Getting shit done

Yes, boys and girls, that was the theme of the day.

Hey, look, the wedding bracelet I ordered from White Aisle came.  Mysteriously, there was also a green soft case for a Droid phone in the package.  Not sure how that happened, but…whatever.  It’s pretty.  I like it.  0402 001

I went grocery shopping and spent major cash.  Our house has been pretty barren lately, and I’m sure I’m not going to want to shop a lot next weekend after the half. 

Speaking of the half…I am getting more and more optimistic about finishing every day.  I’ve had no knee, shin, ankle, or calf pain to speak of since I started taking the anti-inflammatories.  I am going to run again on Monday—nothing crazy, since it’s supposed to be the official start of my taper—but I would like to get a few runs under my belt mostly as a confidence-booster before the big day.  Cross your fingers and toesies, people.

Now, if only my allergies would stop making me want to throw up everywhere, I’d be 100% psyched for domination.

Thank goodness for our new printer.  With a rewards certificate, we ended up getting it for $40 at Best Buy and it scans, prints, copies…you name it.   0402 002

I finished my bouquet charm by just printing a contact print.  Easy peasy.  Not the highest quality, but it’ll do.0402 003

Then I finished printing the brochures for our out-of-town boxes.  And folding them.  (Tim helped.)

0402 005

That leaves two more DIY projects to do—programs (which I’m holding off on to print) and escort cards (which we can’t do until the seating chart is made).  I don’t have a ton going on the two weekends before the wedding, so I think those can get done then.   I think programs are expendable, and if they don’t get done they don’t get done.

Milhouse and Southpaw have become cuddle buddies.  We found them snuggling in various positions today.

0402 004

0402 006

We have found Southpaw grooming Milhouse and Milhouse licking Southpaw as well.

Tim and I went out for tapas for dinner.  He was curious about the concept because he’d never been and I raved about them after my bachelorette party.  So, we went to La Bodega for dinner.  I had white wine sangria, of course.

0402 007

0402 008

Everything was really good, except the service, which was pretty slow.  We shared four different tapas and two desserts and I’m full, but not overstuffed.

Tomorrow we’re heading to church and I’m going to make a yummy pork tenderloin, green beans, Christmas rice, and brownies for Easter dinner for just Tim and me.  Hooray!

Any exciting Easter plans out there?


10 Responses

  1. Ah, love your Evanston dining list… how I miss my nights at the Celtic Knot! Also, that top/dress you’re wearing in the last pic is super cute 🙂 Happy Easter! I’ll be singing a couple services at church, brunching at a former neighbor-family’s house, and celebrating my fiance’s birthday!

  2. Wow! That is a pretty bracelet! I’m just hangin with the fam for Easter:)

  3. You look great! I love that top/dress. Where’s it from? Happy Easter!

  4. Happy Easter! Yours is the first and only blog I’ve read this morning that has even mentioned the holiday. 😦

    We just got home from an beautiful outdoor sunrise service and breakfast, and now we’re getting packed up to drive 2.5 hrs to the in-laws’ for Easter dinner. Enjoy this beautiful day!

  5. Good work getting so much done! You look fabulous. Happy Easter 🙂

  6. How are you going to prepare the pork tenderloin? Every time we make it, it’s pretty dry… 😦

  7. Looooove that bracelet!!! I love all the jewelry you’ve showed us – we must have great taste 😉

    You’re the second blogger I’ve seen who had sangria yesterday and now I reeeally want some. I hate wine, but sangria is tasty.

    Easter plans? I did two hours of group exercise and spent three hours at a medical clinic. Now I’m going to eat pig.

  8. love this blog title!

    did you make your bouquet piece?

  9. Thank you for posting about White Aisle. It just so happens I’m getting married on May 15th and was looking for a comb for my hair. When I bought my veil the designer tried to sell me a beautiful comb but it was $400. That is NOT in my budget. LOL. I’ve been looking around but it wasn’t until your post about White Aisle did I find something similar and for a reasonable cost. I ordered two since I had a hard time choosing. The two I ordered are Vine comb and Lilly barrette. Thank you again : )

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