Nine and fine

The best part about running so much is the eating.  (Note: I have been weighing myself about once a week or two, and my weight is staying in the same three pound range it’s been in for the last several months.)

Behold my ginormous lunch.

0310 001

Strawberry Chobani (that I mixed with cherries and granola),  turkey and cheddar on a bagel thin, two clementines, a Kashi strawberry bar, homemade trail mix (cashews, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips)…and a Dove dark promise.

(I actually didn’t eat the clementines.  They were terrible so I threw them out.)

Even though I pack my gym bag for the week, every day around 4 o’clock I start pulling out what I need for the day and stashing it in a pile under my desk! 

0310 002

I wasn’t particularly excited about today’s run.  I was more nervous.  Nine miles sounds like a LOT to me, especially after a busy nine hour work day!  This week’s fuel was Vanilla Bean Gu.  (Not as good as the Chocolate Outrage, but a solid 2nd favorite!)

0310 003

Anyway, I knew today was going to have to be just nice and steady.  No speed records!  I decided to set the treadmill at a 10:00/mile pace and leave it there the entire time.  And it worked!  Final time was 9 miles in 1:30:00, for a brand-spanking-new PDR.

Mentally…I did okay.  I got stuck on a treadmill NOT near a fan for the first 2.25 miles, and it was so hot I didn’t know how I’d get through the rest of the run.  But my favorite treadmill with optimal fan and TV positioning opened up and I moved over, and I was much happier, at least for awhile.  Around mile 6, my foot started to act up—not in a hurty way, but I could feel a blister somewhere getting bigger and bigger and it was very squishy and annoying.   I just tried to zone out and push through.  My imaginary friend Super Fit Guy came to run next to me at mile 1.5 and I kind of drafted off his Super Fit Energy.  Is that weird?

Physically…it wasn’t bad either.  I feel less dead now than I did after my 8 milers the last two weeks, so that’s good.  I do, however, have a new blister, this time further back on my arch than before.  Check it:

 0310 004

I also have a blister on the bottom of my foot in the very middle.  Random.

 0310 005

It’s hilarious to me that those disgusting feet will be wearing these pretty babies tomorrow at my dress fitting!  I am a study in contradictions, I guess.

0310 006

What can I say, I’m a woman of great contradictions.  I’ve got my crinoline, veil, shoes, Spanx, and jewelry packed up for tomorrow—I have to say, I’m nervous! 0310 007 Anyway, I’m off to spend some time with Tim before he leaves for his super fun Vegas bachelor party.  I’ll be back tomorrow with dress fitting pictures!  Eek!

(Oh, and 2 yes RSVPs today!)

Where would you go on an all-girls (or all-boys) fun weekend if you could pick anywhere in the world?  I’m super excited for my Napa Valley bachelorette party, but Vegas sounds pretty great too!


10 Responses

  1. your shoes are soooo pretty! I totally wanted to buy those same shoes but they were out of my size. Your dress fitting will be fine!! I’m sure you’ll be a gorgeous bride

  2. Congrats on your PDR, and I’m so excited for dress fitting photos! I would probably pick San Francisco…no particular reason why, other than I’ve always wanted to go there!

  3. Yay! Congrats 🙂 And I love the shoes!
    We tried so hard to get to NYC for my bachelorette party, but we were all pinching pennies, so we never made it. It would have been ideal, though. The plans were to see a show and do the Sex & the City tour as 2 of the highlights. So NYC or a good beachy, non-touristy spot (like Destin, FL) would rank high for me for an all-girls getaway!

  4. I’m having my bachelorette party here next weekend! I live here, so it isn’t touristy for me, but a lot of my friends are coming from around the country. We’re going to go all out so it doesn’t feel like any other weekend here for me. Part of it is a surprise – can’t wait!

    Have fun at the dress fitting, it’ll be great!

  5. Eee! Congrats on the 9 miles!!!!! 😀 I totally get how you can feed off the energy of other people in the gym. Even running past people on deserted trails puts an extra bounce in my step.

    And I covet those shoes.

    Hmm, if I could go anywhere for my bachelorette party it would be a cabin in the middle of the woods. Hijinks with the besties would most certainly ensue 😉

  6. I. LOVE. YOUR. SHOES! Way to go on the 9!

    I think if I could go anywhere for my bach this summer it would be somewhere like Paris – I’ve never been and what an experience with your best friends! We will send up somewhere much closer of course!

  7. New Orleans or Savannah. Historic and pretty in the day time, wild at night. ;P

  8. Love the shoes, best of luck at the fitting!

    WTG on the run!

  9. Congrats on the PDR…but your poor feet!

    Good luck with the dress fitting…can’t wait to see the photos. I love your shoes.

  10. Those shoes are beautiful- look them!

    But those blisters make you look tough haha

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