Sometimes, as a blogger, I don’t talk about things because I’m ashamed of them.  So many bloggers appear to be absolutely perfect, and I would like to openly state that I AM NOT.  So, guys, it’s time to come clean with some confessions.

  • I drink diet soda–maybe 5 or 6 cans a week.  I’ve stopped drinking it at lunch, but I usually have one with dinner every night.  I drink plenty of water during the day.  If this is my one little vice, I’m okay with that.
  • I don’t use an incline on the treadmill when I run.  I’m not running for speed, and I’ve never seen my pace drop significantly going from indoor to outdoor running anyway, unless I’m doing ridiculous hills.  And my half and full marathons are almost completely flat, so I’m not concerned.
  • I don’t eat enough vegetables.  I try.  But I just feel neutral about most of them (or actively dislike them), and I like eating things that I enjoy.  In my defense, I eat a crap ton of fruit, even though I know it’s not the same.
  • The phrase “clean eating” annoys the bejeezus out of me even though I think the concept is good.  I think the word “clean” places a really unnecessary value judgment on foods that can be really unhealthy.  If a slice of homemade apple pie, made with real butter, sugar, and apples is “dirty,” then hell, call me Christina Aguilera.
  • I still don’t like hot oatmeal or pumpkin.  I’m a bad blogger.
  • I use Gu as running fuel because if I keep Clif Shot Blocks or Sport Beans in my gym bag in my office, I will munch on them because I find them delicious.  I would have to be pretty hard up to shoot a Gu in the middle of  a workday.
  • I can’t bring myself to change the first 3 pre-sets on my car radio from Chicago stations to Kansas City stations.  I haven’t lived in Chicago in four years.
  • Sometimes I don’t feel like a “real” runner because I prefer the treadmill to the outdoors.  There’s nowhere to put your water bottle outside, and no air conditioning/heating, and no television, and there are things that make me sneeze, roadkill, cars, and UV rays.  I’ll race outside, but I just don’t get much of a thrill out of nature.
  • I worry about my wedding dress decision pretty much every day, and curse myself for not buying something that hides the lower half of my body a little more.
  • I eat something sweet every night.  My latest favorites?

Ahh, that felt good.  Now you come clean.

Confess your sins in the comments.  Nobody’s perfect–embrace it!


37 Responses

  1. Confession is good for the soul.
    My name is Alison and I’m a diet soda addict. I drink lots of water, but also have a diet Pepsi (or diet Coke, I have no loyalties) every day of my life. I will only give it up if the doctor tells me it’ll save my life or something.

    I sometimes let my daughter eat “kid” yogurt with HFCS AND food coloring.

    I eat dessert every night, usually ice cream. And so does my kid.

    I have a secret stash of candy in the pantry that no one knows about. I am totally unwilling to share it, and I don’t feel the slightest bit bad about it.

    I don’t like the term “clean eating” either.

  2. I too have a “thing” with diet pop. It’s funny, because I can go for weeks and not even think about it, and then something will click inside of me and I. must. have. one. I mostly go for Diet Coke, but I like Diet Dr Pepper, too. (Diet Pepsi, though … forget it!)

    I don’t eat nearly enough veggies either. It’s a battle I’m constantly losing … or constantly forgetting to fight?

    I think a lot of those “perfect” bloggers … are not so perfect in real life. Many of them also do not work full time — how easy would it be to focus on healthy living if it were your job?

  3. There is nothing wrong with any of those things!

  4. Also guilty for the diet pop almost daily.

    I must confess I also ate 3 bowls of All Bran Flakes and probably about 1/2 cup of Dark Chocolate Dreams for breakfast.

  5. Of course no one is perfect, but there are many bloggers who come off that way. I’ve always wondered if they feel a lot of pressure to eat 100% healthy all of the time because of the blog. That would be such a shame.

    My confession is that I rely way too much on processed, frozen foods. Some days I just need the convenience!

