Costco Trip

I am SO glad it’s Friday!  Working last Saturday just wore me down and put me behind on all kinds of nitpicky little errands, so I’m glad to have two full days off.

My legs are also glad to have some time off running.  Four days in a row of running is pushing it!  My Zensah sleeves have been making my legs feel so great lately, though—I really love them so far.

After not eating much at all post-run last night…I more than made up for it today.  Eep.  My body was craving food, any food, all day long.  I was hangry, constantly.  But, this is the perfect example of everything balancing out in the long run.  Yesterday, I didn’t eat much at all and ran a ton…and today, I ate a lot and didn’t run!   See?  Balance.  Kinda.

Work was really busy, so I don’t have any pictures of what I ate.  Frankly, it was not fantastic.  Instead of eating the can of soup I brought for lunch, I had some chips because they could be eaten while working.  Whoops.  I also had a yogurt mess, a cookie, a Western bagel, and two clementines.  And homemade pizza for dinner.  And I’m not sorry! 

I got out of work a little early and headed to Costco.  The haul?  New grain-free salmon and sweet potato dog food for Milhouse…

0226 002

Another giant box of oatmeal, goat cheese, and a book for me…

0226 003
And a massive package of chicken for everyone!

0226 001

I also got my passport photos taken.  I hope they work, because Tim saw something somewhere about how you’re not supposed to smile in them?  But we looked it up and didn’t see anything official about it, and they didn’t say anything about it at Costco, so….I hope we’re okay.  Because passport hoopla nonsense makes me cranky.

0226 004

Tomorrow’s plans: running store to be a difficult customer, shower dress shopping (AGAIN OMFGMAKEITSTOP), and dinner out with Tim.   Oh, and MAILING OUR WEDDING INVITATIONS!  Holy crap.

What do you buy in bulk?


12 Responses

  1. I’ve heard you weren’t supposed to smile in them also. The guy who took my picture made me redo it so I wouldn’t smile. How funny? He said it was because no one is smiling at the airport haha. Good luck mailing your invites…it’s real now! 🙂

  2. Really? I smiled in my passport photos…..

  3. Smiling in passport photos is definitely o.k. I just got mine this past fall and I was smiling. Enjoy your weekend:)

  4. I smiled for my passport photos, too. I don’t think it’s a problem.

    I only really but TP and paper towels in bulk at Target. Costco/Sam’s is an hour away, so I don’t shop there.

    Hope you have better luck with dress shopping and shoe fitting!

  5. TP and tampons! HAHA And I’m not embarassed! I love going to Costco to prep for a party. Pre-WW and my healthier life I would buy Jelly Belly’s in bulk. EEK! Happy weekend!

  6. I was told not to smile in my passport photo, and I look like a total idiot in the picture!!! Wish I had known that wasn’t true!!!

    I buy all of my paper products in bulk – toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, stuff like that.

  7. thought you didn’t eat oatmeal? i almost bought that box last week, but it is SO HUGE. even for me. and i got some samples of something called “Coach’s Oats” in the mail and am trying to decide how much i like them. i’d have to order them from California..

  8. I am the QUEEN of bulk. We go to Costco EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY. Tons of produce, paper/household goods, frozen meat and veggies, canned beans and tomatoes, bread, pharmaceuticals, everything. QUEEN, I tell you!

  9. I like to buy hummus, almond butter, tuna and Frank’s hot sauce at Costco. Oh and apples.

  10. I like to buy those tins of wild salmon and the laughing cow cheese. Among other things.

  11. eek, they might not take your passport photo! I know you aren’t allowed to smile in the photos anymore.

  12. I’m smiling in my passport photo. Where are you going for your honeymoon?

    I buy paper products in bulk whenever possible.

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