Eight is Great!

Today I traveled for work.  It was about a 2.5 hour drive each way, so I left home around 7:15 and got there around 9:45.  I did my thang there until 1.  We were served (ta-da!) a standard corporate box lunch:0225 001

I got all excited when I saw they’d put the veggies on the side, but I picked up the wrapped turkey croissant and it was, surprise surprise, dripping in mayo.  Yick.  So, I ate the apple and the brownie.  I had prepared for something like this, though and on my way home, I ate a PB and raspberry preserves sandwich on an Arnold’s Thin:0225 003

And a Clif Mojo Mountain Mix Bar!0225 004

Since I was going to be done with work earlier than usual today, and I know tomorrow’s going to be really hectic at work, I decided to make today my long run day!  My Zensah compression sleeves felt so good last night today I wore them under my dress pants with my heels and knee-highs!  Classy, huh?

0225 002

Getting to the gym, though, was a comedy of errors.  I was in the middle of super-rural Missouri, and the main road I needed to use was closed, so I went way out of my way for about 15 miles, and then ended up literally driving on gravel roads to get where I needed to go.  Not cool.

After 3 hours in the  car, I made it to the gym and changed.  Except…where were my socks?  They were nowhere to be found.  I had to walk back to my car and tear the whole thing up from top to bottom to find them.  (They’d fallen in between the door and the seat.)

So, I got a later start than I’d anticipated, but still earlier than on a regular workday.  Today’s fuel of choice?  A strawberry Clif Shot Energy Gel.

0225 005I split the run into two 4 mile runs, since the treadmill will only run for an hour before it stops.  I took the first 4 miles easy at about 10:10/mile pace for most of the time and finished it in 40:30.  I reset the treadmill, took the Clif Shot, drank some water, and set off for the second four.

Honestly, this run would have been perfect if not for my feet.  My calves and shins felt great thanks to the calf sleeves (I didn’t wear them while I ran, but all day before), but my feet…oh, my stupid feet.  Apparently, I’m working on Blistersquatch v. 2.0 on my left foot instead of my right this time.

It’s not a great picture, but that red part is all blister.

0225 011

Anyway, aside from my feet, I felt great.  I think my lungs and cardiovascular system are getting on board with this running thing, so that’s good.  But yeah, the feet…I think I may need to go talk to the running store people again.  I can’t afford new shoes, but I think a cushionier sock might help.  I really pushed a little harder in the second half, and finished that in 39:50, so, in total, I finished 8 miles (for a new PDR!) in 1:20:30 even. 

Including warm-up and cool-down:

0225 006

Post-run impressions: I was SALTY.  Like, put me in a pan with some butter and I’d be delicious.  My skin, especially on my face and upper arms was CRUSTY.  Any of you seasoned runners know what’s up with that?  Also, I’m feeling barfy and nauseous.  I think I really didn’t eat enough today—before the run, all day, I’d had a breakfast cookie, an apple, a brownie, a small PB&J, and a Mojo bar…so not a lot.   Also, my buttcheeks chafed again.  I think I will need to get a dedicated butt stick of Body Glide, because I’d prefer not to put the same stick in my asscrack and on my feet.  (TMI, but hey, running’s not glamorous.)

Dinner was plain pasta with a little salt and butter.  Nothing else sounded remotely appetizing, but I knew I needed to eat.   Blech.

I did, however, come home to some fun surprises!  From Tim:

0225 008

Oh, hell yes.  Two red velvet with cream cheese frosting, two chocolate with peanut butter frosting.  Just because!  Isn’t he great?  I think later we’ll split two so we can each try both flavors once my stomach feels better.  (Running-induced nausea usually goes away within a few hours for me.)

And the rest of the flower girl/ring bearer gifts:

0225 010

 0225 009  

These are SO cute in person, right down to the zipper pulls, good quality, and shipped to me with personalization in less than a week.  I highly recommend Etsy seller Deerpath Designs—I think these will make great gifts!

