Flashback Friday: Awkward College Photo Edition

Who wants a laugh on Friday morning?  Look no further!

I am a proud alumna of Northwestern University, class of 2006.  I graduated with a double major in English and History in 3.5 years, and I seriously love love love this school.  I will be paying down student loan debt for the rest of my life, but I don’t care.  The professors are top-notch, the campus is incredible, and I made amazing friends there.

This post serves no purpose but to show you the lifestyle I led from 2002-2006.  It was decidedly not healthy.

This was my 21st birthday.  I got a digital camera from my then-boyfriend, so really, this is where digital documentation of my life begins.  I spent the day at the beach, got horribly sunburned, drank two drinks, vomited like crazy and went home with sun poisoning.  Sadface.


Hey, look, it’s Mary!  Mary reads the blog and is half of Mary and Matt, who we had brunch and barbecue and Avatar with recently.  Hi, Mary!


I had braces for most of college.  I got them after my freshman year, and they got taken off the day before graduation.  I had to get two teeth pulled, so for awhile I looked like a total yokel.  Awesome!

This was Halloween, I think, but I can never be sure.  Really, in college, I went to very few parties that did not involve costumes.  I was a cow.  Animal ears, Mean Girls style.  Oh yes.n2400406_9228310_6871

Oh, hey, I was in a sorority.  I know lots of ridiculous songs and am just now purging my extensive collection of t-shirts with mildly sexual logos on them.




Look, it’s Mary again!  We had an 80’s Tacky Prom every year as part of said sorority.  Yes, I am wearing a Hypercolor t-shirt.  Remember those?  It still worked!  Which is why my pits are clearly pink in that picture.


Sometimes I looked pretty and didn’t wear costumes.  I mourned the day this hot burnt-orange dress was too small.  I also miss my bountiful bosom. I do not miss the asshat attached to that hand, though.

n2400406_30298277_6403 Anyway.

My point is that college was a lot of fun, but I look back at those pictures and no way could I live that lifestyle again.  I ate a crap ton (okay, I could still go for some home cooked sorority food), drank more than I thought I did, and was in some seriously unhealthy relationships with assorted men. 

And I took some ridiculous pictures.

What was your college experience like?

10 Responses

  1. Love the pics! 🙂

    PS – pretty sure I know all those crazy songs too! Another AChiO here. 😉

  2. Awesome! I too LOVED college. It was quite an experience for a girl from VT to move into a dorm in Washington, DC which housed more people than her entire town back home!

    I hated beer (still do)!. So I would drink Smirnoff Ice (even one in the shower!) to pregame and be so drunk when we’d get to parties. By the time everyone else was drunk from frat beer, I was sobering back up. Except for the toga party with jello shots, after which I passed out in the bushes in front of an embassy for a short while! (they don’t really like it when you do that!).

    I definitely CANNOT drink like that anymore – 100 pounds lighter!

  3. I didn’t party a TON in college. Mostly it would be small house parties with 5-8 people which was perfect in my book. The last 2 years, I worked a lot so I was pretty busy. The first 2 years I was in ROTC so I was really busy too and I was one of those crazy kids getting up at 5am to go to PT and run around the campus. I ate a lot of pizza and subway, drank a lot of beer and box wine.

  4. Ditto times a million. My college experience was so much the same, minus the sorority. College was among some of the best years of my life, but I don’t miss it anymore. I am so much healthier and so much happier with my life now. Even when I’m out walking a dog at 6:00 a.m. vs. stumbling home. Happiness now means something completely different than it did then. Although, I also miss my bountiful bosom, weight loss has taken a toll on the ladies.

  5. I miss college! I had a great time. Although I work at a university now, and every now and then I see girls doing the walk of shame on a Friday morning and it takes me back. Ahh, Thirsty Thursdays.

  6. Asshat. Ha. Hahahaha. That made my day. I didn’t drink until my senior year. And then I gained ten pounds. College was cruel to my body. Oh and we lived one block from Chipotle. And any other restaurant you can imagine. Fail. Thanks for the college flashback! Good times 🙂

  7. U Rah Rah!

  8. I went to a sort of hippie college. Use your imagination to figure out what my favorite pastime was!

  9. Hahaha… I LOVE this. It could have come right out of my college photo albums. Oh college. Good times, good times.

  10. Hey Brie! I’m catching up. I really hope your 8 miles went okay what with the foot problems that NEVER GO AWAY. You’re not complaining, at this point I’m very frustrated for you!!!

    Aaaanyways, I love the college recap. We don’t really have sororities in Canada, so that’s a whole lifestyle that is completely foreign to me. I lived in apartments with boyfriends or roommates, drank excessively, ate more nachos than one person should consume in a lifetime, worked at least 7 different jobs, and somehow managed to graduate with a good grades and a decent job.

    Phew. College was fun. But I think the coming years will be more fun 😉

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