  6. I am addicted to diet soda – at least 1 or 2 cans daily, I suck at outdoor running so I love the treadmill also and I, too, worried about my wedding dress choice until the morning of the wedding when I put it on. You’ll be more than thrilled on wedding day, I’m sure 🙂

  7. Love these! I have a lot of the same confessions that you have. I eat something sweet every night, I also worry about my wedding dress decision, and I hate stovetop oatmeal. I only like the totally unhealthy instant variety packed with sugar.

  8. 1) I think that your dress is gorgeous and you are going to look fabulous in it.
    2) I feel like I am an unperfect blogger. Sometimes it bothers me, most days it doesn’t.
    3) Confession time (which anyone that reads my blog is aware of): I am LAZY. I eat CHOCOLATE all the time. I love SALT.

  9. If I bake cookies, or a friend brings something sweet over, I will eat an entire pan or more…and then yell at my husband for letting me eat them all and force him to bring the left overs to work the next morning. Hmm, it’s been a while since that’s happened…I think my friends need to bake more!

  10. I have a diet soda addiction, too – I will usually have the equivalent of 3 cans of coke zero per day. Almost *every* day. Bad, I know.

    I also can’t keep peanut butter or any kind of sweet cereal in the house (ESPECIALLY apple cinnamon) because I simply cannot be trusted.

  11. I did a confessions post a while back – man, doesn’t it feel good!? 🙂

    PS – you look amazingly beautiful in your dress!!!! I can only *HOPE* to look that good in mine when I get married…. someday! 🙂

  12. Wow, I’m totally with you on a lot of your confessions. lol. Namely, the diet soda addiction which I *refuse* to apologize for. I am a carbonated caffeine addict… it is what it is. I consider myself a beginner runner… but I do prefer the treadmill to outdoor myself. It’s easier on my joints/feet than the sidewalks and it forces me to keep running and yeah, I hate having to worry about what to do with my water bottle. I pretty much have to have something sweet after every meal these days! :X

    You picked the perfect wedding dress! Don’t doubt it. 🙂

  13. I could probably drink a liter of diet soda a day, but limit myself to just one can. Most days ;-P

    I hate to exercise. Hate it. But I do it anyway.

    I chain-chew sugarless gum All. Day. Long.

    My dress is also a Pronovias. It’s Diamante, which is also rather fitted to below the hips. and I am a) much bigger than you (well, maybe 15 pounds or so….but less toned) and b) also quite hippy. I had my first fitting 2 weekends ago and it looks amazing. SO seriously, don’t even worry about that. You’re gonna love it.

  14. I felt the exact same way about the treadmill, and actually only like running on one trail in my city. I’ve tried other routes and they’re miserable. And I’ve actually enjoyed being back on the “dreadmill” all winter!

    1) The people I work with don’t know about my blog, even though everyone else in my life at this point does
    2) I chew about a pack of gum a day
    3) I don’t eat local or organic, and I don’t really give a crap

  15. -I have a diet dr. pepper every day at about 3 o’clock… It’s my consolation for not keeping snacks in my desk that I can’t be trusted with 🙂
    -I used to chew about a pack of gum a day but had to quit (the ONLY thing i’ve successfully quit) because it gave me too much tension in my jaw which was impeding my singing.
    -I actually think i prefer outside to the treadmill, but I haven’t been regular enough about it recently to say for sure — really I prefer elliptical, but I know that’s sort of half-assing it.
    -Also, i’m glad to hear you don’t really like veggies — I was very picky as a child and my tastes have definitely expanded, but there are a LOT of things I still don’t eat. Ah well.
    -Otherwise, i am one of those who can mow through a bag of candy or box of crackers/cookies in one or two sittings, so i try to keep those things out of the house to avoid that situation.
    – Your dress looks AWESOME in that picture — and just think of all the hard work you’ve put in since then! You’ll be a knockout.
    -I really admire your motivation and commitment to running/exercise.

  16. I love this post!!!


  17. You are human like the rest of us!! I also like my soda now and again. I couldn’t go a night without something sweet too.

  18. I love this! too many bloggers come across perfect and can be annoying sometimes. I love how honest you are with your blog and how real you are. Keep it up!

