Foot help is on the way!

Happy Monday!  I usually feel pretty cheery and well-rested on Mondays.  It’s Wednesday and Thursday I find it hard to get going!

Anyway.  Went to work.  Lunch:

0322 001

Whole wheat bagel with 1 T. natural peanut butter, peach Chobani, strawberries, and granola.  And I forgot my Camelbak bottle today, so I had to buy a bottle of water at work!  And I (gasp) refilled it!  Hopefully I’ll live.

Anyway, my lunch break was significant because…long story short, I’m going to a podiatrist on April 1st!  I spent the hour calling around and checking my insurance benefits, and they will cover everything except for a $25 copay and orthotics over $1000.  I figured I might as well schedule it now, because I thought it would take a long time to get in, but not so!  Next Thursday, I might have some answers!  Holy cow!

The poor secretary asked what my problem was.  I was like, “Well, I’m a runner, and I have these giant blisters all over my feet, and now I have a huge knot/bruise above my right arch, oh and I have a black toenail too…” and her response was “You’re a mess!”  Yes, indeed I am.  At least in the foot area.

I also scheduled my annual pap smear.  It’s important, ladies.  Get it done!

Anyway, I tried the cushiony new orthotics in my running shoes today.

0322 002

They felt pretty good.  I like that they have less arch support than the regular sockliner.

Anyway, I ran 5 miles in 46:45!  This is pretty epic for me.  I am really enjoying running faster lately.  I think less, and it’s over faster.  Yup.

Hey, look what came today!  A passport…and an assport.  0322 003

Heh.  So, folks, we’re all paid up and ready to take a honeymoon!  I can’t wait.  I’ll be doing a lot of traveling the next few months—in the next 3 months, I have trips to Vegas, Napa Valley, New Orleans/Mexico, and south Florida planned.  Whee!

Here’s what roasted chicken does on the second day at our house:

 0322 004

Whole grain white tortillas (they were out of wheat) with garlic & herb Laughing Cow cheese and leftover roasted chicken.   Delish.

Anyway, I’m in a great mood—three workdays left until I’m on a plane to Chicago, a great run, and foot answers are on the horizon!  Hoorah!

I’m currently watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on Hulu.  It’s definitely interesting. 

Anyone else watch?  What did you think?


13 Responses

  1. I’m so happy you got your foot situation taken care of! Foot pain is terrible. I am going to watch the Food Revolution tonight, I DVR’d it. I’ve heard good things.

  2. Good luck at the podiatrist. Hopefully they can give you some answers.

    I just got my annual pap last week. Definitely important!

  3. Your lunch looks delish! I love when I can make up a lunch of parts like that!

    Glad ya took care of your feet and taking care of your lady business;)

  4. i’m glad you will finally have some answers soon!! Keep us posted

  5. SO glad you are going to see a podiatrist. That was the smart next step!

  6. I saw Jamie Oliver’s show last night and was really shocked at how uninviting some of the people were. I guess people really are happier when they’re ignorant.
    I hope that your podiatrist appointment goes well! Hopefully they’ll have some good pointers on protecting your puppies when you run 🙂

  7. I seen food revolution and was really shocked at how bad it was, I mean Pizza for breakfast come on! I hope the town opens up but my fear is that most of the people interested in the show are not the ones who would need the help. We were talking about it at work and someone chimed in and asked who doesn’t feed their kid that stuff because its what they like. 😦

  8. Oh my gosh, I loved it. It made me laugh when they served kids pizza for breakfast. Really West Virginia??

  9. I’m interested in watching Food Revolution but even from the comments above I greatly fear it’s another TV program that makes WV look like inbred idiots.

    I’d say the reason people were uninviting is because they are so accustomed to WV being made into a big joke that they don’t want the publicity.

    I live in WV and for the record my daughter has never been fed pizza for breakfast. She typically eats off the salad bar at lunch. She loves fruits and veggies.

    • There was definitely some of that, but I really liked that they featured some people in WV that were really interested in health and wellness. They featured a minister that was in great shape and encouraging his congregation to work out and eat healthy, which I thought was nice. Hopefully the next few episodes will develop the relationship with him more.

  10. So glad that you checked with your insurance and they cover the orthotics. Hopefully that’ll be the change you need!

  11. Fingers crossed that the foot doctor can finally help you!

    I watched Jamie Oliver’s preview show on Sunday night and LOVED it! I can’t believe how ignorant and how resistant to change some people are! I can’t wait for the actual series to start

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