurt anything just in case.


It wasn’t particularly easy, given my allergies—breathing was a little harder than normal—but the good news is that my legs felt great!  No random shin/calf/knee/ankle pain.  Hallelujah.

Of course my feet blistered, though, despite coating them in antiperspirant pre-run.  Shocker.  I don’t even care at this point—in one week I’ll be fitted for my custom orthotics.  If anyone knows how to run with blisters, it’s me, and a new solution is in sight.

Anyway, it was a big relief to have a solid run under my belt.  It wasn’t speedy or easy, but it was definitely a-ok.  Phew.

In other news, people are very excited to come to our wedding!

0405 005

Bringing the updated total to 63 yeses, 36 nos, 105 delinquent.

Oh, and here’s some further proof that Southpaw and Milhouse are lovers.

0405 001


What’s your favorite thing about spring?  I have to say, I love flip-flops and I don’t know what I’ll do now that I have a job where I can’t wear them to work every day! 


14 Responses

  1. i hear ya- i feel like a crazy lady when i’m sneezing and working out- today i literally sneezed 5 times in a row- i cant wait for allergy season to be over!

  2. Sandals and sundresses are by far some of my favorite things about spring. That, and looking at the forecast and seeing highs of 70 degrees instead of wintery 30 degrees!

  3. Not having to wear a big winter jacket is my favorite thing. I haven’t gotten to experience that yet. 😉

  4. I am HATING waiting for all the RSVPs to trickle in. It seems a lot of people are lacking in the etiquette department and I do NOT want to have to start making calls.

  5. I’m glad your legs are feeling better during your runs, sounds like your doctor knows what he’s doing!

    When are your RSVPs due? We still have 90 or so that haven’t replied, and our due date is April 16th..ugh!

    • Ours is April 24th. They seem to be trickling in pretty steadily–1-2 cards a day…I just wish people would hurry up!

  6. Southpaw and Milhouse are too cute!!!

  7. I really enjoy sandals and sunglasses, but one of my favorite things about early spring is just being able to walk around without a coat – like I did tonight!

    Hope your allergies feel better soon! I’ve been getting allergy shots for three years and am finally having a fairly painless spring.

  8. I love watching everything come to life. The last week or so has been gorgeous with the trees starting to put on leaves, the dogwoods, redbuds, and cherries blooming, and the grass getting green! I also like not having to wrestle my kids into winter coats. 🙂

    Sorry about your allergies. 😦 I think Missouri has some of the worst allergens in the country, unfortunately.

  9. Ugh, I hear you on the RSVPS. Even for my bridal shower, when all people had to do was email, there were tons of delinquent responders.

    For the allergies, have you ever tried nasal irrigation? I know it sounds awful, and I put off trying it for years, despite my dad’s urging and being miserable every fall and spring. I finally caved this year and it has worked wonders. I don’t even have to take my Allegra medicine as often as before. It is the best solution I have found for post-nasal drip (and it’s completely natural, a bonus).

  10. Ditto on the pp about nasal irrigation aka neti pot. I have horrendous allergies and had sinus surgery last year due to lifelong problems. Shooting water up my nose took some getting used to, but now, I swear by it. DH has even started irrigating too 😉

  11. I love the cat and dog pics. My cat LOVES our dog and is always trying to sneak in a nuzzle. I’ve caught them sleeping together but when the dog sees me looking he jumps up and looks all offended. I think he secretly loves her! 🙂

  12. My favorite thing about Spring is the one week before it gets too hot to breathe! I am a Houston transplant and these summers are not for the mild.

  13. I love the blooming trees, Spring break, fresh strawberries and rainbows!!! Oh Lord, that sounds cheesy.

    Thank you always for your sweet comments!!!

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