We also got a wedding invite for a wedding on May 22nd in the mail!  Eeek.  I guess we should get ours out ASAP since we’re the 8th.  Good thing we planned to do it Saturday anyway!

Anyway, I’m off to recuperate.  Any advice about blisters, saltiness, buttcheek chafing or running nausea?  Bonus round: what’s your favorite cupcake flavor?


14 Responses

  1. Congrats on the long run! I get nauseous when I haven’t eaten enough and run a longer distance also. I always try to have a small snack about 30-45 minutes before (like 1/3 or a larabar). Blisters are tough, for smaller ones I like the bandaid for blisters, but yours look big. :/ Goodluck with them, they look like they hurt!

  2. I get salty after long runs, too. I always make sure to drink some sports drink afterward to replace whatever I sweated out. I don’t have any advice you haven’t heard about blisters or chafing, and I’d say you’re probably right about not having enough to eat. But I’ve never had real problems with nausea, either.

    Can I ask where you were in rural Missouri? My in-laws live in Pettis county, and you have to take like 5 miles of gravel roads to get to their farm. I HATE driving on them – I’m always afraid I’m going to get a flat because they’re so rough.

  3. Just wanted to shoot you a comment about how much I enjoy reading your blog 🙂 Those cupcakes look amazing!

  4. I feel like I sound like a know-it-all when I keep offering advice – I’m just another happy runner girl on good days! BUT I have experienced some of the same stuff! The longer the runs got, the saltier I got. Wait until the end of your marathon! It is crazy. I think it just happens naturally when we sweat a ton, but make sure to keep hydrating. With the tummy issues, I didn’t fuel for the first two years of my running life. It is SO important and I know personally if I’m going over 5 miles I HAVE to. Even just a few pretzels, a grahm cracker or a piece of toast with PB usually do it.

    PS Georgetown Cupcake – Caramel Apple. HEART!

  5. Sorry, I’m no help with the running questions. But red velvet cupcakes are the BEST! Your fiance is so sweet! 🙂

  6. I do what I can, ladies…I do what I can.

  7. I’ve got nothing for you on the health issues, but that blister looks way better than the monster you were dealing with a few weeks back!
    While I’m a Southern girl who loves her red velvet, nothing beats a perfectly airy vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing for me!

  8. good job on your 8 miler! How are those shot energy gels? I was going to try them but my fiance said they’re not very tasty so I opted for the gummy chews instead (but I haven’t tried them yet).

  9. I don’t think you have to worry to much about the wedding invites- I’m getting married the week after you and we’re sending out our invites on March 5 or 6. Some of the girls on the May club board(are crazy….) have had their invites out for weeks and some of them have the RSVP date at March 15/25/ect. 2 months out is way too soon for RSVPs in my opinion. Ours is 3 weeks before the wedding.
    Good job on the 8, you make me hardcore jealous- I’m still having issues with getting past 3 😦

  10. Congrats on the new PDR!!!! Breaking it up into two parts was a fab idea. That sucks about your feet though, hopefully the people at the running store have some good suggestions, cause I got none 😛 BUT! I’m a salty sweater too, and post-cardio nausea is always salt-related for me. If I sweat a bunch, I get dizzy and stomachy, then I eat some salt and feel better 🙂

    I don’t think I’ve eaten a cupcake since I was a kid actually! I dunno, just not popular around here? Peanut butter frosting sounds aaaawesome though 🙂

  11. I don’t run but I get very salty when I kickbox intensely. I think it’s hydration related because I’ll also get nauseated and a headache. These are the few times I drink Gatorade or something and it seems to help.

    Cupcakes are my favorite thing ever! Key Lime cupcake with lime cream cheese icing is my #1 pick!

  12. I get really salty when I sweat on long runs, too. I think it is just your body sweating out electrolytes (sodium, specifically) – that’s why it is so important to replace them with a sports drink or other proper hydration.

    Congrats on the new PDR!

  13. I love most cupcakes to be honest 🙂

    I really really love your flower girl/ring bearer gifts!

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