  19. i’m with you on diet soda! i have one a day with lunch. it’s the only thing that keeps me alert since i don’t drink coffee… but i go to grad school 3 nights a week and need to stay awake, so i’m using that as my excuse.

    confession: if there were no health repercussions, i would be delighted to live off of wendy’s spicy chicken sandwiches. they are so delicous and so bad for you!

  20. I share the diet soda problem; I’m proud that I curbed it down to one a day. Big confession – I eat really well and stay active, but sabotage diet plans by eating in the middle of the night. It’s something I’ve done my whole life, with exception to a few periods when I’ve been able to control it. I sleep and feel better when I don’t get up and eat, but most attempts to stop have failed. Thankfully it’s not as bad as it used to be, but I have a feeling it will be a struggle for the rest of my life 😦

  21. Thanks for posting those. As a new blogger, and a new follower of blogs–I was feeling pretty crappy about myself. I don’t like pumpkin (unless it’s in pies) and I eat food that I’m ashamed about too. And who has TIME to fix completely natural, all organic creations?


  22. This is why I keep coming back to your blog. I love your honesty and no-nonsense attitude!

    My confessions:
    1) I occasionally drink regular soda (though I gave it up for Lent).
    2) I eat WAY to many sweets (which I also tried to give up for Lent, but gave up when I got my Girl Scout cookie order). I have zero willpower.
    3) I don’t eat enough vegetables either. They always end up going bad in my fridge.
    4) I think organic/local/ethically-raised/what-have-you is BS. I’ve worked on convential farms, and there is nothing wrong with them or the meat/milk/crops they produce.

  23. I am SO GLAD I’m not the only one who prefers running on a treadmill! I swear people look at me like I have two heads when I tell them that. I’m running a 5k in two months though (my first race!) so I’m going to have to get some road practice in… (grrr)

  24. Funny post. I rarely update my blog because I’m either so boring there is nothing to tell or because I ate something horrible. So my confessions:
    1. I buy two Baby Ruths everytime I go to the store.
    2. I love ice cream with Magic Shell. I never buy light ice cream. Always Haagen Daz Five. 220 calories per skimpy 1/2 cup.
    3. The best part of having to go gluten free was the I could stop trying to like oatmeal.
    4. I’m super lazy and force myself to work out. Rarely look forward to it.
    5. I have no interest in running unless I’m being chased! lol! I would love to do some sort of charity race but I just can’t stand running.

  25. This line: “If a slice of homemade apple pie, made with real butter, sugar, and apples is “dirty,” then hell, call me Christina Aguilera.” MADE MY DAY. THANK YOU!

    Also, here’s my coming clean moment: I had a green monster yesterday (no ice because I didn’t have ice) and it was AWFUL. I ate the whole thing but I almost vomited. I’m determined to make one I can enjoy. There was just too much green in there. Need to limit it.


  26. Your wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

    I prefer to run on the treadmill too.

  27. I am so addicted to diet coke, that I gave it up for lent as a way to ween myself off it!

  28. Geez, I can drink 5-6 cans of soda a day!

  29. I love this post – it is so easy for bloggers to appear “perfect” because they only talk about good things. I am guilty of not eating oats basically ever, eating a muffin everyday (and loving it) and never having a green monster!

  30. -I drink at least one Diet Pepsi (from the can) a day.
    -I have an obsession with queso and lime chips. I can not keep it in my apartment because I WILL eat all of it in one sitting.
    -I love cats and will probably be a cat lady. I’m perfectly ok with this.
    -I love scrapbooking and probably have spent thousands of dollars on supplies in the past five years.

  31. This is a great post! I’ll add mine..

    1. I drink a can of diet soda every weekday.
    2. I am constantly chewing gum.
    3. I am really, very bad about stretching after running. I know! Bad!

  32. BRIE! You totally wear that dress beautifully and it was a GREAT decision! I really need to try a Green Monster!

  33. I’m glad you wrote this because lots of health blogs don’t talk about some of the difficult/rough patches. I admire your honesty.

  34. I drink a diet coke a day. At least. If I’m out with friends, I definitely have more than a glass or two of wine sometimes.

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