Snowy Sunday

SO, I have to say I’m a little peeved.  Today in the blog world, people went on long outdoor bike rides, went on long runs in the sunshine, dined outdoors, and even went to the dog park!  Here in Kansas City, though, we got this:

lucy 002 I’d estimate we have probably 6 inches of snow on the ground, and it’s still going and going and going.  WTF?  It’s February 21st.  Get with it, weather.

Anyway, complaining aside, I made a most excellent breakfast for Tim and I this morning.

lucy 001French toast (mine with an Arnold’s Thin!) made with a little beaten egg, milk, and vanilla, topped with peanut butter, caramelized bananas (bananas cooked with a little bit of butter and brown sugar), and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.  Ohhh so good.  We always make nice breakfasts on the weekends, and Tim’s usually in charge because of his pancake and waffle skills, but I’m the French toast girl.  This was awesome! 

I braved the snow and ice to go grocery shopping this afternoon. It was slushy and annoying, but we REALLY needed food.  Okay, though, confession time now: I’m terrible about eating vegetables.  I buy them and they go bad and then I feel bad for wasting money and stop buying them.  It’s a vicious cycle.  I do eat a lot of fruit, but I just am not a veggie girl.  I do love spinach salads, though, and baby spinach was buy one, get one free, so I have a fridge full of spinach I’m determined to eat this week.  I made Tim and I side salads to have with our dinners:

salad 001

Baby spinach, clementine segments, and Lighthouse Organic Raspberry and Lime dressing.  So good!  I’m much more amenable to veggies when they taste like fruit, so I usually put fruit in my salads.   I’m going to pack salads in my lunch this week—volume-wise, this whole big bowl was probably under 70 calories!  (Note: I will also eat more stuff with the salads.)  Bug me about this, friends.  Remind me to eat my spinach this week.

Anyway, other than snow and ice, I bought gifts for our flower girl and ring bearer!  Our flower girl, Maddie, is a big princess fan.  I saw this bracelet on Etsy and knew she’d love it.  (The charm is a little tiara.)

il_fullxfull.124941927I also wanted to get both kids a gift that would keep them busy if they got bored at the rehearsal dinner and reception.  So, I ordered these bags (again, on Etsy—love it) and we are going to fill them with small toys and things for them to play with.

This is Maddie’s:

il_fullxfull.125028907(Of course, it will say “Maddie” on it.)  Purple is her favorite color, too!  Hers will contain princess-related stuff—my mom’s on the hunt, but we’re thinking wand, tiara, feather boa, princess coloring book and crayons, et cetera.

And this is Liam’s.  He’s still little but loves animals and bugs:

il_fullxfull.125029071For him, we’re thinking an animal book, maybe a magnifying glass and a lightning bug collector, some plastic bugs/animals to play with, and again, coloring book and crayons. 

I just think these bags are adorable!  I can’t wait to see them in person.  Oh, and little miss Maddie’s dress came in and I got a picture.  (She’s practicing her petal throwing!)  It needs to be shortened quite a bit, but thankfully her grandma (or Bubbie, as she calls her) is a great seamstress.

20953_1171950353788_1678914571_356412_356570_n And finally, a cuddly picture of Milhouse for a snowy day.

lucy 012Any other ideas for the kiddie bags?  I know I’ve got mom readers out there!


4 Responses

  1. Well, I’m not a mom, but we do have a flower girl to keep entertained during our wedding. I ordered her a miniature tote bag with her name embroidered on it (to match the bridesmaid’s) from Etsy (I would like to take a minute to proclaim my love for Etsy — the wonderful sellers on Etsy are providing me with all my wedding accoutrements & I LOVE IT), and a squishy flower girl camera from the Knot. We’ll also be stuffing some coloring books & crayons in the bag, maybe a doll… details to be determined!

    P.S. Super cute backpacks for the kids!

  2. I am in the KC Metro area too, although I am south of Kansas City- we only got a dusting, I was looking forward to a snow day tomorrow! Your french toast looks amazing – I have never thought to use sandwich thins!
    I have two small boys, you can get mini-magna-doodles for cheap and kids love them. You could also get them little sticker books too – they will keep them busy forever! Also my neices love littlest pet shop – they have lots of little trinkets. Good luck – any ‘new’ toy will be great!

  3. I am definitely going to do something similar for my flower girl and ring bearer! Hope you don’t mind 🙂 Coloring stuff is perfect. What about a little stuffed animal or something in the bag, too? The kids can have it sit with them at dinner.

  4. Well, being the mom of a 4-yr-old professional flowergirl/princess addict, I think those gifts are perfect! That bracelet is absolutely precious. You can pick up a lot of neat “stuffer” type gifts in the dollar aisle at Michaels, Walmart, etc. At Christmas, I got my daughter a pack of princess crayons, a small princess coloring book with stickers, and a two-pack of princess card games. The mini-magnadoodles that someone else suggested are also a great idea!

    We didn’t have snow over here on the other side of MO, but it did rain ALL day yesterday, so I was also a wee bit jealous of all those other blogger in sunshiney places.

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