Sweet Southpaw Sunday

Southpaw’s favorite hobby is kneading things and purring happily to herself.  While she loves kneading my stomach best, here’s her going to town on a blanket.

She’s the sweetest cat and will immediately claim any lap she can find.  Happy Sunday!

3 Responses

  1. How cute!
    We used to have a cat that would knead our stomachs until we got out of the chair she wanted to sit in.

  2. I love watching them do this! My own babies knead anywhere right before they lay down. I think it has something to do with relating back to when they were nursing and kneaded on the mother’s belly.. So cute!

  3. She is so cute, Brie! My Coco does the same thing, except she bites the blanket as she kneads. The boys do a bit of kneading as well, but not nearly as much as Coco. 🙂

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