Hump Day

Wow, thank you all for your excellent insights in my post earlier today!  It seems like most of you agree that these magazines do more harm than good, unfortunately.

Confession: I didn’t bring a salad in my lunch today.  I ate them three days in a row and got bored with them.  I did, however, eat a lot of fruit at lunch today!

photoI ate another clementine before I took the picture, and only ate about a third of the banana.  It was both overripe and underripe and not at all delicious.  I also had some Chobani and Annie’s Bernie-O’s, which are basically moderately healthier Spaghetti-O’s.  I don’t eat them often, but sometimes I crave them! 

After work I went to tackle 4.5 miles at the gym.  It went pretty well.  I varied my speed between 6.0-7.0 mph and finished in 44:00 even. 

I came home to two surprises!

First, the flower girl bracelet I ordered on Saturday came in!  Talk about fast.  It is really adorable and the princess tiara will be perfect for Maddie.  I highly recommend Etsy seller Trendy Tatters for cute jewelry for little kids (and adults too)!

0224 001

The second delivery?

0224 002

My Zensah compression sleeves!  At first I was worried because they’re SUPER small when they’re not, you know, actually ON you.  See?

0224 003

But they fit!

0224 004 Lately, my new shoes have been leaving me with sore calves/shins after I run.  SIGH.  I cannot find the perfect pair of shoes.  Even though I don’t have a blistersquatch,  I have some blistering around the bed of my right big toe, as well as a small-ish blister on my left arch.  And calf pain/shin pain.  So far, my legs just feel a little weird—like they’re getting a hug or something! 

Runners, tell me—is there such a thing as a perfect pair of shoes that let you run totally pain-free?  In my running career thus far, I’ve had:

  • Adidas Supernovas (arch blisters, stress fractures in my metatarsals)
  • Asics Gel Cumulus (arch blisters)
  • Saucony ProGrid Rides (GIANT arch blisters)
  • New Balance (calf/shin pain, toe bed blisters)

I just can’t win.  Oh well.  The pain is tolerable for now!

Anyway, have a great night.  I’m traveling for work tomorrow, and I think I might attempt my 8 miler tomorrow instead of Friday/Saturday.  Woo for a new PDR! 

Talk to me about shoes and your philosophy on them in the comments!

16 Responses

  1. I live by Nike’s. I once bought New Balance to see how they would feel and I had a huge huge blister on my heel after wearing them once. Since then, I’ve never worn any brand but Nike. I’ve tried several different styles and they are all great for me.

  2. Have you tried getting fitted at a running store? I didn’t have good fitting sneakers until I did that. They make you walk/run and look at what type of shoe you need. It is really worth it! Right now I have Pumas and this is my 3rd pair.

  3. I’ve had excellent luck with Brooks Adrenaline and now I run in Mizuno Wave Inspires. My only complaint is the last version was customized for women with a smaller heel cup – and when I am JUST walking, they actually bug me. Random! Could you be having a size issue? Maybe your feet are swelling more when you run than you think and you should bump up a size?

  4. you mentioned that this pair of shoes was structured to correct the motions that were injuring you or causing you blisters. Is it possible that your shins and calves are just adjusting to the new motion that the shoes force upon your feet?

    • That’s an interesting point. It’s been almost a month of wearing them, though, so I would think that would be over by now? I could be wrong, though–I couldn’t move my feet at all in my Sauconys, but in these my feet are much freer. Maybe the calves have to work to stabilize my feet?

  5. I adore Nikes. I’ve tried other shoes and nothing works for me like a Nike does; definitely no Shox for running though. I usually buy them at the outlet at Legends and they are really affordable!

  6. If there is such a shoe out there that causes no pain at all, I wish I could find it. I run in Saucony Pro Grids and I really like them. They fit my feet well, but I have the gnarliest calloused patches on the balls of my feet. No matter what shoe I wear, I get this. I wore New Balance before my current pair of Sauconys and they worked for awhile, but started causing heel pain.
    I hope your shoes start working for you (and/or the shin sleeves). Finding good shoes is so hard.

  7. Brooks Adreneline. Been running in them for years!

  8. You can always head back to the same store where you bought these, and see if they have any other suggestions. Maybe you need something similar to what you have, just with more cushioning?

  9. Brooks Ariel! I used to have problems with blisters and black toenails before I found these. I am on my 6th or 7th pair and won’t consider switching to anything else.

  10. I wear the exact same shoe you’re in now, and they are perfect for me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have shin pain. I made the mistake of trying to bump my training up from 3 to 4 days of running per week and ended up with shin splints back in January, from which I’m still recovering. So back down to 3 days a week for me. Do you think that maybe your legs need a little more recovery time between runs? I can’t run 2 days in a row, at least not on a regular basis, without problems. FYI, I’m an “Athena” runner at 5’10” and 175 lbs. My legs take a pretty good pounding when I run. 🙂

    My shoe philosophy is that everyone’s feet/biomechanics are unique, and it’s worth the extra time and money to be properly fitted by people who know what they’re doing. 🙂

  11. Can you tell us more about about the Zenseah compression sleeves? You mentioned they were recommended for shin splints, are they helping? I suffer from shin splints a lot and an interested in hearing more about them.


  12. Maybe you just need to alter the shoes you have now–adding some more cushioning might help with the shin pain. You could go get a good pair of cushioning inserts (not the $7 Dr. Scholl’s ones) and replace your current insoles with them and see if that helps. A good pair can run you upwards of $25, but it’s cheaper than buying another pair of new shoes.

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