Have blender, will travel

Well, it’s official.  Much to Tim’s chagrin, the Magic Bullet has moved into my office.

0308 001

I tried to hide the base behind that picture of us, but my boss noticed it and commented.  I tried to explain how smoothies with spinach don’t really work frozen…I think I got my point across.  She seemed interested, and mentioned she liked orange-pineapple smoothies…which makes me really want to get some vanilla protein powder and attempt a creamsicle green monster with OJ and vanilla protein powder.  Hmm.

Today was a chocolate cherry bomb with lotsa spinach.  I forgot a spoon at home, so it was kind of hard to eat this and the soup I brought with it.  Whoops.

 0308 002

I am also officially obsessed with citrus fruits.  Yesterday, on a whim, I bought a blood orange at the grocery store because I’d never tried one and they looked pretty.  (I also ate two clementines.)

 0308 003

I was a little skeptical because…well…it looked kind of bloody, actually!  But then I split it open and it was pretty.

 0308 004

I really liked it!  It tasted kind of like a raspberry flavored orange?  I probably won’t be buying these in bulk because of cost, but it was a nice experiment.

I finished my lunch off with two Coconut kisses.  I die for anything involving coconut and chocolate.  These are no exception.

 0308 005

Pre-run fuel was an Oh Yeah! bar as suggested by Danica These things were pretty awesome!  They did taste very much like a candy bar.   0308 006 I went to the gym for my usual post-work run.  It was only so-so.  My legs were feeling a little dead, so I kept my pace easy and did 5 miles in a hair under 50:00.  Nothing remarkable to report, other than that I’ve been feeling kind of reflux-y while running lately.  Not nauseous, but sort of like I want to burp the whole time?  It’s weird, especially considering I never, ever burp in real life.  I don’t know how!  Suggestions?

I got home to find that a wedding gift had arrived!  (This photos is not at all re-enacted.)

0308 007

What do you think it is?

0308 008

A creamer! 0308 009

And a platter!   0308 010

Yes, I am sweaty and gross and holding a wedding present.  Welcome to my life.  (Note to self: do not press arm against side in wedding pictures.)

In other news, Milhouse thinks he’s a cat and climbs on the furniture and cat tree as such. 0308 011

And Buckley very much likes wedding presents as well.

 0308 012

And more RSVPs came today, too!  6 yeses and 2 nos.

Anyhoo, I’m off to call one of Tim’s aunts who left me a message that they’d like to throw me a small Kansas City shower!  Fun!

What new products/foods have you tried lately?  Did you love or hate it?  Anything I absolutely have to try?


10 Responses

  1. I got these Think Thin 100 Calorie pack things from Trader Joe’s that I thought were going to be little cookies. They were not. They were like little frosted nasty thin cakes.

  2. You should totally get your boss hooked on green smoothies! 🙂

  3. What a lovely picture that is of you and Tim.

    And OMG! Coconut!?! Kisses?! WHAT?!!

  4. I’m not having any showers. It makes me a little sad. but I guess that’s what I get for not having a bridal party at all and having a destination sort of wedding. Oh well.

  5. I love blood oranges too! It’s a shame they are pricy…I feel like there is a short period of time in the winter when they’re abundant and cheap, although it might have passed by now. 😦

  6. Isn’t it so exciting to open wedding gifts? I also love checking the mail now for RSVPs. So far we have 25 yeses and 0 Nos! I can’t even believe that nobody has declined yet.

  7. You should try cara cara oranges, which are slightly pink inside. They are less acidic, so they taste even sweeter than a navel orange. At the grocery near me, the sticker on them says “pink is the new orange.” Love it!

  8. Quinoa is my new favorite food. It seems like a grain, but has way more nutrients and protein because it’s actually in the beet/spinach family. We cook it like rice and I am in love with it lately. It takes care of the carb cravings, but keeps me fuller longer.

  9. I tried Buttercream Kisses last week. They were pretty tasty. I LOVE blood oranges. They are my fav.

  10. […] Shop – buy ingredients for a GREEN MONSTER (see here and here and […]

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