lucy activewear review

Recently, the company lucy activewear sent me two pieces to try out and review.  I was super excited about this because I’ve heard great things about lucy stuff in the running world.  They sent me two pieces: the Propel Track Jacket and the Propel Run Tight.

The first piece I tried was the jacket.  I’ve been needing a running jacket that I can actually wear out running in the cold weather, but I also wanted something that was small enough to throw in my gym bag to walk to and from the gym in (so I don’t have to get my nice work coat all sweaty).  This piece absolutely fit the bill.  I’ve been wearing it for two or three weeks now so I could get a good feel for it, and I am 100% impressed.  Also, I didn’t wash it to see how it held up, and I’m happy to report that it does not hold stink in.

The jacket is two layers.  I’ve been wearing just the bottom layer for running and to-and-from gym travel.  It looks like this:

lucy 004

Or like this:

lucy 006I got the size medium and it fits perfectly.  It’s snug, but I comfortably ran with it with a long-sleeved running shirt underneath it.  When I wore this out running, I was nice and toasty!  It was about 25 degrees that day, and I felt like it was a great combination.

This is what both layers look like together:

lucy 007The outer layer I’d wear, definitely, if I had to run in the rain or snow or sleet.  It’s a crop-top type, short sleeved jacket with a reflective zipper and reflective panels on it. The hood tightens with elastic, and stays put really well.

I also wore the Propel Run Tights out running.

lucy 010This is my second pair of running tights, and this one fits me far better than the others!  I will say that, while they are warm, they’re not super warm—my legs were still red and a little chilly when I came home from a quick two-miler.  I will definitely keep wearing them, though!  Just maybe when it’s not “total frozen tundra” weather.  I love the purple zippers, too.

What really strikes me as awesome about all of lucy’s stuff is the incredible attention to detail.  It’s obvious that the company tests their stuff on real runners and active women.  

Like this—they put a fabric tab over the top of the jacket zipper so you don’t get poked in the chin constantly while you run.

lucy 003And the pants have a zippered pocket on the back with a hole for iPod headphones to go through.

 lucy 011And the outer layer of the jacket has ventilated wicking fabric under the arms, so you’ll stay dry but won’t sweat to death.

lucy 009Oh, and the jacket has these cute little half-mittens attached, which are really nice for extra hand warmth on runs.  They also have little pockets in them to stash Gu or your keys or whatever.

lucy 005 All in all, I wholeheartedly love both of these products.  I appreciate a company that makes functional, fashionable clothing for active women.  All too often I’m out looking for running gear and my only options are pink, pink, and pink—as silly as it sounds, it’s so nice to be able to get some functional athletic clothing that doesn’t treat active women like a dog wearing a hat or some other spectacle.  These are just good, well-designed clothes without dumbing them down for women.  (If that makes any sense.)

  I am definitely going to be buying more from lucy in the future.  (Their website has a pretty awesome sale section, as well as great clothes for you yoga enthusiasts out there.)  I’m currently loving their Swift Knee Shorts (they look like the perfect length to be cool but not chafe) and this super cute gym bag.  Also, there is apparently a lucy store not too far from me and I think once we get out of this awful snow I may have to pay them a visit!

Note: I realize that I raved about these clothes like an idiot, but these opinions are all mine, even though they sent me this for free.  I’m open and honest, and if it sucked I would tell you.  (But it doesn’t.)

5 Responses

  1. i’m jealous you got free lucy gear! how awesome

  2. I so wish I had the money to get a nice running jacket. Kerri & I just got back from a 5 miler in the snow. As in it’s currently snowing, not just running on top of snow. Ridiculous! But anyway, we are training for our first half marathon in March and have been contemplating doing a full. I think I remember you saying that you also are doing one in the fall? What training plan are you using? We’re trying to find a good one!

  3. Very cool they sent you free stuff to try out! Love that there’s holes in the sleeves for your thumbs! I wish all of my long sleeve shirts were like that.

    Great review!

  4. Thanks for the great review! I haven’t worn anything from lucy, but I’m going to check out their site now!

  5. How do you get companies to send you stuff to review? That would be so neat!

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