I want candy

Okay.  So, when do I get my life back?

I have just been running and running and running lately, literally and figuratively!  It’s tiring.  Also, I forgot my camera today.  Bad blogger.  So you get iPhone photos today.  I’m sorry.

Morning snack.  I really very much like these Kashi bars with the fruit sludge inside.  They’re delicious.


Lunch was some Annie’s Bernie-O’s, along with some Greek yogurt.  I like to think they’re the more mature, health conscious version of Spaghetti-Os, but really, they’re shaped like bunnies.  Anyway, they’re delicious and I am not ashamed.


And an afternoon snack:


Candy season is almost over, folks.  It goes from Halloween candy to Crimmus candy to Valentine’s candy to Easter candy, and then we are in a veritable candy famine until then.  I had to get at least one Reese’s egg in under the wire.

Running today?  Technically, I was supposed to do 3 miles, but 3.1 is more fun because I can call it a 5K which sounds much longer.  So a 5K it was.  And I was determined to break 28:00.  My BIG speed goal is to break 27:00 on a 5K, and not long ago this seemed completely impossible to me.  But now it’s right around the corner!

Anyway.  Thusly:

  • Mile 1: 6.7 mph pace
  • Mile 2: 6.8 mph pace
  • Mile 3: 6.9 mph pace
  • Mile .1: 7.2 mph pace

Total?  5K in 27:42.  Boom goes the dynamite.

Anyway, tonight is nuts.  I have to pack, and I just realized I really have no casual shoes appropriate for my trip to Chicago, so I’m going to the shoe store with Tim in a bit.  Why do I have to pack tonight, you ask?  Oh, because tomorrow I have to run 11 miles after work…and my flight leaves at the asscrack of dawn on Friday morning.  I seriously feel like I don’t remember which way is up anymore.

Current RSVP count: 53 yes, 20 no.  And someone bought our cookware off our registry!  Woo!

Finally, Tim caught Buckley in the act of dog food theft.  (He has his high beams on.)  Eating the dog’s food is his latest interest.  Strange cat.

0324 001

Anyway.  Shameless plug: check out me talking about how awesome I am over on Run, Eat, Repeat!  Monica’s a rockstar and I have started listening to Pitbull when I run because of her.

What’s your favorite candy-related holiday? I’ve gotta go Easter on this one, strictly because of Cadbury eggs.


16 Responses

  1. My favorite Easter candy are the Cadbury mini eggs…soo dangerous!

  2. Easter, totally, for they have the Cadbury eggs AND the Reese’s eggs. Not to mention the mini-eggs. It seems every candy out there has a holiday version, and anything you can find at Halloween you can find at Christmas or year-round. Not so with Easter candy! It’s more special.

  3. YUM! Definitely holiday Reese’s eggs, trees, hearts, etc 🙂 chocolate + peanut butter is the BEST combo

  4. I love Reeses in any shape…eggs, trees, pumpkins, fire works (oh wait, that’s not one).

  5. I might have to agree with you on Easter candy being awesome- cadbury eggs, mini eggs and starburst jelly beans? pretty amazing I have to say. Christmas is a close second- although maybe its more baked goods

  6. Definitely Easter which might be sort of strange considering I’m Jewish.

  7. I saw you on RER earlier! Woo hoo! And I LURVE mini eggs. I contempated buying them today but decided next week would be my last bag for the year.

  8. Easter definitely. I’ve always loved Peeps…even though they’re INSANELY bad for you. *eeek*

  9. I love eating the holiday reese’s yum!

    A sub 27:00 5k would be an absolute dream for me. I’m running my first 5k on Saturday and I’m worried I won’t finish under 40 mins! Oh well, one day I’ll get there.

  10. just found your blog today through Run, Eat, Repeat. I love it (and as i am getting ready for my own wedding, i’m fascinated by what other people are doing)… as in, where did you get your wedding shoes? do they come in other colors? i’m desperately searching for blue shoes for my wedding and yours are gorgeous!

  11. Christmas candy, because it’s mostly homemade. I introduced the cake balls to our family this year and they were a huge hit. I hate all easter candy, except for the Reese’s eggs.

    Good luck on the 11 miles!

  12. I’m going with Christmas because people love to make homemade truffles! Either the Reese’s trees or eggs are good because the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is much better.

  13. gahhhh i ❤ reese's eggs! i see a bunch of them in my future in my easter basket. can't wait!!! they're delicious!

  14. Hi! I just found your blog through someone else’s and I love how you have it organized w/ your story, goals and training plan! I may copy, as I’m fairly new & clueless 🙂 I used to have a dog named Milhouse too! And WHY are reese’s eggs (and hearts and pumpkins) SO much yummier than regular reese’s cups?

  15. Congrats on your speedier 5k!
    I LOVE Cadbury mini eggs. I ONLY buy the small bags, because portion control is a skill I’ve yet to master.

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