Getting ahead of the game

Oh, Sunday.  The day where I attempt to accomplish everything so I can spend evenings at home all week long being a bum.

Tim and I went to church this morning and then to Target to pick up some groceries.  When we got home, I made a double batch of Milhouse’s favorite dog treats.

0228 004

He pretty much turns his nose up at regular treats now.  I created a monster.

All day long, I wore my new running shoes around the house to get used to the arch supports.  It’s weird feeling so much support there, but I would really try anything at this point.  I did laundry, I ironed, and I roasted a chicken.

0228 003

The star was this seasoning my mom got me awhile back.  It’s really salty, so I use about half what the jar says, but it’s delicious!0228 005

I also tried to hit up Macy’s to look for a dress for my shower again.  I actually contemplated buying this one.

photo-1 And then I realized I couldn’t be sure if I would look like a cupcake-y bridal asshole in such a frou-frou dress, got mad, took it off and pouted in the dressing room while I e-mailed a picture to my mom and called her.  You know what sucks?  Not having any friends to go shopping with. 

I didn’t buy it because my mom said the color made me look pale.  (Newsflash: I am pale.)  She suggested going tanning, and I suggested that I do not have the time, money, or desire to do that.  Back to the drawing board.  I think I’m just going to buy something online and cross my fingers.  (Even though the more I look at it, the more I like this ridiculous, frou frou dress.)

I also attempted to make some kind of tomato soup with lentils in it today and failed.  I put too much water in and it tasted gross.  Fail.  I think I just work better with a recipe.

0228 006

I did, however, paint my nails with my new favorite nail color (Essie “Lilacism”).  I’ve had a weird aversion to painted nails (they made me really self-conscious) for years, so I’m determined to break it. 

0228 007

And, finally, some interspecies love:

0228 001

Milhouse and Southpaw have been caught curled up together napping a lot this weekend! 

Nail polish—yay or nay?  What are your favorite beauty products?

14 Responses

  1. love the nail polish! it makes me feel like spring is coming…I hope it gets here soon! My favorite beauty products are bare essentials makeup. It’s my absolute favorite!

  2. Nail polish makes me self conscious too, I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I can never get it perfect and perfer things to be perfect, so I just don’t do it? I haven’t painted my fingernails in years. Although I did love having fake nails a few years back, but the french manicure doesn’t seem as attention grabbing as a full on solid color. I like that color you have on.

  3. I like the dress! You’re the bride, you are allowed to embrace all the bridal glory, which includes a frou frou dress! FWIW, you don’t look pale at all. If you’re worried about it, you could try a gradual tan moisturizer, works wonders for me!

  4. I like the dress!
    Fingernail polish, no.
    Toenail polish, always. Essie “Wicked” or OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark”

  5. I’m a definite nail polish girl, but mostly because it keeps me from picking at my nails! I really like that color that you picked out, perfect for spring.

  6. Not a fan of the dress. You don’t look comfortable.
    I love the lilac nail color. I’m totally a weekly mani/pedi person. I saw rock it!

  7. Your nail polish looks great! But in general, I avoid nail polish at all costs. I’m just no good at applying it and it ends up chipping and looking ridiculous after only one day, two max. 😦

  8. I generally don’t paint my nails b/c I can never stay still enough to not mangle them and inevitably, they chip. And I am lazy.

  9. I don’t think I agree with your mom that the dress makes you look pale. I think it’s actually perfect for your complexion! Peachy. 🙂

  10. I love that dress, but it honestly looks like it’s wearing you.

    I love the look of nail polish but I don’t take very good care of my nails. 😦 I need to start, though, since I have my new engagement ring to wave in front of everyone’s face. 🙂

  11. Haha, I just started wearing nail polish last week ! I never got into it either. I couldn’t for the five years I worked at Starbucks, not to mention I was a musician who had to keep her nails short to play guitar. Now I don’t have to worry about either so I’m trying to embrace my inner girl. I’m currently sporting a bright plum, but I definitely need to work on my painting techniques 😛

  12. I recently made this recipe and thought it turned out really tasty:

    I’m sad I don’t live in KC to shop with you – because I also need a shopping buddy! My future in-law’s live there – does that count? 😉

    I don’t love that dress either – does it come in another color? But I am loving the nail polish!

  13. “cupcakey bridal asshole.” Nice. I think that dress itself is cute, but the color isn’t quite right. It’d be lovely in something like teal or black that doesn’t literally make you look like a flower. You’ll find something.

    I can’t do nail polish – I have a bad habit of chipping it off. I like that color, though.

  14. The dress itself is very flattering on you, but I agree with everyone who said the color isn’t quite right.

    I don’t do fingernail polish. It chips off too fast, and I don’t have the time or inclination to keep up with it. I do like to have my toes painted, though.

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