Wedding Weekend Extravaganza Recap: Part One

I’m finally back from Chicago!  It’s good to be home, but I seriously had so much fun this weekend.  I’m going to split this recap into two parts.  So, here goes.

I flew in to Chicago BRIGHT and early on Friday morning.  My flight left at 7:15!  I was so tired, but I slept on the plane and felt better by the time I’d gotten off the plane.  (Except with all the airport walking, my shoes managed to rub another blister on my feet.  Shocker.)

I got home and my mom had set out a few adorable baby pictures of me. 

Check out this awesome picture of one of my bridesmaids and I:


bridalshowerbachelorette 001

I’m in the pink jacket, she’s in the romper and bonnet.  I wasn’t kidding when I said we go way back!

Also:bridalshowerbachelorette 002 bridalshowerbachelorette 003

I think my mom actually put a bowl on my head to cut my hair.

We went out to do some shopping, and I had a totally unhealthy but totally worth every calorie Italian beef sandwich and fries for lunch.

 bridalshowerbachelorette 004

They don’t have such awesome things in Kansas City, so yeah, this was completely necessary.  Nom.

We hung out with my extended family all night and went out for a long, leisurely dinner.  Lots of bridal shower secrets were afoot that I couldn’t know about!

We did, however, get together more pictures for our family wedding picture table.  Check out this one of my grandparents!  I was very close with them and have my Grandpa’s WWII diary—he was training in California, and my grandma took the train from Chicago to come marry him before he went overseas.  It’s very romantic.

bridalshowerbachelorette 005

He looks like he’s wearing lipstick!  I love this photo.

Saturday we got up and headed out for my hair and makeup trial.   (This is before the make-up.)

We tried two styles.  This was the first one:bridalshowerbachelorette 008 bridalshowerbachelorette 009 bridalshowerbachelorette 007

bridalshowerbachelorette 010 bridalshowerbachelorette 011 bridalshowerbachelorette 012

And this was the second.  The front was the same as the second:

bridalshowerbachelorette 013 bridalshowerbachelorette 014     

bridalshowerbachelorette 015

bridalshowerbachelorette 016

(Disclaimer:  These will both be much sturdier/tighter on the wedding day!)  I think we’re going to wind up combining the two.   I love the back of the first one, but I like that the second one is more bun-like, so I think we’re going to do a neater, woven-type bun.)

Then, I met up with my bridesmaid Lindsey, and we went to have coffee with our old college friend Erin (who’s getting married two weeks after us) at one of our favorite college haunts, Kafein.

I had skim Mocha-nut.  (A coconut mocha. Ha!)  It was delightful, and pretty too.

bridalshowerbachelorette 017

Here we are!

bridalshowerbachelorette 018

(Erin on the left, Lindsey on the right.)  You can also kind of see my makeup trial there.

We had a great time catching up.  I love when you meet up with old friends and it’s like not a minute has passed!

Then we took the train downtown for my bachelorette party! 

My bridesmaid, Teresa, had gotten a gorgeous hotel room at the Affinia in the heart of the Loop.  Check out our view!

bridalshowerbachelorette 020

And the room was all decorated for my party!

bridalshowerbachelorette 021

There was lots of champagne and wine…and pink and black M&Ms, too!

 bridalshowerbachelorette 019

We all got ready and headed to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for tapas and sangria. 

bridalshowerbachelorette 022

I am a lightweight these days, so I think I wound up having maybe 3 glasses of sangria before my head started to ache.  I stopped at that point and it was a good choice!  (PS: the lovely lady on the left is also the little baby in the bonnet in the first picture in this post!)

The food at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba was incredible, by the way.  I love tapas because you get to try everything!

Then we set out for our second destination—The Baton Show Lounge!  We saw a most excellent drag show there—the ladies were so talented!  We had a great time, and after seeing the other bachelorette parties there, I’m so thankful my bridesmaids didn’t make me wear a giant veil, full wedding dress, or penis tiaras.  Phew!

bridalshowerbachelorette 023 

After the show, we headed back to the hotel and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning chattering in our PJs like an old school sleepover.  It was awesome! 

So, that was my bachelorette party.  I had so much fun with these ladies—all weekend I was truly amazed by how awesome and generous people were to us. 

I’ll be back later with a super-long shower recap—for now, I’m off to write thank you notes!

Hairstyle one or two? 

11 Responses

  1. I adore hairstyle #1, so pretty!! Your bachelorette party looks like it was super fun, yay for staying up late slumber party style.

  2. I like the first one, too. I wish I had your color hair… it’s STUNNING!!! And the bachelorette party looked like it was a blast!

  3. I like the first style as well. It looks less messy and more formal to me 🙂

  4. Hairstyle 1. Looks like you had a great time!

  5. Okay, this makes me wish I had a blog because I always feel like the lurker when I comment 🙂 I’m getting married in June, and having my shower and bachelorette party in Chicago next month. I used to live in Chicago and have lots of family there. So glad you had an awesome weekend – Cafe Ba-ba-reeba is one of my favorite spots! Also, my grandmother live in Evanson and my sister went to Northwestern, so I’m quite familiar with Kafein – YUM!
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your recaps! I have actually gotten some wedding ideas from you (the out of town boxes you are using), so thanks!!

  6. Looks like an awesome bachelorette party! That’s so funny that one of your bridesmaids and you go back so far. Only my sister is THAT old of a friend- but 7th grade is the second oldest 🙂

    So glad you had fun!

  7. I like the second one!

    Looks like you had a great time! I’m a tiny bit jealous… only because I am having no bridal showers or parties. 😦

  8. I can’t decide which one I like! I guess I like your plan to combine the two. 🙂

    Two other things:
    1. I had an identical bowl haircut at that age!
    2. I don’t have twitter, but I saw your pregnancy massage question on the sidebar – and my answer is a million times YES!!! Unless the person you’re getting for doesn’t like being touched or something like that. A dear friend gave me massages as gifts both times I was pregnant, and they were incredible!!!!

  9. I LOVE the first one. I might have even saved a picture of the back for my own planning! Glad to hear you had such a great time and can’t wait to hear more!

  10. What an awesome beginning to the weekend. I like the sidesweep on the first hair do.

    Your grandparents story reminded me of my grandparents. My grandfather wrote love letters to my grandmother while he was in Korea. She bound them in a book and we’ve all been reading them. They are adorable.

  11. What an awesome idea to have your hair and makeup trial done before the party!! You look fabfabfab in all the photos. I especially covet that necklace you’re wearing.

    I like hairstyle number two, but I’m more of a messy-bun type gal 🙂

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