No April Fools’ jokes from me.  I am wholly uncreative.  Uh, I’m pregnant and becoming a vegetarian and quitting running?  There.

Today I spied a plate of macaroons in the break room, labeled with “Kosher for Passover macaroons, <1 Weight Watchers point each!”  I was sold.  It was yummy, but I like all things coconut so that’s not really a surprising verdict.

0401 001

All day I was super duper excited about my podiatrist appointment.  Yes, I’m a freak.  I was far more excited about this than I was about my wedding dress appointment yesterday.  Does that say something?

0401 002

I waited for awhile and took pictures with my phone.



Then the doctor came in.  I have never, ever had such a thorough doctor’s visit before.  I was actively being seen or x-rayed for a full hour!

First, he took a history.  I told him the sad tale of Blistersquatch.  I shyly admitted that I had brought an iPhone slideshow of blister photos, and he was SO EXCITED at how prepared I was.  He even turned off the lights to see them better!  I showed him pictures dating all the way back to September, and he asked questions and was really interested.  I then explained that I was starting to have trouble with my ankles, shins, calves, and knees.

At first, I wasn’t optimistic.  He started his speech out with something to the effect of, “Well, the human body wasn’t really designed to run really long distances.”   At which point I braced myself for the “stop running” I was sure would follow.

But no!  Instead, he proposed running a myriad of tests and me trying a myriad of new things!  In sum, here’s what he brought up.

  • X-rays.  I was x-rayed in the office immediately and he read the results with me to make sure there weren’t any breaks or other skeletal issues.  He deemed my bones in good shape, although I have minor bunions on both feet, and pointed out my pronation in the x-rays. 
  • Antiperspirant.  Cheap and easy.  Rub it all over my feet.
  • A Doppler scan of my leg to make sure the knot in my right calf isn’t a blood clot.  (Scary!)
  • Prescription anti-inflammatories.  This will help the pain in my leg muscles/tendons and knee, and also do something in case there is some kind of inflammation response in my feet causing the blistering.
  • A PRESCRIPTION FOR CUSTOM ORTHOTICS.  Thank goodness.  AND, the guy who makes them is a runner!  I am going to get in ASAP for these. 
  • A core biopsy of my skin.  I have another skin condition, as well as asthma, and apparently these can both relate to blistering.  We will do this if the other stuff doesn’t work, after the half marathon.
  • Aqua jogging!  I’m hesitant to try this so close to my half, but I think it will be a good option for if things start to twinge afterwards.

I feel really great about these plans.  My doctor was VERY interested in my situation, listened to me, and did not once tell me to quit running.  He said that competitors are competitors, and he doesn’t want to stop me.

So, after dinner I’m going to go get my prescription for anti-inflammatories filled.  Tomorrow I’m going to (hopefully) go for the Doppler scan, and I’m going to call tomorrow morning for an orthotics appointment.

I am going to play it very, very conservative until the half.  I really don’t want to mess with anything.  I may try some running next week, but not unless I’m feeling 100% great beforehand. 

Also, more presents came today!

0401 003

A chip and dip, a cake stand, and towels from Macy’s…

 0401 004

And our DYSON ANIMAL BALL from my sister!  I cannot wait to try this!

 0401 005

I also loved the notes our friends put in their gifts.  From the chip n’ dip and cake stand givers:

0401 006 

And from the giver of towels:

0401 007

Our friends are funny.

Anyhoo, it’s such a relief to have a new, fresh plan of action from a competent medical professional. 

Here’s to healthy feet!


11 Responses

  1. I love the gifts, but the notes are even better!

  2. YAY!! So glad today was a happy day for you 🙂

  3. sounds like you had a great appt with the doc! mmmms chips…

  4. Yay for a productive dr visit! A few thoughts from me, FWIW…

    1. I pronate and have bunions, too!
    2. I wear (expensive) custom orthotics. Last week my chiro suggested I try out the $40 New Balance ones from the shoe store because they have better shock absorbing qualities to help my shin/ankle pain. I haven’t done it yet, because I have no intention of switching anything up a little over a week from my half, but I would suggest asking the orthotic-maker guy about orthotics and shock absorption. I’d bet they have custom ones that offer more cushioning than the ones I have.
    3. A couple years ago, a hurt my ankle in a trail race so badly I could hardly walk on it. While it was healing, I did lots of water running, and stayed in quite decent running shape. It feels really silly, but it is GREAT cross-training for land running!

    So glad things are looking up for you!

  5. Yippee! So glad that the appointment was a positive for you! Just a note about orthotics – there are different types and if they know that you’re going to wear them for running, they can give you the thicker sport ones. Also, you have to break them in (similar to the insoles you got from the running store) but mine didn’t hurt at all, but remember to take it slow at first. Also, don’t be afraid to go back to the podiatrist if the orthotics aren’t working after a week or two. I had an issue with the sizing of mine (mostly because my running shoes are bigger than my feet/regular shoes) and they gave me a new pair for free, but that also meant breaking in another pair and waiting for the other set to come in, which was a pain.

  6. WOW! When I move back to Kansas City (it’s where I grew up and hope to return someday 🙂 I totally want to go see that same doctor. Sounds like he’s amazing at his job! Can’t wait to see what a difference the orthotics make.

  7. Glad you had such a good experience at the doctor. It’s so frustrating when the doctor doesn’t listen!

  8. Yay for podiatrists, another happy patient! Glad you got some good news and I am happy you don’t have to stop running. But the treatment plan sounds vaguely familiar, LOL, JK. Anyway congrats girl on the good doc visit and great new presents.

    Also wanted to let you know that thanks to your motivation and internet guilt I am down 30lbs now!

  9. This makes me happy!!! 😀 I would suspect a podiatrist would get a lot of runners, thus know better than to tell a runner to stop running 😛 I’m interested to hear how the deodorant works especially since blisters are often created with sweating. Here’s to new hope!!

  10. Sounds like an awesome doctor! I’ve been to multiple for my knee and they have spent less than an hour total with me! Clearly thats why the knee issue is not fixed!

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