Girls just wanna have fun

I woke up this morning at 8:30 after having gone to bed last night at, oh…9:30.  I was exhausted!

I put on my running clothes and woke Milhouse up, fully intending to go for a 3 mile dog jog.

Then I got outside.  It was rainy, and windy, and cold, and muddy, and Milhouse started whining to go inside almost immediately.  I thought “I have to run…but I don’t want to!” and had a minor panic attack.

Milhouse dragged me back inside and I had a bowl of Kashi and flipped on a little Stacy & Clinton.  I was already dressed for a workout, so I felt especially bad about skipping.

Then it dawned on me.  I can work out inside!  Suddenly, the idea of some indoor, at-home strength training in front of the TV sounded PERFECT.  It’s not running, but I’ve been neglecting weights of all kinds for the last few weeks, and I’ve missed them. 
0313 001
I set the oven timer for 30 minutes and grabbed my yoga mat and 2 8 pound weights (the heaviest I have at home, sadly).  I improvised a 30 minute weight circuit, repeating the following circuit 6 times in a row:

  • Weighted squats for 1 minute
  • Upper body move (shoulder press, flies, rows) for 1 minute
  • Abs (bicycle crunches, planks, reverse crunches) for 1 minute
  • Weighted lunges for 1 minute
  • Upper body move (bicep curls, skull crushers, chest press) for 1 minute

0313 002 It was a really great idea and I’m glad I did it!  I would have been crabby and unhappy for the half hour if I had gone running, but I had a lot of fun doing this!  I’ve missed weight training since I’ve been so running-centric lately.   And I must have done something right, because by the end I was pouring sweat and shaky. 

Then I went for a massage.  While the massage itself was great, the whole experience was ruined for me by how pushy they were for tips the whole time.  I’ve worked in the service industry, and I understand that tips are important, but this just came across really grabby to me:


Combined with envelopes with GRATUITY on them in the rooms, and the “How much gratuity would you like to add?” question at check-out, I will not be going back.  Not worth it. 

At least my legs feel a little bit better.

Then I went shopping.  Ann Taylor Loft had a big sale today, and I noticed they’d gotten more stock in since last time I’d been, so I figured why not.

MAJOR SCORE!  I wound up with a shower dress, a dress for my downtown bachelorette party,  a dress for Napa Valley, a necklace, earrings, and headband for 50% off…which amounted to maybe $15 more than just my first shower dress cost. 

For the shower:

0313 003

And for my bachelorette party night out in Chicago:

 0313 004 

And for bumming around Napa Valley:

0313 006

I’m definitely a dress person in the spring and summer, so these will be re-worn on our honeymoon and various other ways while the weather is nice.  I hate wearing shorts—I can never find pairs that fit me in both the waist and thighs, so I own a lot of summery sundresses.  I think they’re cuter and cooler than shorts anyway!

I got home and spent the afternoon  watching Precious:

0313 007

Good movie, but sad.  As expected.  I also wrote some thank-you notes.

Buckley’s taken up residence on the back of my chair for the time being:

 0313 008

Tonight?  Homemade pizza for one and bumming around.  Glorious!

Anyone else get any good shopping deals this weekend?


11 Responses

  1. Great deals! I’m heading out to the mall tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll find some cute stuff.

  2. I am SO jealous of your trip to ATL!!! I want some summer dresses!!! love your shower dress!!! i agree, I can never find shorts that look good on me but I loooooooove dresses – so easy to throw on and much much cuter 😉 more comfy too!

    damn its 7:20pm now i’m pissed I frittled away today’s rainy day. I was going to go to the mall but my friends said they would pick me up – oh the time that has been wasted! oh well, I should wait until I get birthday cash for my march 30 birthday and hope ATL has another good sale!

  3. I like the shower dress but I’d try & get a cute little cardigan or something in a brighter color to liven it up :). I liked the dress you ordered online color wise, but not style wise. This dress I like style wise, but it needs something a little more in terms of color.

  4. Cute dresses!! I have Precious from Netflix right now too! not sure when we will watch though…

  5. My running buddy and I were just talking about Anne Taylor and how it’s so elegant! Love the choice of dresses, esp. the one for Chicago!

  6. I love your shower dress! It’s very pretty

  7. I love all of those dresses! I need to find some honeymoon attire, so I’ll have to check out this sale

  8. The only shopping I ever do is grocery shopping! 😛 No. But seriously, that’s not a joke.

    Love the living room routine! Even more, that you were watching What Not To Wear during it. I always watch the news when I work out in my living room, perhaps I should choose something less depressing and more entertaining…

  9. That black dress looks great on you!

  10. Ah Brie, I love it! The dress looks great, I’m glad you picked that one. I saw the coral one and thought it was work nicely for you too.

    And that black dress. Um, I want one.

    Good finds!

  11. I hit up Ann Taylor Loft this weekend too! I tried on the dress you purchased for the shower but it didn’t work with my coloring. It looks a lot better on you! I ended up finding a black and white strapless dress for my rehearsal dinner. Finally- I’ve been searching for months! And the thirty percent off definitely helped 🙂

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