Thumbs up, thumbs down

Today’s enthusiastic thumbs ups:

  • The anti-inflammatories basically killed all pain in my knees and shins and calves and ankles within two hours.  Yesterday I was sore and achy, today I feel like I could run pain free.  I am THRILLED.
  • I went for my Doppler scan of my legs, and I do not have any blood clots.  Apparently my veins are small and normal.  Yay!
  • I scheduled the appointment to be fitted for custom orthotics on April 12th.  Whee!
  • Because of the scan, I left work about two hours early, which is always nice on a Friday.
  • Made a delicious homemade pizza for dinner.
  • Runner’s World came in the mail.
  • I wrote thank you notes for the gifts we got yesterday.
  • Tim is currently getting us a new printer and ice cream so I can get some wedding shiz done this weekend.

Today’s emphatic  thumbs downs:

  • ALLERGIES.  My throat is coated with post-nasal drip slime that’s making my tummy upset.  Hello, spring!  I was also exhausted all day.  I can’t wait to have a nice, relaxing weekend at home
  • My camera battery charger is MIA.  And my battery is dead.  Hence no pictures in this post (not that there were any to post anyway)
  • No RSVPs.  We currently have 59 yeses and 34 nos.  204-(59+34)=111 RSVPs yet to get.
  • Our venue booked another event the morning of our wedding in our room.  (Which they orally said they wouldn’t do.)  This means our DJ (my uncle, who I’m really close to) can’t load his equipment in until 4:15.  Our wedding ceremony is at 6.  I have no idea how we’re going to make this work.
  • Lots of tiny, piddly wedding things to do this weekend (three random cards to make for the wedding picture table, start working on programs, timeline, order some sort of sucky-inny undergarment, order more gifts for people)
  • I should REALLY clean our house.  It’s gone to hell the last few weeks and we’re booked pretty much every weekend after this one from here on out.


What are your thumbs ups and downs for today?


6 Responses

  1. Thumbs Up
    – Got pro sneak peeks from my photographer (see thread on Budget)
    – Got leave work 15 minutes early

    Thumbs Down
    – My bouquet is starting to die
    – Went to the most boring meeting today

  2. Hehe, love how the ice cream is required to get wedding shiz done. 🙂 Do you take any allergy meds (claritin, zyrtec, etc.)? I find those really help me out. I know exactly what you are talking about with the slime. Blech.

    Fun run with a new friend.
    Taper week for my half has officially begun!
    The kids were relatively well behaved.
    I managed to NOT pig out on Easter candy today.

    I didn’t get any studying done as I intended. Ah, well.

    Ups outweigh the downs! It was a great day!

  3. Hey there, in regards to your venue booking the same morning of your wedding. Is there anything in your contract they can not book anything that same day?

    I would definitely contact your venue and tell them you are unhappy and speak to a supervisor. Negotiate to set up early b/c YOU booked your wedding first and they should accomodate you. Not the other way around.
    Sorry if I sound harsh but this same thing happened to our hotel where we booked 20 rooms for our out of town guests and the hotel booked the same rooms for a volleyball tournament.
    Hopefully that thumbs down will turn into a thumbs up!

    Thumbs down:
    -going to the IL’s for Easter dinner
    -have not exercised since Wednesday (I am on vacation)
    -dishes are in the sink and I do not want to clean them

    Thumbs Up:
    -I am running 9 miles tomorrow morning!
    -I got this new knee tape and it works wonders!
    -I got my hair done and I look fab-I love my highlights
    -My husband and I are going to be doing some R&R today. No major errands to run!

  4. My thumbs up for today is weighing in at 2 pound loss! And burning 610 calories at the gym.

    I’m with you on the thumbs down: my allergies are wreaking havoc this week. Feels like sand in my eyes. 😦

  5. What a drag about them booking an event beforehand. Sucks that you didn’t have anything in writing about it. 😦 I’m a little worried about our logistics too.

  6. Glad you’re feeling better! I remember being shocked at how many people just didn’t RSVP! It’s such a simple thing, and it’s so rude to ignore it!
    Don’t worry about the morning event – most vendors can get ready in an hour! (They push for more time to make their lives easier, but lots of venues only give you an hour).

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